Friday, December 2, 2016

A one Horse apparition divided by magician,do-do-do lookin out my backdoor...

Look at all the happy people dancing on the lawn,bother me tomorrow,today I have no sorrow,do-do-do, lookin out my backdoor...

Where would John Fogerty go if he had written that song today? Its not rock,not modern country. Not really alternative.
And yet,there I was humming it in the shower 45 years later.
"Listenin to Buck Owens"..

Fun in bloggerland...

I started with depredations...and now I have stepped out to tweet local media about whats going on.
So far,a little chit chat.
I do get the feeling they are not going to tweet hard journalistic gripes. Like sourpuss Laura Anthony who's a little low on community relations talent even at chit chat level. She's the pinnacle so far.

Even when I read her tweets to others it was like reading a female Jack Webb in Dragnet. Dry,to the point, and no more!

To have hotties like Rosemary Orazco or Lisa Argen send me little tweets would have been my dream years ago on one of those dating websites. Now? I would be their much older suitor and who wants to make a younger woman live like an old lady before her time? Wouldn't be right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Radnich and Papa are major breeders of familiar contempt.

As in "Familiarity breeds contempt". Maybe,its not a good idea to take every single job on air in one area that's offered to you. Be less of a whore. Try spending a little less to get by?
Unless your mellow like Dick Enberg...coming on grating on everything that's opposite the real bay area is one fucked up way to get ratings.
ok..Now more people hate them ,then like them.  I see people call Papa, sleazy all the time. Radnich? Had it made until the whore wanted all the pie about 10 years ago. He's wiped out the previous 24 years  of good will being the total ass the last ten...and doing knbr,cable,kron,cable..kron I mean he just can't say no.
Whats he taking with him? The knowledge that his wife can spend all the insurance money on a real hot young man now that he's dead?'s whats going to happen. He prays spinster..I say she hits the floor running all over the world..uhuh.

Neither one can pull off being media Kings here. Kings at being media whores they achieved.

Ahmygod. Its the under 30 American Latino's that scare me...

EVERY day their faces on TV for just the most stupid violent crimes. Breaking into a home to drink milk,then trashing the home for no reason. The drive fast in a circle crowd..idiots. The almost communist attire of hoody and baggy pants. Lots of black clothes.
The under 30 Latino's are just humiliating the rest of Mexican Americans, causing racial divides with the majority. Goddamn,cant they read a book once in their lives? Find the spoon in a tree- something!
I call it as I see it. Poverty doesn't make you drive in circles real fast.

Well that was different..Radnich hangs up on boring Bobby Evans.

Evans was making my eyes heavy mumbling and talking to his dog off air I guess. Well,seemed like it.
"You cut him off 10 minutes early!" said the exasperated Kruger. "I wanted to talk more baseball"..and then Radnich just said Evans was giving them nothing to talk about.
He wasn't.

People who want only the best..

I'm watching a couple look at homes in Hawaii and they complain that one beauty of a house has carpeting and "That 80's tiles in the kitchen". It always reminds me when I watch those shows and they sniff at 2 door white brand new refrigerator or white stoves as "Not stainless steel".
Back in the 70's and 80's they lorded over the rest of us they had the deepest shag carpeting and where we had Formica counter tops in our house they have "White tile" on pine colored cabinetry"
They paid through the nose to have the "The best things in life".
Now? Carpeting is "dirty"..and its granite over that "ugly" white tiles.
See? Its all in the head. All. How superior you are to own a great turntable and Trinitron in the 80's...both crap by today's standards. Yet,people felt like a million dollars to have them.

"Knock down this wall and make an open concept...the same wood flooring all through the house". Thats like a mantra on HGTV.
Great,lets all make our homes into dance studios where there is nowhere to hide. Not even in your own home.
And if the kids make a mess? Good luck trying to make your house's open concept look like nobody lives there. A stray toy ball in those homes makes the whole place look like a mess.

Imagine making kids feel bad in the 80's because they didn't have an Atari to play Space invaders. Junk!..ALL in the head!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I'm Don Trump and here's what I have to say to you...

Are you losing,falling behind,can't keep up? Well,hurry the hell up and fall off that cliff because you losers are ruining my view of a great America.
If you cant get ahead like I did with a 14 million dollar loan from Daddy that was never repaid..go to hell my friend. Straight to it. Old? If you are not productive now and never saved enough for the last 20 years of your life,cry me a river. You should have made a hot blond like my daughter who would marry wealthy and support you. Me? I'm the Donald,and only need to look at her ass.
Look,how can America be great if it isn't just like me? I suffered. I could only grope woman,when I should have been able to rape who ever I please. They would have been lucky woman.

I am going to change the country to resemble Disneyland x Monopoly. Fun,until you land on bankrupt and can't get out of jail. Especially if your Mexican.