Saturday, May 28, 2016

Russell Westbrook plucks his eyebrows.

Looks like it. He's famous also for " I wear an outfit only once".  He's not feeding starving kids around the world I take it?

We can't let an eyebrow plucker beat us can we??

KRON uptight,but not outtasight.

You know,Pamela says almost nothing to Steve,I haven't heard her even address him as "Steve". I guess the whole Diane Tuazon karma is still at work and amped up over the national embarrassment known as Gary Radnich.
Those Radnich promos "Best in bay area"  "I'm a ten!" ?..have been dropped for now..and little advanced mention of the KRON4 sports segments.

btw...Steve got a little touchy feely with Pamela...she didn't flinch.  Radnich had to see that and do a slow burn.

Custer only got one last stand,the Warriors two,maybe three.

The odds are pretty bad for the Warriors. Lose is one thing,but scalped is a really bad way to lose.

Claudine Wong does stick in mud story....again.

Carnaval.  Every time I've seen the Today Show do Carnaval? Meredith or Savanah or Tamara would dress up in a happy costume, do a leg kick or two,a pirouette.

Claudine stayed glued to her chair and gave a verbal report. Dull.

Why is she on weekends if she wants to be so repressed,so conservative she wont even as much  as wear the colorful headdress with feathers?

At least send Rosemary who no doubt would make it a fun story..a Saturday type story.

I don't get why Claudine even does weekends.  She wants to do fun and make it into a historical narrative. Dull,man.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Radnich miffed at Steve Aveson's filming a segment. "For your worked in all 50 states?" film.

Something like that. Gave him the stink eye at the same time. Those two will have many entanglements to come. Read my early May post "I hear ticking sounds at KRON" I wrote. Then,blam-o!!...Kathy and Steve and all hell broke loose.
Stan,right again.

As far as today? I think Radnich knows that he and those kids were coming across as pure BS  phony baloney PR to repair his rep. His paranoia was that Aveson would use Raddy and those kids as some joke in the future. I hope so.

Kathy Heenan thanks the public for their support! Huffington Post.

She wasn't saying it's all a mistake. Its her first chance to let Radnich know she's never liked his putdown-of her especially- humor.

If Al Madrigal knew what's what in the bay area? He wouldn't come close to D.Bruce.

I guess Al never heard Damon go into his racial Mexican accent and say "Ooooh,mon, Radurs forevah essa".  And his regular laughs at Latino PBP.
My very short list.