Saturday, February 25, 2017

Steve Aveson wants to watch Radnich and his wife have sex.

By the week it gets weirder when Radnich talks about his wife on Fridays. His paranoia was made deeper when Aveson made some "pass-compliment" to Raddys wife. "You can't handle her Steve"..Aveson after more dumb Radnich talk,came back with "I'll just watch". Then he got a huge smile. A dirty smile,but huge. Pam Moore did some navel gazing at all this.

Friday, February 24, 2017

I saw a living mayhem commercial. Live.

I hear brakes squeal...then crunch! I look out the window and see a small dark colored econo car had reared a big red Dodge magnum pickup.
So,I get the binoculars and it turns out to be a young woman driving and..its no biggie.No airbag went off.  No ambulance ever came.  But! she looked exactly- from a distance- like the woman in the All State commercial who goes flying off the road while fiddling with her car console. did she not see that big red truck stopped at a red light?..she didn't have her eyes on the road. Mr Mayhem!
You know,I saw another wreck on Sunol..low speed fender bender live when it happened..I tell you this winter has been hard on people.

Radnich attacks Murph..its out in the open now.

Radnich said Murph "Is a rooter,and I'm a sports host" then did his demented laugh at Murph.
Considering Radnich had always said KNBR hosts are a team,he and Murph must really not like each other..maybe hate.

Of course I know there is no such thing as "team" with Radnich. There is only Radnich with Radnich. His split personality's are the only team you might say.

Trump= Does nothing to those who hire illegals.

When Spicer was asked about that? He said "We will hold them to the law. Next question.."
So there you go..Those who wave the carrot are ignored,while the hungry masses who reach for it are punished.
Its racism,its apartheid.

Those who hire illegals vote Trump is why.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Steve Bannon- Cardiac case walking...

That ball of pastry wont have a long reign. He better try for his apocalypse now..he's not going to have a whole lot of tomorrows.

Henry Wofford gone. Larry Kruger,Koz still here...

See? What did I tell you?

Media didnt badger Spicer about Russian connections or Trumps taxes. Just bathroom questions..

Of all this country's problems...Tranny's use of bathrooms I would think is low on the totem pole. When the media only has minutes to ask the White House what the people need to know about Manaport,Putin,Flynn and Exxon,Deportations of family' was asking about bathroom rights.
THAT ,I don't get. Its like we have reached perfection and now can spend our time tweaking bathroom rules.
Today was a win for Trump and the Koch brothers and fascists everywhere.