Monday, May 2, 2016

Todays Rich Lieberman column is nearly identical to my yesterdays post.

Huh,my KRON Klown news redone and expanded on.  I'm inspirational.

I'm not seeing the need for Kevin times change.

When he was scoring at will vs the Warriors 3-4 years ago,having him on the team seemed a pipedream.
Now? Who needs him?  He's not even making OKC a terror these days.

Keep him in mind though if Curry's career is cut short.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Who remembers playoff wins years later? Or even until next year?

 I see Toronto is excited they won a playoff series since 2001...blah blah. I love playoffs too.  But of all the great A's Raiders,49urs,Gigantes playoffs I think a handful I still remember.

Johhny Unitas beat the Raiders,I remember that. I'm still thinking for another.

The World Series,Stuper Bowl....I remember. Or will if reminded- same thing. Google opens dormant brain passages. But playoffs? only a few. And not right now.

KPIX's superior news photography.

Its light years better then KRON.  KRON's looks like 16mm film in the 60's. I see KRON reporters in the backstory with Sony-cams...not one I bet ever does anything but leave the settings on "auto" LOL.

I don't see KRON reporters adjusting white balance!  Aperture? wazz that?

KRON saves money with no cameramen. And why there video on air quality is worth 2 cents.

I need to connect with some good people again.

I sort of do my own thing. And this thing of the urban bay area pissing me off can't be good for me. God,I hate the arrogant stupid with a passion.
I might join a garden club or something.

Vent,vent. Vent,vent,vent.

Its my blog- why not?

Great Weather again. Man,Ima all for dat.

We dont get enough constant warm until what? mid June?...before then its cool-mild with a few warm breaks.
Global Warming might have to advance to where Miami is underwater before we get coconut palms in San Francisco.
Or Gary Radnich and Ed Lee are standing in water up to their shorts in Pac Heights.

THATS a funny ending.Yeah.