Saturday, August 29, 2015

What I want a QB to snap count...

Uno!,Dos!,Tres!, I,2,3, Woolly Bully!  "snap!"

For those near my age,this is hilarious.

Stanley Roberts to go Pro-Tofu,anti Fried or BBQ chicken?.

I can see it already. Like the bigot woman who made a fortune on southern fried foods..or The Galloping Gourmet who went from pushing rich sauces to boiled lettuce leafs..Stanley is going to lop off 60 pounds,go all Al Roker on wanting to live to see grand-kids,blah,blah,blah...KRON will do Stan "Before" and Stan "After" and he will be smiling like never before. They all do.
Never fails. Amazing how that first heart attack or stroke will make the strongest will people- who LAUGHED at vegans become like ex bikers who find,never ending proselytizing.Ack,I hate hearing them.

The Race War has Started. RW1.

It looks like-- African Americans are now just blasting the hell out of white people for being white or the law.
Charles Manson said he tried to start the RW when he killed Sharon Tate. He tried to make it look as if Black men had done it.
Dylann Roof seems to have topped that. Along with some no doubt Police murdering black men (and charged) with plenty of others uncharged.
This is new. This isn't something coming back. These are not Black Panthers organized and easy to find. This is "Everybody kill on their own plan".
This,like with radical Muslims is not something Police can really fight back with. Kill innocent blacks because they reached for their glovebox when you police officer asked for insurance papers? uh-uh. That's just more kindling.
So far its just some of the angriest of the African American community. I don't see Latino's joining this. oop, other then Mark Estrada. But in general Latins don't go fire and brimstone or burn baby burn. Its why they are mostly ignored,have no political clout. They take their lot in life as just that.  Asians? please.
I know that civil rights are really going to be tested. If an officer thinks if he hesitates,he dies? That trumps civil rights and his telling himself the black man isn't more dangerous to him,when in fact he's thinking he's very dangerous. No,he's got the mindset of hand on holster still sitting in his patrol car.
It really seems like the cuts in education since the Reagan years has worn on society. The simpler Neanderthal way is first choice.
I do cant reason with somebody who's a punk with a gun. I learned that.

KFC hears Stan,gets a new Col. Sanders.

Didn't I tell you? Darrell Hammonds "The Col. as an Axe murderer" wasn't going to sell fried chicken. The way he pushed it,you wondered if that battered piece was chicken or his last victim.
Norm McDonald? Not as bad..but he's no Mr.Jolly as you all well know. His persona has always been the happy cynic.
Why not find a happy granddad in his 50's who would be the Colonel Sanders for the next 30 years? They traded one oddball comic for another. Who knew the character would be so hard for an ad agency to understand?
I know what he's supposed to be like.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Larry Baer jealous of Brian Sabean.

I have noticed that Baer almost never mentions Sabean in interviews..he wallows in Radnich superlatives of how Larry single handedly built ATT.
But where are the Sabean tributes? Where are the fawning analysis of the man building 3 World Champions in five years?. Then,the Bonds years WS.
I have never heard Kawakami talk about the Sabean "plan" or even the "Sabean Method". If anything,you notice Kawakami like the other writers go to things done "The Giant way?"..Notice?
I don't see Baer beating on how much he admires Sabean.  Well,other then the World Championship Trophy or Parade speeches.
After that? Its all the Giants way.

Yahoo's "But seriously" segment stolen from my idea.

A few months ago I wrote that Yahoo-Comcast at 5 had become sports writers turning into stand-up comics. You remember.  I said that it got ridiculous when the whole panel broke out in topping one another and laughter..and what the hell were they even talking about? It wasn't sports.
You also know that when you are the only one to make that know where an idea was stolen.

 I wouldn't doubt for a second THEGAMZ "Truth machine" was based on my telling of "Truth".

Like I said before,I have to do all the thinking around here.

Ashley Madison and mostly fake.

You can find on Yahoo the story that 99% of Ashley Madison's woman are fake or signup and never go back again. The "chats" are paying men with paid by AM female employee's. Only the men are too stupid to figure that out.

Many,many,years ago I tried a free offer from  Wow- What are the odds I saw that so many attractive woman couldn't find anybody?..and then it came out that those were bogus accounts. A scandal that bothered nobody judging by the fact the same things 20 years later are being done.

One is born every minute, and his money soon parted.