Tuesday, December 1, 2015

412media wont report the Tuazon shocker. Typical.

If she was Jewish? He would be outraged. Thats not a guess,that's a fact. Being a woman is another strike with RL.

Monte Poole? Clown. I 'm glad you were demoted to a basketball bitch. Always say what they tell you to say Monte. Its not like I would read you to find out the truth...

Gary Radnich,KRON's racist deviate.

He's never uttered a complaint about KRON's new black reporters. Never teased them. I wouldn't doubt for a second he's doing all he can do to force Asians out of Kron so he can live his fantasy that he's a credit to the black community.

Will Tran better wake up.

Radnich is the guy who boycotts Korean grocery stores.

Gary Radnich harasses another Asian woman out of a job.

 He's a walking lawsuit waiting to happen. Bigot,racist and misogynist.
I will pay 5$ American to the first person to run up to Radnich as gets out of his car in a handicapped zone and give him a hard kick in the ass. And then laugh hard because Gary laughs at everything.

Radnich cannot work with strong Asian woman. They dont defer to him like Cathy and Pam.

He knows too,they arent likely to make a scene..so again Radnich the sociopath gets his way.

I would sue him,Pero and KRON for a pattern of racial hostile work environment. I hope Diane does file a complaint.

Diane Tuazon quits racist hell hole KRON. A Stan exclusive.

Yes,she's formerly of KRON now.  I would bet that Radnich harassed her because that's what he's done his whole life to ASIAN woman. Its what he pulled on Emerald Yee,Wendy Tokuda and Diane Tuazon. He hate them even more then non Asian woman he also has driven out of a job like Kate Scott.

I can easily see ow he does that. I wouldnt doubt for a second the old kron kronies like Pam Moore,Cathy "the Nun" Heenan and all the rest give Diane Tuazon the silent treatment. Pero? Fuck him.

I might contact Diane Tuazon later to see what went down.

Fuck Radnich,the evil rightwinger . He wishes he could have told Diane she was fired on Christmas eve. He's so crazy...what a comic he is.

Sid Racist Rosenberg Raddys BFF.

The two scum go together hand in hand. Radnich is so conflicted..he loves the conservative's who hate blacks.
What a nut. I notice he also hasn't made a good friend of Dave Spahr new weather dude on KRON.

That's Radnich,he has to push around somebody that he works with. Pick on underlings,suck ass the bosses.

Pam and Cathy- he has two old ladies who like him. But then again they like everybody.

What does Radnich say? "I don't care about politics in sports"..and then he has Racist Rosenberg on. And all conservatives.

Raddy thinks he's above it all..when he's standing neck deep in shit.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Diane Tuazon quit KRON?

Her Twitter page says she's in Las Vegas. It says her home is Las Vegas..and she gave a cryptic "Mission Accomplished" and thanked viewers. It was like a goodbye.
Goddamn Radnich.

Michelle Apon gets married and moves to Sacramento.

She married a white guy named Derek. That's the Asian girl pressure to succeed or a statement of how attractive they are.. It must be hammered into them since they were little girls to marry white guys. Interracial marriages are not that common. The most common of them  has to be Asian woman and White guys.Not that I'm against it.love the one you love. But its a phenomena. I know you noticed it.
Part of what Emil Guerrmo wrote in Asian times years ago was that double standard of pairing Asian woman with white men as anchors while Asian men could only be reporters.
How true. Vick Lee,John Sesaki,David Louie and the rest apparently only project intelligence. Not what local Tv wants I guess.

And if people don't want that honesty from me...then read a mommy blog.