Thursday, May 21, 2015

The closer to the field or court,the blonder they get- lol.

Funny how going to a Giants game has become someplace to show off  yer hot blond GF. You see the difference in the best seats. There might be 4 or 5 in one TV shot all together. The Giants really are different from the A's  fans base. The Giants really do live up to wine sippers reputation of SF fans- in the best seats that is. The make up of evening games seems to have a huge makeup of young and blond and thin. Its Danville. No wonder those guys don't blink at paying $100 for parking. They can't spend enough on what they want to make sure you know is their trophy.

The Warriors?- lol..You have a slightly more mixed up front population. More Asian,and Indian. African American woman are almost non existent in those courtside seats. Hell,even Steph Currys mom is blond!

Life IS easier blond.

Good riddance Daren Mcfadden.

If the Raiders had put all the money they wasted on busts since 2000 or so,they would have the money for TWO stadiums and the best pee-wee golf course in the world..
Mcfadden always too hurt to play,always in great shape in the off season for running on the beach of Waikiki with Rhianna.
Did you know he sat out a whole season because of "planar fasciatus"? Two years ago LeBron James played a whole NBA season with the same injury. McFadden couldn't play for an hour or two once a week?? James made it through an NBA season!
McFadden joins Jamarcus and "Mr. I smile when I get arrested" in a long line of Raider wasted first round picks.

Lincecum just has (Filipino) teen spirit.

You think you can write off the guy,and then he comes back. Throws just a slow as he did..but hits the corners,got a great curve/breaking ball.
I think that's Lincecums Filipino heritage.  Throw a roadblock in front of them,toss in a hurricane- typhoon,or an earthquake..and they comeback like Lincecum. Pick themselves up and work harder. No complaints. That's what he does. No excuses. Now,his Dad's side makes a new one everyday....

Anny Hong special photo...

Go to her Facebook page. Not your everyday photo of her. Yeah,its worth the effort to look.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Celebritys who's songs I just cant like anymore...or laugh at.

Maybe being older,I take things more serious. But I can't hear "Eminence Front" on the commercial without linking to Pete Townsend's child porn arrest. Just like I cant listen to any song by Michael Jackson without thinking of his whole freak adult life of abusing kids. Jackson 5? I can listen to.
Gary Glitter- why they still play Rock and Roll part Two at stadiums when the guy ply's the world as a predator. It also ruined a song that seemed so early 70' the Carpenters. Memory right down the drain.
Elton John. The "friending" of Rush Limbaugh? must be drugs that they have in common. It got only worse when Elton John shot his mouth off about Mexican immigrants. Who wants to listen to a bigots songs? I don't. "Like a bigots candle in the wind"...see?
Bill Cosby? Who can watch any show he's ever done without wondering who he had raped that year,and how many?
Its a long list...Dennis Miller once funny,now as funny as Hitler.
And you know? There are some local sports people who seemed like good guys until they got a radio show and you heard them go into their dark recesses. Hard to listen to them do anything now without thinking "What an asshole he turned out to be".

Anny Hong of Kron.

Looking ravishing lately.  I'm pretty sure Pero must really be squeezing the pennies by having so many weather people. You would think,Anny at 6-11,Michelle in the mornings, and Van Aiekns on the weekend. Seems like a good natured guy.
Anny seems especially nice inside too. Like if you hurt her feelings,it makes you feel like you kicked a kitten.

But I guess by keeping no regular weatherperson allowed him to increase Darya's contract

. $300,000 thou for a morning person on an independent channel?  That's knowing the right people. Or is it something that rhymes with "knowing"..hee,hee,hee. You know she has. You KNOW it!

Stan on people who hate people who hate Steph Curry& family.

I know,they have to kill three hours on those sports shows. But  Rome- Radnich going on and on how horrible the world has become because somebody or two wasn't happy that Curry had his family highlighted so much during and after the game?.
Some didn't like that? Ok.  There, THAT'S my total shock-lol. Or,as Grant Lodes would say....