Monday, October 20, 2014

Musings on time and people and ...

I thought it was bad enough that the hair of the 70's..John Travolta went I see that the hair of the 80's,James Spader, kissed his comb goodbye too. He made a fortune with that hair perfectly coiffed as a evil Yuppie or preppie or hipster in the 80's. More feathers in his hair then on a pigeon. If you were to bet back then?,HE would be the one to keep all his hair. Didn't happen.
THEN,,I put on the sirius radio and Alanis Morissette is screeching in that total affectation nasal voice one of her many hit songs that all came out of one hit album in 1995. Man,that long? Windows 95 and post grunge in one year. At least Alanis has the money to back up all that incredibly high opinion of herself she has. Not sure who would pay her for anything but singing that 1995 album.
And on sirius- cable tv version- I'm looking at Alice in Chains "Dirt" album cover. A young her college years prime,to maybe 22 or so years old. She would now be around 45 years old. That's a brief window of perfection to close by 1999. You can think young until the day you die. But you wont look it..
I guess it is all one shot,and if you missed?.No more.

Krueger calls Raddy "Creepy"

How funny. Just as I did in my post on KRON and Radnich rubbing Heenans back- like the Rob Lowe commerical of "creepy Rob Lowe"..Kreuger did the same thing today about Radnich.  One for Larry.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Alicia gives Jackie dirty looks. A KRON divided.

Unlike Pam Moore or Cathy Heenan who fawn over Alicia with praise,I don't think I have ever heard Jackie do that. In fact, I think  Jackie like Van Aikans are the two most conspicuous KRONers to not buy into the Radnich world.
Friday,Raddy and wife was going on about something,then he turned and asked Jackie a question.  The camera stayed on Radnich and she gave Jackie the evil eye. So obvious even Radnich said - whoa!. 
Familiarity breeds contempt. Jackie's familiar with Radnich,and Alicia is familiar with Jackie.

Kaps slow delivery VS Brees and Luck..

Interesting on the commercial? All three QB's toss simultaneously,and you can clearly see the differences. Luck had the quickest delivery and with the best form- right over the top. Brees had the most compact delivery - about what you would expect from a shorter guy trying to make up for size with power. And Kap? worst delivery..slowest of the three. Yet,its all in what you do..and Kap has outdone Luck in the NFL.Bested Brees if you go by each's first three years.
So what does it mean? About as much as Kap being the ugly buzzard in the bunch. Nothing!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stan ponders time,DVD and the Universe

I was wondering....I have a Dish box with the ability to freeze live shows. A nice feature. What I'm wondering is..when I hit pause? that freezing the present or the past? And what is that period of milliseconds between frozen..and live?..What is the processor in the box thinking? Sure its not real life I'm freezing..but it might still apply to the TRON/Matrix world.

Raddy negative when Giants win,Positive when Giants lose. As phony as can be.

That asshole when he looks in the mirror doesn't even know what he see's. He plays both sides so often he's lost touch with whats real or shtick.
 Radnich's only answer is he knows real money and food. His answer to everything. His excuse.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


UNBELIEVABLE!..they are showing the Giants game in small letterbox!..WHY???