Friday, February 27, 2015

I will take Curry and Love over Lebron and Klay any day..

The Warriors are as I said preseason..a playoff team. A playoff team with a rotation of broken down centers and a 6' 7"  player who rebounds like he's 5' 7". Klay is so quick to run downcourt he doesn't even think rebound. Love? He thinks 30 points,30 rebounds,30 assists...that's his mindset ALL the time.
The Warriors had a chance to be something special this year. Instead? They are playing better then last year. That's all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Radnich says BayAreaSportsGuy a tool for KNBR. + more!

You heard him. "We had a PD who used bayareasportsguy for leaks".  And that backs up what I have said about that fake. He takes freebies because they aint free. He knows who to keep quiet about to get those freebies. Although it was funny to see Radnich acting at his most sincere best when early on he claimed "Who's Steve Berman and bayareasportsguy?" That was before he admitted the "Leaks" story. Liars can never get it straight-lol.
I get a lot of cross readers from that blog. So now you know how yet another from the crayon of the same color made it in local sports talk. The other colors are like brand new,no matter how old they are. Think about that for awhile.

 ADDED:See? basg hasn't said a DAMN THING!..quiet. Since when does he not RUN to his blog to post about Radnich has to say about him? this time! They all deserve each other.

Radnich gets racist over Curry visiting our President of the United States.

Gary Radnich was so pissed off at Curry going to the White House that he wanted to curse so instead he did his code curse "We have to find a CHINK in Curry's armor" He was never going to call Curry a "Tom" as he likes to do. So he did a "Gary".  You see Radnich racist attitudes with African American's is to praise the stereotypes of A.A. dancers singers and basketball players,then hate the political African Americans who lean to the left.  You could tell,that Radnich had made up his mind hours early he wanted to say CHINK  because he hesitated by working up the bigot attitude on the word to go ahead with the plan.
Radnich has a real problem with Asians,he doesnt like the culture,he doesn't understand it. Like he says  "I like white woman,I like black woman,and nothing in between". It don't stop there.
One day on KRON he's going to blink,fall over and have a cardiac. I will then stand up and applaud.

Too much Woopi Goldberg on the View

I know she's the oldest,the richest,the most famous on the View. She fought to take over when Barbara Walters  left. BUT!,  man,she's gotten overbearing,smothering the show. That's what happens when you've been wealtly and famous for so long you take it as always being right. Always being right in a group of 4 or 5 isn't a good look.  And now that she parlayed her back into a throne of a chair (that will never go away no matter that she's healed and the show is only 45 minutes minus commercials. No,that's a prop that's staying-lol)Her ridiculous clothing has to be embarrassing to the others. Or the garish display of jewelry. Its not enough she wears rings..she's like Mad Max 3000 with weird finger shields,and hanging pendants. Woopi is like the anti humble God.
Her Bill Cosby defense? Amazing that she laughed at Beverley Johnson who said she was drugged by the mass rapist. If Woopi didn't play the "I'm black,so I can laugh at her" card,then I don't know what is. Despicable. I'm sure any others on the showed would have been fired for laughing on air at a rape story by the victim.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lowell Cohn: I liked Jim Harbaugh. "Huh?" sez me.

I heard that on Yahoo at 5 a few days ago.  I cant think of anybody who disliked Harbaugh more then Lowell Cohn. He HATED Jim Harbaugh. I would believe if he said "I'm glad he's gone and don't let the door hit his ass on the way out.
Next thing ya know Lowell is going to say he supports the players who smoke weed. "I always liked Cheech and Chong."  Yeah,whose works are big at Stanford's social studies.

Sabean says Korzimor types "Lunatic Fringe"

For beating the "Pablo is fat" drum. To normal people,Pablo has more then proven what he can do.To argue otherwise is why Sabean calls them "lunatic fringe"

More Danvillians...

Jessica Aguirre,Ann Notorangelo, Diane Dwyer. Diane was a surprise. She seems so San Francisco. Maybe she doesnt mind the drive to meet hipsters.

Once again I want to remind that my blog is the hardest most difficult site for me to write on. The freezes are horrific,and if i later want to edit quickly..cant be done. I've left out some funny shit because It would take too long.
No virus or malware the programs all tell me. SO then why just this one? It gets worse as the day goes on...further limiting my strike time-lol.
I could have won a Pulitzer,instead I might win just a pew....