Monday, March 27, 2017

Why isnt Trump blaming Paul Ryan outloud? Ryan controls Jethro Nunez.

Now you geddit?  Ryan says- "You make me look bad and I remove Jethro and put a Democrat in charge."
Ryan saw how Putin owns Trump..and its working for Ryan too. Trump is a coward...all he does is smoke.  Any anti smoke machines come around and he's in a panic.

Is there a bigger dunce then Devin "Jethro" Nunes?

This guy takes the cake..has the most high profile job after President in the country..and goes to the White House and tells the crooks under investigation what they should know about secret intelligence knows about their illegal activity??? WHaaa?  THEN, he thinks that he should keep his job as leader of said investigation?  That's as open stupidity and dishonest as a politician can get.
He advertises "I tell that bad guys how to avoid the good guys"..and just acts like its part of the job?? You see why I call him Jethro..that's not cajones,that's pure bumpkin.


I call it as I see it. You remember a tipsy JR Stone 2 years ago did a lecherous interview with the then Miss Universe from the Philippines? Oh,he got flack for that. Kept his job though.

Yesterday he was doing the intro to a Viki Liviakis food review segment of a Filipino eatery..and he did it with gritted teeth and no smile. Like it almost hurt him to say "Filipino".

How I see and saw it.

"Judge" Jeanine lied. Obvious.

She had liar written all over her face when she played the "nobody told me what to say card". I watched her lie,she never would have passed a polygraph test. Her hesitation and gulp gave it away...
I have a PhD. in body language.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

JIM HARBAUGH RIPS DONALD TRUMP! for budget cuts that hurt low income people..

Harbaugh was upset because Legal Aid for low income people was slashed out of Trumps budget.

Wow,In one day Libby Scaff says Mark Davis is full of bullshit, and later I read Harbaugh points out Trumps cold heart budget. Its nice to see real pushback to the rich who take Trumps cue they can piss on all the rest of us. As Trump watches ....

Oakland Mayor Libby says Mark Davis is full of bullshit.

About time. Enough treating him like he's not a selfish bastard.

Stan Predicts!: Trump to pardon Flynn,Pence,Riebus. Or...

If it gets to where Trump is impeached? Pence wouldn't wait until the ink is dry on that before he pardons Trump..and his crook family.
Basically Donald Trump has a license to be a crook for life,print money and all he will get is the media bad mouthing him. That's it.