Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lieberman and Radnich make friends again.

"And Gary to the side is teeeerible" says 415 media.  And the lack of truth from me being posted makes it obvious Raddy "reached out" to 415. How much he donated is anybody's guess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Radnich tries to drag Pam Moore down..+ more

"You need a father to have happy children- you agree right?" he said to Pam Moore who of course lives in reality and the 21st century. "Don't bring me into this" she told him.  I think that somebody who's done the news as long as her and accepted rewards would at least answer back what she does think. Instead,Radnich holds her hostage and brings out her lack of backbone. What a pal he is.
I think Radnich must be the most hated personality at KRON by his co just manifests itself over and over. The floor director almost laughed at Radnich..and he got the evil eye emanating from the bloated host's fat head.
And that Radnich only stood for one sportscast and back to the desk? I think he whined and pouted to end that experiment. ONLY- now that he's on the right side?...he cant stick that left hand he's so ashamed of,out to grab the females like he could all the years before. I think that's another KRON management idea!

About that Pam- Raddy chemistry?  She's the enabler and martyr type. She didn't have children so Gary Radnich is her spoiled baby that can do no wrong. Mommy Pammy takes all his abuse with a smile. Obvious.

Stan reviews the new KRON.

Since I know half the KRON people are on my side..lets get down to the truth about what's what.   First of all,Radnich worked the 5 pm cast,the first time in years. On the 6pm cast- Radnich isnt even at the desk,he's off to the side standing and delivering the sports. I think I have to take some credit for that. If it weren't for my posts on his never ending groping of the female anchors willing or not,I doubt he would ever have been given the new format. I'm willing to bet he was told,not asked for this. The only way for management to get him to keep his hands to himself.  As you may have heard, Bill Cosby to David Letterman also thought they were affectionate men with good looking staff-lol.
What I also noticed,Jackie Bennet is dead weatherwoman walking. I didn't see a word exchanged between her and the others at 5 or 6 pm. I doubt she's going to miss KRON. Especially with Little Gary,aka Grant Lodis, working the mangement kissing up- to, now.
The new set is ok..far too much lower front lighting..the idea is too wash out wrinkles I suppose on the older anchors,but you get some weird fun house lighting look. The red and blue wavy background is something that might wear out its welcome.
I bet the new KRON is trying to get out of its old more just show up for your sports anchor check,but now you have to do whats expected....or give way. Same for the rest. It couldn't hurt.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Radnich works!..does Monday 5pm KRON sports.

After he somehow got out of covering the World Series involving the local team-lol,oh man- for yet another year, the KRON "Sports director" skipped any and all live reports at ATT, might now be expected to stop stealing from KRON.  I imagine he and Aaron Pero,Radnich BFF, might have gotten flack from company HQ about letting Radnich save his energy at home,'cause he needs to be fresh  for KNBR-lol.  Is that what KRON pays him for?
And really, how can you say "I love what I do" when you don't even care about the World Series? I think he only loves cashing KRON checks!

Radnich to skip the Super Bowl too. The 49er saga. Raiders.

"Its better to watch on the couch" says KRON's bloated sports director who doesn't go to games anymore.

The 49ers are out...and injuries,and overpaid players like Vernon Davis who quit on the team sank it. And like with Huff,J.Russell,and many more,Kaepernick spent the off season partying instead of concentrating on football. To me,all that news he made,all the commercials he made,had convinced him that he could just walk on the field "He had arrived". The sorry part was..if he could pump himself up like that,having a few bad games could just as easily ruin his confidence.  I think that's what we saw in those press conferences. He had so much could it end? he thought. After the press ripped him..its like watching  a guy going through the stages of death.Denial,anger,acceptance,etc.
Kap,could pass it off as just a bad year,and make a comeback. But it wont be with a coach who traded up to get him.
NOW,its on to the RAIDERS for Harbaugh!..If MD knows that a football is an elipptoid,he will hire Jim. Enough with Reggie Mc Stinky. You cant do any worse then him. Didn't Mark notice in the interview Reg isn't the sharpest tool in the Raider shed?..Take him back to Home Depot for a refund.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fitz and the Tantrums cheats Stan!

 I like that song you hear on the Mazda commercial called " Dear Mr. President". So,I see on the guide they are going to do a 2014 concert on Palladium channel. Great I thought. I DVR it.
The next day I start listening...FF past songs I don't know- which is all their other songs-lol-and,I'm not hearing it. I did hear a couple of songs that kind of sounded like the commercial...then became something else. Next thing I know,an hours worth of songs goes by and its over!. In the credits is the song list..No sign of their biggest hit! The one song everybody knows..isn't done. If I had paid money,I would demand my money back!
Its not like they are the Beatles or the Stones..or even Neil Diamond with too many hits to fit in an hour. Man,how self indulgent is that by fitz & the tantrums??

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Who needs to be tied to a rope and dropped in the bay from a Helicopter part IX

In the beginning....I had Aaron Rowan,Zito,Russell,and Billy Beane on the drop list.  Beane wouldn't sink.The others are now flotsam and silt. Now,who needs to be tied to Beane?  Reggie? how about Joe Lacob who we know is a megalomaniac. That sort of takes away from a great start does it not?.  And Grubby Grubbers "Ghetto" voice joke. When you own a team of mostly African Americans,you better be Abe Saperstein to get away with that. Petey,isn't.

Jed-  He's circling the rope like the Moon and gravity circle the Earth. Losing Harbaugh after leaving the Stick for Santa Clara..the mistakes are piling up. I hate when I put a lot of thought into something and it still goes wrong.. Jed seems to be walking down that road.

And sits Sabean like a Norse god looking down from his throne (reading a newspaper? Plenty of air freshener?) at the mere mortals.