Sunday, May 28, 2017

I take on all comers..

Even those vile filthy mouthed types? I answer. Same as I would the best spoken and cultured. I answer.
Meet me in the alley? I answer.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Harvard. Good training grounds for economic terrorists.

You notice when you read of the newest greed meister to make the news- they went to Harvard?  Crooked bankers,crooked CEO...went to Harvard.  Lawyers who are predators? lost count how many went to Harvard law.
Its the kind of thing that made the Chinese take those type and march them out of the city to work in the fields. It was not a good idea in the long run,but must have felt damn good when it started.
Oh,and Jerod Kushner went to Harvard. My topics inspiration.

Make America Great Again- hang traitors for treason!

The good old days.

Monuments are not history..they are what somebody thinks of history. Bring down Confederate statues!

Like I said..
btw- NO giant Swastika's are in Germany.


I told you. Read my blog and you read that I said,Trump sounds like he wished he hadn't won and could go back to his life. Says the Washington Post.
Its like I tell you the future. btw- I wrote the same thing about Billy Beane stepping down..and weeks later he did. Like the future is mine to tell!

Radnich now pushing his kid to be an entertainer.

So,at what point do I take shots at a kid who sounds like his obnoxious Dad? When you are Gary Radnich..why would you push your family on to the public? Just asking to cause troubles. What an idiot he wants bring down his own kids.

"Look kids,Daddy who is hated by so many,wants to share with you what it feels like to be ripped on the internet!"  He's father of the year. So's mommy.

Trump= no rally's no presscons. As I predicted- the President recluse.

Thats another STAN prediction come true..Did I not say that? more talking to the press. He even canceled an Iowa "rally".
He's going to be either impeached..or he is going to declare himself president for life..or War.