Monday, April 20, 2015

Did the Game mention me? anybody hear?

Hell no,I'm sure. I missed 99% of them today. I'm sure they did the usual veiled references as the cowards they are.
 I tell you all- the local media fears me because they know once I get going,I'm going to drop all the hammer I have on them. That's a promise. No Bay Area Sports Guy sell out,back room deals. I'm beholden to nobody and its staying that way.
I'm not on team gamez or knbr or team comcast Or team news channels.. I'm on the truth team.

THAT scares the shit out of them. Bring it on. Mention me. Point out where I'm wrong not to like the garbage you put out. You claim freedom of speech? I'm using my freedom to say you're all liars and shills. Who's closer to the truth,me or them?  Me.

Hey,if they want to meet in the street to see who's right and who's wrong....

Hmm,I should write a song with that line...

Stan visits 1995 via Movies....

I had the pay channels for free for 10 days last week.  I taped what was good or from the early 90's,a good period in my life.
First "The Babysitter" with Alicia Silverstone. It promised all and delivered nothing. I should have figured that she has never done any nudity. This barely had shoulder and legs.  I didn't tape it for the story or nudie things anyways. I wanted to see the early 90's. When she was walking down the sidewalk in flannel shirts and big black boots...ahh-lol. She also never once used a cell phone...a teenager with no cellphone? Even the home portable phone was a monster thing- with chrome antenna. Her computer has a 13" CRV monitor.

I remember in 95 wanting to date a cute petite young lady. We were sitting one day and chatting..small talk. She then see's a big woman BBW (not so beautiful tho) in a brand new pair of almost yellow big Doc Martins. My friend tells her "Those shoes are soooo cute". lol, I never saw anything so un-cute as work boots on that woman. Ahh,the 90's...

I watched 'Singles' from 1991. Flannel and boots and shorts galore. The whole Seattle scene with AIC,Soungarden,early pre Pearl Jam. What gets me about that movie? With all those great bands and Screaming Tree's almost being great, Cameron Crowe filled most of the soundtrack with crap music by Paul Westerberg. Criminal! Bridget Fonda was the perfect looking girl. Tiger Woods type of gal. In another 90's movie 'Jackie Brown' Bridget was so beautiful as the surfer girl. Legs.woo-woo.

The were some others close in time- 'American Beauty' (1990) like the 'Babysitter' only more money in the budget. Also,some 1987 Charlie Sheen movie where he's an avenging Angel with a car of the future who gets in a race with a 85 Dodge Daytona "sportscar" ..hee. A 4 cylinder with 135 hp.You wont see those on Fast and Loud, restored!  Charlie is an avenging Angel. Of course Charlie won. Whats interesting is the 80's soundtrack was almost all hair metal. Four years later that was dead in the waters from Nirvana. Remember?

Oh,and in those movies? The hip kids played ..pinball. Still playing pinball machines in 1995.Huh. Record machines,old,old,looking candy machines.

In 'Singles'? it had scenes like 'Clueless' 1995,had. Some young people who were still going with 80's hair and clothes..the fade from one decade to another always causes that you notice? Big hair vs the new Alternative rock long hair.

Now? looking back, I could have been so cool and hip to wear torn jeans and Chuck Taylors instead of my black $28 cheap Nikes and Kmart jeans. I had fun then,but it would be nice to think how much hipper I could have been.
How about you?

Snickers commecial still makes me snicker.

Danny Trejo's SHUT UP!..whoomp! Axe into coffee table, a classic.

Trejo has made a fortune of being,he knows it. You put  it someway else. He's not much of an actor. Neither is Jamie Foxx....both go on.

Heather Holmes paired with dark meat Stan,right again. Like I see the future.

I'm sleepy,its 10:40pm,I put on ch2 news last night. There's Heathers big smile next to a dark ethnic type. I think black.
I called it.
You read it here.

Funny to read two flunksters on Rich's 415 blog slam me. They said anything but ..I was right! That they avoided admitting.
It was bad Stan for how he said the truth!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

One for the local police...

Just minutes ago,I heard what I hate around here..some muscle car reving down a hill. I look out the window and I see and hear sirens TWO GOOD cop cars pulled out after him-lol. From where they chased him out? I would guess he was running because he had drugs in his car. He wasn't just running to avoid a ticket.
Man,I just applauded out my window. I hope all the SOBS heard me too.

btw- There are good people here. I just choose to focus on what I hate and whats wrong.

Good police too. I give them the thumbs up all the time.

Alex Boone,tell me,when did the 49ers win the Super Bowl?

How funeee. A guy paid millions and millions and millions to play football complained his coach pushed him too hard to work from September to January---one day on weekends. LOL.
That's the tail wagging the dog. Players have so much money,they think they run the team. They decide if they should even practice.
Alex Boone isn't getting much sympathy from me.

Radnich drops tennis shoes,back to eye talian loafers.

Again,my blog contributing to some positive change in the media.