Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stan reveals the big secret ingredient of Coca Cola..

Remember I wrote the my local ghettobario market Food Source seems to sell the stuff that doesn't come out right- like stinky Cheezits or Moca Mix that taste no creamier then plain milk? Rejects packaged as new and then sold on sale so you cant complain too much since you got it half off?
Well,I go in and in that vein,I just buy a plain old plastic bottle liter of Coca Cola. Nothing special. I get home and pour a glass...and its the best Coca Cola I ever had!..strong flavoring. How strong? You could taste the Cinnamon they put in it. It might as well have been called Cinnamon Cola. It was delicious.
I returned a few days later,buy another bottle. Back to plain Coke. Ah,I thought-hoped- it might not be a fluke. It was a fluke.
I wonder if I added my own cinnamon?...

Pancit = Fideos

If you add tomato sauce to the Filipino dish,Pancit, you pretty much get the Mexican Fideo's. If you like Pancit like I do,add tomato sauce for something different.

Read this blog today,if your name is A-M,read at 9am tomorrow if N-Z.

My number one hated commercial. "Free" clinical trial is about as free as Raddy's high interest rate on his used car. I dive for the remote when it comes on, to hit mute. I'm a great diver now.

Another just as bad? "Turnaround"..I pretty much hate that song now. It needed to stay in the elevator where it belonged the last few decades.

Give me a blond and a talking dog any day.

Darya takes a deep plunge today.

Between contemplating the nature of the Universe,I check out local naughty anchorwoman. Darya today had a big deep revealing orbs dress on. KRONS closeup policy really drove that home. Yeah sure,she had some bands as "cover"...but it was easy to see all.
If KRON was a porn site,Darya would be the still picture of "Mature", also "MILF". "Mother In Law". "Office" and of course "Anchorwoman".

I might die one day. But,still alive today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

KGO's Janet -O.

Janet O? Is that her real name? Never saw a true one letter last name. Karen O of the ya ya's. Stage name.
Janet O. Huh.

Top Gear host sacked...

It was a matter of time. Three hosts ego's had swelled to planetoid proportions.  With Clarkson and Hammer, they were like the racist relative who never learns and when they do apologize they stick to "what did I say"?.
Never could figure out why they sank to racist humor. All three would tell you their education and pedigree,but had no idea what they say and do, crosses a line?
I guess the Chef guy with the hair implants is next...

Thanks MC phoc for the Claudine racy pic.

I have so much virus/firewall/plugins,I cant even post one response of mine on my blog now.  And if I knew how to put his photo on the blog,oh..I would!  I might try again later for getting the photo on. She looks great in red and mini.
I guess other readers can clink on his link. I recommend it!
The other day? Roberta had a tight top on...and it was chilly in the studio IF, you get my drift,and I think you do. I find them desirable- whats wrong with that?-lol.

That pic/link is on the "skirts getting shorter at ktvu" topic.

btw I laugh at woman who roll their eyes and say how creepy we are. As they talk with plunging necklines,short skirts,or near see through tops. Not too mention they were hired to start with because of looks.
They want to be seen. So ,I look!