Friday, February 12, 2016

Guys in Mom's basement- unite!

Once again I heard the "guys in moms basement" complaint from the media. It sort of struck me- they are being heard,getting through to the media..being activists ..some go overboard,some hit nerves..but the media hears them.
Its not Nielson ratings that the media has to sort through, or judge if "Q' ratings are accurate. All they have to now is read the internet and its outlets.
Who else better to let the media know whats happening then people who are listening and watching?

I prefer my little man cave myself.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Global Warming hitting the bay area big time. I remember..

February in the 60's and 70's were never like the February of the 2000's.  To me? It seems like GW is actually speeding up faster- much faster- then predicted. I wonder what those old monarch tree's felt when it was near 80f the other day? The month that could have easily been cold and soaking wet..was putting out like Cabo.
Yeah- I myself have planted things in my yard from tropical climates and they are doing well. I have a few Papaya plants,Mango shrubs- they have fruit in summer. This is in the bay area,the SAN FRANCISCO bay area.
And you know? In summer I get sunburns. I never sunburned before unless it was from being in a swimming pool all day. Now,I get burns just driving with the sunroof open (So,close it stoopid!) just around town.
All I read says that we here are in one of the faster warming spots in America.  I agree.

Bill Romonowski is why affirmative action was created.

He can be as verbally assaultive- and wrong- as he wants... yet the local media bows down to him. No rebuking.
Its the Larry Kreuger syndrome. If the media goes after them one by one...big business will protect them and put the critics on the shit list. No more guests on shows to further their own careers,no extra at Christmas for the family.
Thats how our crooked businessman have done it for years now on local sports radio. Cumulus,Ted Griggs, Lee Hammer,Comcast,Yahoo,SF  Gate.  Nothing about favorite media club members faux pahsee's that they then try to sweep under the rug- asap.

Gubers ghetto speak? Remember that? Yahoo never mentioned it.

Romo is right there with Tony Bruno- pal for every good old boy in town.  Illegal? Boy Negro?

Hey, we forgive ourselves!  All the time too!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gary Radnich hints Santa Clara Mayor took payoff for Super Bowl.

Yeah,I know. Nobody takes Radnich serious or that would be some kind of "please sue me" statement by a media person.
Unless,he's right.

Tom Tolbert rated 6th best afternoon local sports show. Bruce? 13th.

Well,Tom in the 5th largest market has the 6th best show. So,room to grow Tom.
He seems like a decent guy for an ex jock. That whole "chinamen" thing blew over..and I think he said he was sorry.

Damon Bruce the 13th best afternoon sports host in the whole country? Seems highly over esteemed. Unless afternoon sports in out great country is that dull.

The top of Kenny Stabler's head was sawed off,his brain pulled out,then cut into thin sections. All leftovers tossed into disposal.

Why I have a hard time understanding the way we treat the dead.

When they pulled his brain out..did his eyes fall into the skull?

On top of embalming where they pulverized his chest organs.

Man,and Kenny thought those knee surgery's were rough?...

Damon Bruce wails on Mark Morford. I wonder why?

I caught some of Bruce yesterday just floored by Morford's little piece on the Super Bowl.
So's,I read it.
I didn't see anything that would- despite Bruce insistence- that would get anybody fired. Nada. Pretty much what you hear from people who have no interest in football in SF. A waste of money.

I don't know about that..those tourists came to spend big bucks,none were camping in was all Hotels,not hostels, baby.

Usually I would agree with Morford about the police state statement of their presence everywhere. Only,this year is different. Probably the next several years will be different until so much time goes by- its now the same.

It might be nice to have the Olympics too. Beings a sports lover,it seems like a good idea. No athletes getting heat stroke here.

Bruce said that Morford declined to be interviewed.  I wonder what he wrote that would make anybody want to interview him?