Monday, July 21, 2014

Cathy Heenan ,republican mouthpeice and playtoy..

I have to laugh at Leiberman trying to do KRON free publicity. His praise for Heenan as a "Steady and always herself" is not that good a thing!...She outed her self to me by making comments that were very Republican..and of course constantly brown nosing Radnich in a groveling way. For example last year she did a story on some public workers striking. They might have had a good reason. Heenan on KRON said  "They should be glad to have a job"..uhuh. How professional...professional FOX NEWS!
And then there was her looking for blood during the Occupy Oakland days. She wanted to make sure--just like ch7's republican Laura Anthony- that the worst light be placed on the displaced.
All I know is..she must have returned a Leiberman phone call,and a real pro like Cheryl Jennings has better things to do!
I know Leiberman.

Cathy Heenan gets 415 "praise". Whatever I say? He goes opposite now.

Why the Cathy Heenan praise?..just to be contrary to my posts. Obvious. She has never shown anything but a sleepy eye in 25 years of KRON. I even caught her and Radnich in a lie.  "I never even spend time" with Radnich she said the other day. Wasn't it Radnich who said she "Stays with my mother in Napa" ? a few months ago. So,they know each more then they let on. And her planting a kiss on Radnich on air was more of the KRON Clown News. No low is too low.
She has said enough over the years to tip off her conservative views. She,is one of Pero's Conservative Angels.  And its just plain embarrassing and extremely unprofessional the way she lets Radnich feel her up.
She's been lucky to hang on this long because I'm sure she doesn't agree with most of what San Franciscans believe in.
And Rich Leiberman is being sooooooo shallow- lol.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bill Gates shaves lousy..

I saw him on 60 Minutes. I would bet you Bill shaves while he showers. 'Cause,you could see chin whiskers. I know,When I shave in the shower..and forget to look in the mirror later,I sometimes miss a patch here and there that I then see later in the car or like that. He had that look.
And like Stan,he didn't give a damn.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Who will be first to start WW3? Russia or Israel?...

Others are just too primitive like in the middle east too start the day of reckoning. Putin..that's a man who is a sociopath and conservative. And I'm sure there is a sort of George Bush Jr in him...just as Bush the Younger created a war to get family revenge on Hussein,Putin might have some 1962 Cuban missile crisis vow to not back down this time- no matter what.
Israel seems willing to kill massive amounts of Palestinians,to exact revenge. The Palestinians don't seem to have any moderates..but maybe that's just the way the media portrays them. Its not like we get a balance to the problems there. You think Bob Simon is going to feel for the Palestinians?. You do notice that none of the major media reporters are middle eastern. So,one side is all we hear.
 Really,all it takes is for a few Pakistani hard right conservatives to somehow allow Hamas access to a nuclear missile..and the war is on. Israel wouldn't set off a bomb so close, in retaliation...they would though level the lands in scorched Earth retaliation.
Then you have North Korea. A real pycho government full of bizarre characters. They are playing cat and mouse with the USA. We would have been better off fighting them instead of Iraq. The Democratic Korea could easily have taken in the north without much difficulty.
I'm betting on the Russians..Putin could develop early Alzheimer's and still hold power until his delusions get the better of him to attack the USA.. He has a crazy power hungry appetite even now.
Plenty to worry about..just think, WW3 could be on the verge from a country we haven't even a clue is ready to attack.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Radnich "examines" Cathy for tattoos!

Once again horndog Raddy couldn't pass up a chance to fondle his toy Cathy Heenan. This time the pretense was "Looking for her tattoos".  The woman is so deferential- she lets him. Cathy has to be fun to work with.
Every male viewer knows Raddys game. Only KRON woman seem to play it innocent and ignorant.
KRON really is the Radnich Clown News of the bay area. He fondles her after she did a story of 280 people killed in the Ukraine.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Annie Hong getting sexed up on KRON..

ND Aaron Pero might be a sexist pig but he knows how to get us men to watch. Pero reminds me of the late cartoonist Al Kap who was asked about his strip "Lil Abner"..."Why do you draw woman with such large breasts?". Al answered " I like big boobs".
And Annie today had a micro skirt- nice thighs Ann- and she either got the Darya bug and augmented her chestal region,or she had a nice pushup bra. Her hair looks more improved too..
I think Annie see's anchor woman position in her future. Or,some kind of position,if you get my drift and I'm sure you do...

Stan offers services to KNBR auction.

I offer to guide a group of people to Gary World. We will park in front of his house,and then ask his neighbors about him,after that the fun starts. After wandering around the perimeter we hack into the Raddy we can see what his favorite porn sites are. Later I will lead an expedition to go through the Raddy garbage cans. We will laugh as we discover empty bottles of Viagra and "Frosted blond" hair dyes.We might get lucky and find those Vicadon bottles he brags give him a high. After much merriment over that and as the evening comes on we finish up with a round of T-paper,rotten Tomatoes and eggs tossing. Just a delightful and fulfilling day for all!...bring the kids!
So when you see this come up for auction- bid high!..Its all for a good cause.