Friday, August 1, 2014

Can an insult singer make money?

I saw a commercial for Wynonna...and she seems likeable and all. But from years of the internet and all the zingers to snark nowadays..I wonder if a truly great songwriter could sell songs that are insulting?  Songs like "Your are garbage to sit there" could ever become classics? Just wondering...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Billy Beanes folly.

Beane's trade? Not only do I not like it- I don't like what we got foot Malone. We gave more all around then we got back. Pitching improves...but if Beane had put Malone in the rotation,no need to trade Yoenis-right?
I dont get it.Yoenis stats have been -when he plays the A's win. Not true for any other A's player.not even Crisp as the A's win without him just fine and dandy.
Good luck A's.  We need it -this year and now next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stan fixes a $1,000 tv for $50....sort of.

My 5 year old LG broke down a year ago. So for $1,000 I got 4 years+ out of it. Disgusted,I call a Repair guy and he says $75 to look at it and $75an hour plus parts. Ok,now we're up to $200 bucks and it could be more..its a 32 incher,not huge. Its did have crystal clear TRUE 1080...but I decided to put it away.
Then,a few months ago I do the youtube thing,watching and hearing that its most likely a capacitor. I mean,it does make sense..transistors and such don't do much..whats to wear out? I tell I took it apart,looked..fuses seemed fine,capacitors looked good. Oh boy,I figured that it must be something motherboard like..big repairs.
And again,it sat. For months. Then the other day I was ready to junk it..and gave it one last look. I see a small capacitor that looks oh so slightly rounded top..very leaking fluids. Ok, againI call a shop and tell him IF that is the problem- how much to fix? He gives me the $50 price. Great,if I'm right huh?
SO this morning I just carry this one ton TV (man, its the weight of four new 32" TVs) down my stairs get to the corner of the repair shop. I had forgotten the address!.I couldn't find his sign!..a huge business park and I'm going round and round ,So I look across the street and I see tv repairs. Guess what? (as Romo would say) I go in and an Asian gentleman is there-lol. It was a competitor to the guy I called. SO,I give him the speil of $50 yada yada of the other guys offer..and he agreed, IF thats all it was. After watching him unsolder and solder for 15 minutes,he plugs it in. The first thing he said was "That's what it was". Oh,yeah,I'm pumped..I have to thank youtube Videos.
So take my advice-- its usually a $2.00 capacitor. And if your daring..just replace the whole set of them. If I knew, KNEW! I had been right?,thats what I would have done.
Im still pumped!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Raddy and Kate making sense..

Not much for me to criticize. Without Kreuger,Raddy hasn't given an opinion that's so wrong as he usually does with Kreuger present. He often says things that sound like his wheels fell off. Kate,seems to tighten his lugnuts before they come loose.
Radnich sounds like the nice guy I thought he was from seeing him on KRON.  His radio show brought out a side to him thats ..ugly. Too bad his KRON bits now are like that.
But with Kate Scott..he's back on Earth.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Matt Cain suckers Sabean.

You know what I think? I think Cain has been working the Giants for 2 and half years now. Insinuating he might not pitch so well without the huge contract..then downright threatening to ..something. In all that time? HE KNEW his elbow hurt,that the loses weren't like before ( no support) as he lost a few important games by coughing up leads. I bet ya he told his wife "Honey,I hurt when I pitch,and I better lie about that to the Giants to get that big retirement contract for us"
Sabeans weakness?..c'aint say no.
My thinking is now...If a Giant players says he wants a huge contract or he's walking? Sabean needs to calmy say, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out"

LaRussa caught in steroid lie by Stan..

A couple of years ago LaRusa denied he had any idea of steroid use by his team. NOW,he's changed his story to "I had suspicions and went to Sandy Alderson". So,two years ago he lied!  And I remember those 80's days. Even LaRussa's first base coach Dave McKay went from soft to hulk at 40+!

I admire what he does for poor animals in this mean world...but he knew all along.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Brian Van Aikan KNOCKS OUT Gary Radnich!

For some reason,Radnich was riding the genial weathermans back through the whole sports segment. I couldn't even tell you all what Raddy said..only he understood what "I don't want to hear a Brian Van Aikan weathercast when I'm 80". The whole scene came across as Randich had to share the set with a male for a change and he wanted the weatherman to know his place. And when Randich pushed asking if anybody cares about him like I (Radnich) do?  Van Aiken shot back " I think nobody loves you more then you do" OOOH-HO!..The studio gasped and oooooo'd, He then became Gary RADBICH!
A dream come true.