Thursday, January 19, 2017

Radnich gets flat ...doesnt know how to change a tire.

Oh boy. What the hell did he learn at the ranch? Cant change a flat on his heap. That car I must remind you was voted by the British media as "Most unreliable make of Car"..and that's saying something since Jaguar is also in the running.
He must be running on cheap tires,and not the "never go flat" top of the line you would think he could afford.
Also- he doesn't have a SINGLE MALE friend to call to help? Not one handy buddy to fix a flat? It figures. No surprise to me..but maybe to you,so I bring it up.

He really is a Pagliacci Sportscaster.

Army/Navy Rangers/Seals and Osama Bin Laden and canoes.

I was listening to an interview on KPFA where the author who has studied those special forces says that he's seen photos of kills they have made along with comments and poses and claims that it is now a tradition to make a game of assassinating terrorists.
What they learned is that with the high powered rifle is - you aim at between the eyes and below the hairline...when the bullet hits that, it splits the human head in half..with brain being exposed. Its called "Canoeing" That's the goal and method used on Osama Bin Laden. Photos confirming the kill show his head split,brain matter flowing out of a "v" (canoe shape) along with a coup de grace bullet into his right eye.
Now,this author claims that he's seen that over and over on SF kills with those soldiers posing with smiles like a trophy animal kill.
Needless to say,the special forces have tried to keep any access to the "trophy kill" type pics from the public.
I just caught that end of the interview. So,check out KPFA if you have to read the book and look at photos that are of  graphic car wreck intensity.
I pass.

Yoga pants. Long may that stay in style.

I had two beauty's who seemed to enjoy I was noticing them.  One striking blond even sort of broke into a sashay walk with a smile.
The other in a parking lot. I was minding my own business when a very trim young african american beauty bent over  in an extreme way to put groceries in her car. I think I froze. I mean,those pants are like ..being nude. Young beautiful woman in the nude catch my eye.
Something wrong with me i guess.
So vote yes,for Yoga pants.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lowell Cohn meets Gary and Larry.

They all played nice. Nothing about how "I really feel about you" was forthcoming. Hard to believe no Lowell Cohn to read every couple of days.
I'm getting older too...Only one BeeGee. Two Beatles,No Donna Summer,Prince even MJ. Gone forever.
This really is all some dream. How is it possible to know people all your life- like relatives- then one day you can never see them or hear them again?
 HD TV has been the only good side to getting older...wink.

Radnich has transfered being an ass from his radio show to mostly his TV gig.

He's not been the same ass he has been on radio...but after the lull post Heenan fiasco,he's cranking it up on KRON. Somebody convinced him- maybe himself- that people want a braggart who's wrong on almost all his political opinions about sports and life to spout off on TV.

Maybe Larry Kruger should get a Nobel Peace Prize. He's ended the who married who- hip hop-and pro right wing- talk about Asian anchors in a demeaning way...all that so far and of late.

Radnich now takes that shit to KRON where Pammy,Stevie,and Grantie grin and smile at it all.

Radnich trying to convince sponsors he still has clout. He needs the money for retirement..

That's what the slimy one is up to. Most people know KRON is low budget and that's why they break some ethics with "sponsored news" I mean the other channels know if your taking money from Chevy,yer not likely to start the newscast with a Chevy recall to save lives.

KRON,does not care. Radnich see's this as an opportunity for himself to make more money as his contracts take cuts every time they run  out. He lost the Comcast show,the 49 pre and post game show and after the Heenan fiasco,he nearly went insane about possibly losing his KRON job. He was wobbly for weeks.

So,Radnich wants corporations to know he not only has his palm open now "After 24 years of saying no- I say yes!"  he still has the crazy Gary clout.

Radnich thinks his doing a commercial is God sent to give you a message.

His ego is so fat...he makes it sound like its a PSA .  The more he does that? The more it tells you what world he thinks he lives in.