Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I told you low is too low for Trump. He's a sociopath. He says "He's doing this for the good of the country"..Bull.

Trump will not stop. He can only BE stopped. November or a brave SS agent seeing he's guarding the  21st century Hitler. Only this time Jews are safe...its the rest of the country's people of color who will the persecuted.

I told you. Mueller is not Santa Claus. Liberal media still flummoxed.

You can tell by the way they analyze Mueller recent moves liberal media and guest commentators are confounded as to why Mueller and Rosenstein are conceding to evil Trump. Because Mueller is a Republican..he's not driven to expose Trump to criminal charges. He at best is going to report to Congress and thats the end game until November.
Its why Jared has his security clearance after Russian back channel attempts and illicit Indian Ocean meetings. He 's a crook. You know it,I know it. Mueller is doesn't care all that much.
November is when the truth and consequences begin. Unless Trump and the GOP suspend the election on "Trumped up charges" so to speak. They just might.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Aol brings comments back briefly,then changed format,then,drops all comments again.

For maybe a week the comments were back,then they stopped that and changed to  some "whos chatting about this story"..that lasted a couple of weeks more,then that pretty much was killed off.
All I can say is..for 8 years Obama comments were as low as racists can go. Now,with the most corrupt man to ever enter politics let alone reach the oval office,AOL,ends the venting by Americans.

8 years I read those low blow Obama comments. His wife,his kids, the "joker" avatar used by many. The chimp avatar was fine then.
Now,when Americans need to be heard about a true menace,the various sites are cutting the comments.
Try and say something about Trump on FOX or Sinclair websites. little power the average man has.

Monday, May 21, 2018

A happy newsroom is a losing newsroom?

lol,that blog that hates the KGO 7 GM..fails to mention that she has the job because- and I say this from watching- that KGO is blasting the other stations in the ratings. Other than the KTVU 10 O' clock news,there really isn't much reason to change the channels for the average Joe and Joette.

Although I did notice Larry Beil just suddenly stopped answering my Tweets. Maybe he mistakes me for his biggest hater on THAT other blog?
Too bad because he's a funny guy..never seemed jerk like to me. In fact he takes much teasing from the anchor woman and the like good- natured. Unlike with Radnich where Moore will sometimes throw a anger of silence fit on the fat head.

Watching Karnow and Wayne put up with the weird Radnch-Moore bantor and act.

Nothing to say ,just the body language of like when strange relatives visit? You just want to get to the end of it? Karnow and Wayne with those two and especially Radnich of course who's button is stuck on "overdo it" like that.
To me a longtime KRON Observer...normal paired with strange ( Moore and Raddy have a co dependent Daddy issue's relationship) makes for interesting watching at times. The more KRON rushes Radnich to just do his thing and get out,the more normal his casts are. But,when they give him 7 minutes and not much sports that day? Heenan type fiascoes develop. Thats when Karnow and Ken Wayne will be tested most.
Just watch and observe.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Karnow and Wayne holding down the fort at KRON.

Finally,that KRONKULT grip on the station is loosened a bit. Wayne and Karnow have kept their dignity and I love when they just dont answer a baited question from Radnich for some joke at their expense. They see it a block away.
Unlike the newish weekend weather woman at KRON who is dumb as rocks. Talk about brown nosing with her brown nose. Un professional.

Local media blogger fears talking about Henry Wofford.

I  just about shook my head when I read that other guy just play way down the Wofford firing at KRON,and put no blame on Radnich or KRON. I guess Raddy made a big donation as you notice he hasn't said a word about Radnich. Is that what you pay for? buddyism?..selloutism?...liarism?
Or it could be he's just embarrassed he missed totally the biggest story in months in local news and now wants you to be angry instead at Stan...Bunger.

Of course he reads my blog. He wants the truth .