Saturday, January 31, 2015

Julie Haener gets emotional on ch2.

I came to 2 from a commercial during Dateline on ch11..and I see and hear Julie say voice quivering,face beet red, "He will be missed by his family,and his friends" Then Frank put his arm over  her shoulders as Julie was teary.Fade to commercial.
10 minute later,I come back Frank and Julie are happy clams. A little strange. It might be better to have waited to the end of the newscast. But,since I missed who they were speaking of,I cant say for sure. all might be part of the FOX "show reality". On cue.

Also,today Claudine was wearing a skirt..first peak at her legs. Just a matter of time before she's on the couch giving a glimpse of thighs. Its the FOX Rupert thing to do.
Claudine has nice thin legs . In case you were wondering.

Jackie Bennet's last day :A Stan review,reports.

Thanks to a faithful fan, I learned that Jackie's last day is on YouTube. Only,that link is broken. No problem,just type Jackie Bennet's last day, in YouTube search.
What wasn't said is the story. Grant (Little Gary) Lodis didn't say a thing to her. Also,"I will miss you" didn't fly in either direction..
Radnich though,did take advantage of the situation to get his hands on Jackie. I could see that coming from a mile away. Or even a 100. No clips of bloopers..just congrats,and move off the chair written all over it.
Like I said before even seeing was underwhelming.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jackie Bennet gone.Vanessa in.

I missed her last day. I just forgot while watching a movie. Cant tell ya,if she was given fanfare or Nice knowing you.
Vanessa though is in the ballpark. White,thin,young,and with big Bosoms. She does have a voice hard on the ears. Married to a Spaniard engineer.  It wont be long before she's blond. And gets that part in her hair straight.

Radnich warns Krueger: "This is my show,Larry".

Because Kreuger asked more then three questions in a row to Greg Cosell ( four) Radnich gave Kreuger the look and then dropped that on him. Kreuger said nothing jokes. He did look a bit steamed. I'm sure Kreuger would say he wanted to talk about the Super Bowl and not Las Vegas basketball in 1971. Or, was it the who married who from CHIPS?. Either one or both.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jed hires poker buddies after world wide search.

Deciding that the guys in the office were the best the world offers,he assembled the Sunday night crowd. "Oh,and by the way guys" Jed says as he sipped Dos XX's beer with one hand and fumbled the corn chips in the dish with the other. "Could you also coach the team?" ..then Jed said "pass the lime".

Radnich: I cant work with people I dont like. Why not? the rest of us do.

"I just can't" says Radnich like a 65 year old boy. We do,we all work with jerks and assholes. Now,always, or from time to time. You can also tell Radnich,half of KRON or more,work with him. They cant stand him. But,they have bills to pay and don't live on candy cane lane like he does.
You know what gets me? Not even off air will his staff tell him how privileged he comes off,how spoiled and elitist he sounds. Or is.
That's the conservative's world.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Radnich producer shuts up Rick Barry. Totally unprofessional by KNBR.

After getting what they wanted out of Rick Barry in an interview,Barry tried to end the talk with a mention of a banquet in late summer. "It's being put together by somebody you know,Rich Lieberman" Barry says to Radnich. "You do know Rich Lieberman?"...and right then Mike the producer hung up on the Warrior great

No thank you Rick,no goodbye Rick,no Rick we love you . Just cut him off like he was a evil person-lol.
I can't believe the producer wont be punished.
Radnich is such a baby.