Sunday, September 25, 2016

Andrew Luck not a great QB. Good is all.

He's more Rich Gannon then Snake. Brodie rather than Montana. His arm is good..but not greatly accurate and nobody would say he has a cannon.
Somebody has to say it.

49ers just dont have talent. They lost with Harbaugh,Tomsula and now the Chipper.

They cant pass,they can't catch,they can't block. Keep going...
This team is either some huge trades away or more years of draft picks. Trent Balkee's record gets weaker by the week.
If I was Jed,I would be doing a Mark Davis..start getting input from old Niners as to who has GM guts and brains.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A year ago,Kap was partying with guys who drugged and raped a woman...Now- he's Che!

How soon they forget. Wasn't he just hanging out with gangsta party thugs types? How funny.

Radnich or Samuel L. Jackson- who's more black?

I was reading an interview with Samuel..and damn,he sounded like Radnich. It came to me. Since Radnich started his new act about the "brothers and sistas" a decade ago,..he's doing the caricature of the loud braggart black man. Ha!..that's it. The pimp car for 70 year old's,the talk...and as he gets older he's doing that shamelessly.

Blue Crush..beach blonds and reality.

So,I'm watching this movie with the Aryan dream girl.. a real blond with blue eyes and small tits and tiny buns. Tall and thin with flat as pancake hair parted down the middle. An eternal great look. Girly girl. None of that Pamela Anderson Baywatch silicone sister look and gobs of makeup.  No,the Blue Crush 20 year old is the real thing.
In the movie- I only watched some of it as it had soap opera written all over it- and she's living in a run down shack and living on junk food- mayo on processed meat. Just what it took to create her goddess body,right?
THEN, she jumps into her brand new Toyota Landcruiser,40 grand even in 2002 and drives it like its a beater car flying over ruts in Hawaii's jungles.
Well,after that I had to leave to do some business. The lesson is...people think movies are real. They are not.  Write that down.

Friday, September 23, 2016

1990's rock beautys fade...

I've been watching MTV's 90's...Man,was Brittney Spears smoking hot at 19? or was it 17?..Shania Twain,not a mark or wrinkle...Sheryl Crow,flawless. Toni Braxton..mocha hot-o. You know 20 years doesn't seem long ago..but everyone beautiful in 1990-99 couldn't hold off time. Mariah Carry was a different woman- face and nose and figure. Petite.
Like Kansas once said " Not a minute more will your money  buy" How true. You cant even rent or lease to stay young.

What is the highest ranking rock song in Billboards history?

Beatles? No.  Elvis? nope.  Stones!..nooooo.  Carlos Santana's "Smooth" from 1999. The top rock song of all time.
He's the most underrated Rock Star to ever walk on Earth.
Like Jim Plunkett as QB or Tom Flores as Head Coach, not recognized for his coaching achievements.
Gee,I wonder why?