Friday, September 22, 2017

H.S. photo's of KGO7 and KPIX anchors...maybe.

This website does not explain its reason to exist. Did the guy try to match his HS friends to "now" anchors?
Some look so much like younger versions,its believable. Others,like Rick Quan a girl in HS or Leigh Glaser a boy..of course faked 100%.
Anyways take a look.
Also I did ask one KGO anchor if that was really her in HS,and she never answered the two times I asked. She's never done that to me. So,why I say..not sure if this is actually part legit.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump proves being born wealthy is good for your future.

Dumbest man ever to hold office. He's a billionaire? Must be that born wealthy theory of mine.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sickening. All Republicans but 3 are all for taking health care away and lowering the quality for the rest.

You tell me what drives the GOP.  It looks to me 1860. When America was their fantasy of all white and conservative. Indians on reservations. Blacks in chains,and Mexicans in Mexico. Chinese? stay in the corner of the city and work harder still.
If any of those people veered away and strayed? A posse killed them.

Trump proves if you are a liar,traitor and cheater...America loves you if you hate people with brown skin.

You would think by now a Trump would be on his way out..instead he slowy gains power over democracy. NO shame...wants military parades,let the poor get their medical care from shanty clinics.
41% of America supports that.

Would KRON get third in a row female weathercaster who wanted no part of Radnich?

Remember when he threaten 415 blog with being sued for saying that Lieberman says Radnich caused weather woman to leave kron?  Yet,Radnich never did explain why the last two regulars or three- fillins like Rebeca Strom- would not have any part of Raddy's act.
Would that go on? I wonder.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Samuel Jackson turning into the Great America "old man"

Remember they had some guy who looked very old and wore huge oversized black horn rimmed glasses..who would walk hunched and slow- then started break dancing since he wasn't nearly as old as he looked? Great America used him for about three years,and then I think they noticed it was kind of creepy.
Sam Jackson now looks like that.

End that commercial of Jackson singing..its ruining a great memory. When Sam starts with the out of key croak of "Iiiiiii" goes downhill from there. Its painful to hear and see. How can he not be embarrassed to hell?  Narcissism is one mean disorder.