Friday, April 18, 2014

Milt Kahn. Alive and wealthy?

You might remember the ch5 KPIX sportscaster fired in 1974 for trying to redo the art of sports reporting. He said "Scores? who cares?" on air.  And also said after Hank Aaron broke the HR record " Babe Ruth just set the home run record today".  I was pretty young..but he seemed manic,and a bit unstable. He also got to Giants manager John Fox to the point Fox challenged him to a fistfight..cameras rolling. In Milts defense,Fox also was hated by Giants PBP man at the time,Al Michaels who I recall telling people on air that the team had quit on Fox. Fun times huh?
Well,I found an old article that said Kahn had been a publicist in Los Angeles when he tried sportscasting.  Then,looking at new articles I see a Milton Kahn who's bio is of a publicist in LA, who loves sports,and has represented some big names..and he's as old as Milt would be now. Same guy? I think so. He who laughs last laughs best. Milt might laughing well in LA...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

White House Down..just over the top hard to beleive.

If you think Jamie Fox as President is a eye roller,how about terrorists take over the White House..and it take 2 hours for troops to get there,and when they do? They do nothing! Its like a version of 'Black Hawk Down' for dummies. In time honored Hollywood fashion,the bad guys cant hit the side of the barn at point blank range with 50 caliber machine guns. The Good guy? He puts the bullet right between the eyes of the bad hombres,while rolling across the White House Oval office with his .45
Other then that,and lousy plot and dialogue,its a time killer with some popcorn,extra butter.

Daniel Craig should redo Bullitt.

A great movie that would be a great remake..and I think Craig who has a sort of Steve McQueen thing going would be great as the police detective. Pass it around!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Radnich ignores his Grandchildren...

Raddy said he's going to Miami Tuesday. Kreuger asked what he will do there?.And Radnich didn't really give any answer. He's a man who doesn't seem to have any interest in anything but talking sports,and making money...spending money. But,not on any high art,or intellectual interests..nothing. Just flashy garbage. Now,what he does do is talk about raising 5 year old kids like he himself is 29 years old. Sort of like Larry King. No stories of Dad using his cane not to discipline...but to walk around Disney with the sons! Hold him up Dang lumbago..
One thing...Radnich always brags that ALL his adult children "Came out perfect" problems he swears. With him that would be they aren't Gay or on drugs or in trouble with the law or maybe have some mental illness..I mean,Raddy's yer dad,ya know? So,if they came out so perfect,and all are in their 30's now, Wheres the grandkid talk?..And,he does talk about one daughter,and one daughter only. Does he have others? sons?..never heard a peep he has an adult son.
I think Raddy hides his real past and reality..and the new shiny family is pushed forward. I think behind the curtain is lots of..well, dust if not dirt.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Duct Tape Tales..

So i go to Home Depot for supplys and pick up a needed roll of duct tape. Now,all my adult life duct tape has been standard. Some rolls larger,other smaller..but the same for decades. At Home Depot I see "Extra strength duct tape and "general" duct tape. I'm not cheap,but I figure regular duct tape has always been plenty good for me. So I buy the general use tape. Later,I'm watering and see that the hose sprung a small leak,just what the doctor ordered for my new tape. And let me tell ya,As soon as I pulled up on the tape? I new it was very cheap shit. It was like my old tapes after you used it a few times. The new stuff was " Do you want some glue with your tape?".
I might take it back..useless. I guess "contractors grade" is now what Duct tape always used to be. Hell,if I wanted bad quality I would go to the Dollar Store...

Friday, April 11, 2014

This is Radnich favorite blog!..A Stan reader.

He repeated my "Outsider" post on his show. Its not the first time he's made remarks that came from my keyboard. Radnich as you know likes to call out emailers by name when they rub him wrong and critics in general. Me? Mention me by name? Never. Some people just are too much trouble to poke a stick at..wink wink.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


What a day its been huh? excitement. Rod Brooks put Radnich in his place when Raddy tried to pull off " I would never belong to a club of people just like myself" Brooks looked at Radnich incredulously and said " Its what you belong to now isn't it? "KNBR?" said Radnich "And the whole sports media" Brooks came back with. Radnich: Well to eat I lower my standards.  Rod Brooks made my day.