Thursday, July 30, 2015

Home grown terrorists starting California fires?.

Think about it.

Greg Papa tells about 80 year old man having sex with shrubbery.

What sport is that?

 Hey,it made Lund giggle non stop.

 That's your Larry Baer pregame host,yer Oakland Raider announcer. And Frick Jr High's oldest student. He's popular.

Beane to Damon Bruce "I cant be fired- what do I care?"

If you read in between the lines..that's pretty much Beane's attitude.   That and  "Yeah,2018,that's it. Uhuh- wink wink".

But his bank account is doing great in July 2015.

Beane "I traded FOR Donaldson". Yeah,jackass..then you gave him away when he bloomed. No matter what quality the team is, Beane tears it down. As for his traded players who haven't done fantastic? So what? Cespedes was chemistry man,chemistry. Has Pablo lit up Boston?..nah. Did he tear things up in the clutch for the Giants- hell yes. Chemistry,  TEAMWORK.   Beane is the destroyer of all things team.

Charlie O won at the did the Hass family,and Al Davis. Lacob won next door.  None of those owners got poorer for doing it.

Nobody questions Billy Beane's ethics "I would rather GM mediocrity that fills my pocket NOW then wait and win the World Series  and have a Champ team fill seats"..all that of course would ruin Beane's excuses.

Billy Beane is a con artist.

Ray Fosse angry by the bad fundamental A's.

He was really p.o.'d that A's bullpen pitching had turned a 3 run lead with 2 outs on the Dodgers to 5 runs with those two outs still there. It was bush league in other words. Or,Beane league.

"You just cant do that in the majors" Fosse said- or about.

That's the problem..the A's will always be toddlers with Beane and Wolff and Fisher..never grown ups.

When Fosse and Byrnes both have to bite their tongues on what Beane has done since the Cespedes trade it tells ya that disgust is now the odor of the Coloseum. Stronger then the mudflats or backed up sewers. Disgust.

49ers now make for boring sports talk.

It was pick up your ears before when Harbaugh's name would come up. Now? Tomsula induces yawns. Kap,is now a mid stream QB and his angry answers to EVERYTHING gets boring too.
You can just hear in KNBR voices the reach down and try to find something interesting about the 49ers, talk.

They are now a nothing team..never going to challenge for anything. If they make a wild card berth that would be wildly overachieving,but mildly exciting. We were used to be being contenders for the Super Bowl not 8-8,or even just 7-8 and get in because of too many weak teams.

I see a year where SF sportscasters and writers are going to be doing a lot of double talk,seeing the glass half full,and human interest stories of players hobbies.

Local sports media insane and corrupt. Minus Cohn and Ratto..

"When Beane gets his stadium"..."Nobody is as smart as Billy Beane"..."Building for the future"..gee, I heard about the future 20 years ago from Beane.
No matter how much Beane perverts the Oakland A's org. not one local will stand up to him but me. And,I wouldn't hesitate to say it to his face. You could bet on that. Beane man would just run and hide anyways...

KTVU keeps a bad plastic surgeon in business.

Man,when Ken Wayne smiles..the wrinkles on the side of his eyes go almost vertical. How natural.

 Mark Ibanez looks just like the Colorado theater shooter. Wide awake. That and his hair cut by mom sort of have a joker aura.

Dan Ashley..almost as bad.

Said it before,say it again,Are they that blind to the Kenny Rogers horrific mutilation?