Monday, July 6, 2015

Stan cures punk of punkiness. And thoughts..

Its been quiet. Took me a while to go down the list...drug dealing punk i socked in the nose too a few years ago,Heap Mustang guy stopped coming around when I got in his face. And now Motorcycle Moron boy has not been seen or heard. What I thought was him going by was just another chopper. I might have been too ready for his return.
Beats me why they started with me-- might be from drug boy. Then I was like the gunslinger...the next one etc.
Funny thing is..never knew who they were or did a thing to most of them. They also didn't know much about me judging by me at almost triple their age winning the fights. I never even had to unload the overhand right.

The whole thing too about the "dirty mexican illegal" killing the beautiful blonde? Nobody would care if she were black. The media would not be covering every angle. Its not like legal American felons never kill or commit crimes. So,its the race and class comparison here. If you kill one of our Archetype perfect woman? We will destroy you. Kill a fat woman?...that's not so bad. A one day mention on KRON. Usually unattractive woman don't even warrant a "who to blame". Seeya tubby with acne, your out of the gene pool. The same interest as seeing farm workers exploited.

Criminals come in all colors.Did ya know that?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stupid Yahoo article on success. "Decisive"..sure.

"Decisive" said the writer on his talking to 25 millionaires was what they all had in common. We are all decisive...we decide things every day. But,when you decide to bury your roommate in the backyard, or decide to invest in a fastfood eatery that makes everything with avocado, nobody will write an article admiring how decisive you were.
All successful people have noses I haven't punched. Write about that.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't let the stupid weigh you down. Only sweets. My motto.

If your going to have heavy least let it be caused by Rocky Road,not punks trying to be Macho-macho-man..da da da .... 

Besides those Macho men never seem to have any woman around them. AND I hear them rumbling while the Super Bowl,WS or NBA finals are going. They don't like sports!  manFREAKS!

Dukes of Hazzard dropped by TV land. And rightfully so.

You heard the former stars whine about it.  Look,its a racist emblem. If I had to get used to no Saturday Morning cartoons with Daffy and While E. Coyote being blown up by TNT,then the Dukes have to deal with modern times getting educated to the Confederate flag.

Same for Robert E.Lee statues..another symbol of everything wrong about the South. Blow those up..with TNT.

415 blog. All rightwing comments. Thats fun to read- yeah.

It was a matter of time. The more desperate he got,the more the pandering to the right who will pay or sign up to spew their view..much more then a lefty.
When you idolize Mike Savage? you were never far from that nuttiness. Raddys wife likes Savage. 'nuff said.

Lock Up. TV show.

We are in bad shape if that many under 30's are singing,dancing and clowning around in prison. Each one sounds like the other one. If you can't act like that in school,how can you act like that in a place of punishment? Why do guards-administration allow that? Make them hate it,make them be civil for as long as they are in prison.
All you hear in prison is shouting. If a guy wont shut up,then he should face consequences. It happens in the real world,the work world.
Its not to make prison a hell hole..but since when is being civil, hell?

And I agree with the thinking that those guys shouldn't be allowed to body build. Whats that all about? If they are bored- read books. Simple. They don't want to ? Stare at a wall then. Eye-sometrics.

See,most of those guys are in prison because they have no discipline,no respect for those not like them.
They need to learn.