Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sandal's resort of the Bahamas commerical racist much?

I mean there are three scenes in the commercial,2 have all black waiters serving all white clientele. The third a party where all black serve with one light skinned black couple among the rest of the crowd.
You would think a corporation that's in the Bahama's would sort of mix it up a bit more,don't you? Be a bit more understanding and sensitive?


Big fall out from the "Kiss my rear end" said by Radnich to Moore. And I don't mean Roy Moore.

It was divine intervention I even caught Radnich ripping the long time anchor Moore. I hadn't caught his radio show in days and days..or longer. I never watched his KRON show unless the show I was watching..MSNBC or CNN were in a commercial break AND I managed to notice it was quarter to the hour- KRON sports. So a week or two would now go by with me not watching.
Hell,I even posted,I was finally losing the Radnich interest since he was now sounding normal.

I guess he couldn't take that..wink.


He's doing his little sports show on KRON from the broom closet.  Since he gave no reason,its obvious why he's not on the set. He harassed Pamela Moore once too often. Lucky to still have a job as I would think any other station would have fired Radnich long ago and up to 2 days ago.
I mean,in the last few years he's angrily- not ha-ha- told her she's the 4th best anchor,not in bay  area history,but RIGHT NOW in the bay area.
Then the time he pulled money out after some kron stripper story and hinted for her to get going.
The Cathy Heenan fiasco. Epic stupidity.

Of course,the very reason they put him on a pedestal 2 years ago was because he, in his late years, was getting to be a bit of being groper Gary with all the female anchors..hardly a day went buy without him putting a hand on them.

This guy is classic give an inch and takes a mile.

Nexstar might be thinking already what to do next with no star...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gary Radnich tells Pam Moore "You should be kissing my rear end". Live on KRON. Nobody laughed.

He out of nowhere told her "If you knew what I did for you with you with management,you would be kissing my rear end".
She took it. Smiled.  Later said he was feeling too big for his britches.  So Radnich who does like to verbally abuse the female KRON anchors when he's in a mean mood,gets away with it again.

The irony? If she EVER stood up to him..he would see his career end. So,he should be kissing her ass. But,he wont. He's beat her down after 2 decades of telling her off on air,and her doing nothing in return.

What a twisted act they have going on KRON and NEXSTAR.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The world as close to going to hell as its ever come.

Trump is the fatal cancer. The wealthy got what they wanted and we are on the edge of a new dark ages.
The wealth inequality is leading to the logical conclusion. Thank the Republican Party.