Friday, January 19, 2018

Lieberman gets flu for 8th time this winter. Dad dies 5 times...

Crazy lazy guy.

Did I call Trump and the Porn star or what? TMZ...

No sooner did my psychic energy wonder why Harvey Levin can't seem to find a word of Trump gossip? THEN THE PORN actress story broke.
I called it. Levin can seem to only find "truth" on liberal Celebrity's. He's lost and without a clue on right wingers.
Hey- remember when Harvey and the National Inquirer SWORE George Clooney and his marriage would end on his 1st anniversary? That was years ago now. Gee,how did they get that wrong?

Aaron Rogers dating woman of means. Enough of beautiful who want him for his money.

Rogers with Danica Patrick? for most she's a catch...but in his world,supermodels- to- be, are falling over for him. See? He got tired of them being "in love" with him before he even said Hi.
Boy,don't I know it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Whew- feel so skinny. Put on the fat pants.

Put on the old loose fit jeans and its like losing 15 pounds instantly. So there's your key..if you cant lose weight? buy bigger pants. Problem solved.

When did Lyndsey Graham become a Beatle?

Did you see that news shot where I counted 5 young lady reporters only. All young, 4 blonde and slender,all very pretty.
When was the last time you saw 5 men fit those descriptions on national news? Manu? bleah...

It reminds me of the old saw that if you thought Fred Astaire's dancing was phenomenal, just think,Ginger Rogers did the same moves- backwards in high heels and long dress.

I was watching near 70 Chris Mathews talk to guests...about 30 year old woman who spoke with sage political advice. 3 of them.

If not for Andrea Mitchel and the Judge on FOX...none of the female talk show hosts on the news channels are over 50.

I see the future..and its not as predicted fair...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Alicia Reid of KRON became Ally Reid for a day,now Ali Reid.

One of the reporters at KRON trying to keep it professional. I had a feeling from the start her and Raddy's wife having the same name would cause identity problems. She went to Ally Reid for about a week,then last I saw went to Ali. Or,KRON interns were having some fun or made a mistake. KRON four website says Ali Reid. Settled.

Monday songs. Damn good ones too.

Just drift away...

the big finish..