Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michelle Obama..a smarter Jackie O.

With her choice of 1962 Jackie O type dresses and those lethally pointy pump shoes..she has that vibe.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Once again San Franciscans must suffer. A high of 68f when I'm 88f.

Well,one thing we got in Hayward is good weather. Crime stinks..but S.F. has lot of that too.
But,I have to go to there for my Sofisteecation. Uh,I don't think San Franian's ever come here. Even their criminal types don't bother with Hayward..lol.

Mason McDuffy racist money lenders!

They must be if disgraced Gary Radnich is their spokesperson. He speaks from his green heart!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Radnich on a higher level with Sid Racist Rosenberg...LOL.

See, He doesn't mind that Sid is a racist,as long as Sid like Radnich sticks to the fantasy world of THEY know what the real world is like- and have real family values..snicker as I think of his Tenderloin cruises. So,Gary's advanced degree's in sociology can see past Sid's racist attitudes towards black people. Gary simply goes on KRON later and praises the begeebee's out of Serena. See? He's a higher intellect then you young liberals. And all that praise makes everything fine..wink- wink.
Oh,Radnich is just too smart a fella. He's lasted 30 years you know.

PS  If Sid ever attacked Gary and put HIM down? He would be banned from the KNBR show!  THAT'S going TOO far-LOL.

A's getting a chemistry going..and then we know what happens.

When they win,you pay attention...until the off season.  Beane as has been said many times, sold out.

Without there best players Giants can't win.

Who else is missing?

Plus,Bochy is again to slow to take out a fading starter...then too quick if the guy is pitching well but "his pitching count hit 100"..lol. Dumb.

Want to be successful? Be a TOTALLY different person!.

There,I solved all problems of everybody. I'm a regular Tony Robins and Joel Osteen in one.

Want to be successful being you? Get the hell outta here!