Sunday, August 28, 2016

Woman shoes fetish lovers KGO is yer station!

Since I'm close to normal on that.. I can see why some would get the recorders ready when Sandya or Francis walk on by in sexy shoes. I, uh,just enjoy it live. I'm sure though that stills will show up on the internet someplace one day. shame. Woman spend a fortune on them..put much thought into them. The reason is- sexy shoes are what men love to see woman in.
You don't have to be sex therapist to have insight to why.

btw- Frances has sexy calves..woo-woo. lol.

Coldest August in San Francisco since 1942. I told you.

I was first to say it...its been a miserable for August month. Usually its a balmy evening right now. Last night it got chilly as soon as the sun went down here in Hayville.
The whole month..not a single 90f here,and in San Francisco? ONE lousy day over 70f. I cant take that. Sorry,love the whole freedom to be, and cosmo and great food of the city. I just hate the thought of living with no summers there. Its an interesting Half Moon Bay.
We struggled to reach 80f here...but did have quite a few 77f. Not exactly Singapore or Miami..but nice in the sun.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

To KRON. Tell Radnich not to return. Keep the adult newscast.

If KRON had any gumption..they would drop the right wing Forest Gump known as Radnich. Get rid of Anchors ducking his weird ..compliments. That's how strange he is..his compliments are so forced and over the top and shallow "I love you" from the man who then follows with Donald Silver was set up or "I took my 8year son to see where Kaps friends raped that woman" that's just a normal fatherly thing to do. Even when he pretends to be nice? Its strange.
Plus if you know anything about cars? That ride of his spends half its nights at the auto repair shop..something he NEVER brings up.

He cost sponsors,or KRON is forced to sell time cheap- to save face.

KRON is better off without the guy and they must know it. He's only good on radio. On TV? He's just an embarrassment.

Bake him a cake,give him a card,and a good handshake and retire that 70 year old face.

Complaints about Stan on 415.

Most are jealous.I know that. They want to have all they send posted "Its greater then Stans!"..wrong,but they don't know that.
A good chunk are sensitive to me pounding the truth button. They don't want to know it or read it or have it come from somebody they wish they could just tear apart.

One thing I have strongly in my favor is.. my calls have been right on. From Billy Beane looking to get out of the GM title..NOBODY but me even hinted that was on his mind let alone get it dead on. To catching ESPN's Lin racist jokes first..then a week later the rest of the country caught on. Plenty more of that over the years. Nancy Snyderman,Lincecum,..I've forgotten more of my firsts than other bay area writers have ever done and list on their resumes.

Too much Stan is always for most, too much truth. The Chronicle Sports is a lapdog for the Giants. Yahoo and Comcast the same. So of course I'm going to be by comparison a loose cannon- heck loose nuclear warhead.

I take on those who look like me,those who don't,those who I would run with ,those I never would..why not just lay it out there as I know it?
I am only beholden to my beating heart. Not Cumulus or Comcast or the Giants and John Fisher's clan.
Like it or lump it, world.

Jason Applebaum's Asian wife.

I might have even less respect for him considering he brown nosed Radnich who made it obvious he has no affinity- nice word- for Asians..Asian woman,Asian culture or food.
I guess when you brown nose to get ahead you tell yourself anything about somebody you need to get ahead.

Is it just me,or is the internet thrill worn off off the world?

Its more like the toilet. Use as needed by so many now and that's all.  You don't see the great interest in being able to post comments like before. I read less then half of one percent who read something leave a comment.
The thrill is gone baby.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Rock born in Hayward. Some other positive facts...

We not only have a University- but also a college. Very rare for such a small city. Tom Hanks went to Chabot college. Clint Eastwood once lived in Hayward as a teen. Jonee Miller,voice of the Gigantes is a Haywardite
Not just a BART station..but two BART stations also. I walk one block to San Francisco and Oakland you might say.
If you look around,we have a large number of those 50's styles Burger joints,Casper's Hot Dogs,Eatery's and lots of neon signs.
The hills..just nice round mounds of green in winter.
The best bay area weather,the best water...just waiting for what turned around other sleepy towns into something nice.  Waiting.