Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stan considering adding a blog that pays per views..

I wrote it down after seeing the story on my friend KRON.  Unlike blogspot that sort of comes across as the 1930's "seal of approval" to let you make money. I use adult language..and reality. So,Google. just enjoys making the money on  50,000 views and then says something about my being turned down. Steinbeck and whoever you can name would be turned down too.
If I do,I will tell you and try my hand at that. I have that sites dot com written down someplace. If you know of it, do me a favor and post it.

The Meredith Vieira Show review.

She's not wearing the short skirts,she's not doing that sometimes bawdy humor. She's not even flirting. In other words everything she did to get where she's at, has been dropped for some Oprah lifeclass like show. Yeah,you want to learn from Meredith.
I know- she's 60. But those legs need to be seen. She still has the shape. She even has that gap between the thighs. That is something other woman go to a plastic surgeon to get. It is sexy.
I'm not sure a St. Meredith show can last.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Radnich loves Puig,hates Sandoval..why?

Last I looked..both Puig and Sandoval were around .280 batting,16 homers,and the RBI's were close.  Radnich makes Puig sound like all universe,and has always-ALWAYS- ripped Sandoval. Radnich has wanted the Giants to threaten him, trade him,not sign him..Raddy talks like Sandoval has been worthless except for the sale of merchandise..and of course that's a bad and insulting thing the way Radnich puts it. Radnich just cant stand the idea of those brain dead Giant players being a local hero..that's what it is. Its ok for them to star on other teams..but not local. I think Radnich also has insecure issues when he talks of anybody being a local star- or San Francisco. He can't hold it in.
Puig has only 16 homers. Not Willy Mays in September numbers.

Dan Noyes gets Campbelled! a REAL post too hot for RL415!

The ch7 newsguy is reading a story of abandoned horses being rescued and Dan is following his copy as film is showing the horse being led to trailers . Dan then says "The horses were bought by a Supermarket". Might as well have said bought by the glue factory(!!!)....then pauses and catches himself  " That is,by the horse rescue society".
Oh yeah- and there was no story forthcoming about a Supermarket. Dan Noyes got Campbelled.

You will only read this TRUE post here. RL is a hands off of  St. Dan policy. I don't have that,just truth my friends,truth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Bay Area's short brief flash with sports winners..

It can never be the 70-80's again,but for a few years the locals were whipping pretty good. The Giants won the World Serious. The 9ers made the Stuper Bowl. The A's the west,the Warriors actually had a winning season or two and beat good teams doing it.   And now...
Beane did an Aztec sacrifice of his teams heart to the Gods. Didn't work for Beane and it didn't work for the Aztecs either come to think of it.
The Giants arms wore out the valves and pistons..blew a gasket- Romo and a co worker rumble.

The Warriors had excellence on a platter,and some old man living in 1960's memory lane has doomed the franchise. He has roots to  LOS omen right there.  

Yeah,this is a bit if a rehash of my early post..but the trend by local teams is really stuck in my ju-ju. I want to be positive,but when the local yokels do the opposite of my great advice,they deserve the karma.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Former Raiders thrive on other teams,and say we should have kept Hue.

Of course we should have kept him. Reggie was just full of himself firing the guy for no reason..and then bringing in - Allan?? wasn't like Reggie had this other star coach to take Hue Jackson's job. Allen???
From the start Allen gave off nerd vibes,over matched vibes..and his offense it has turned out, is offensive to everybody. The man is near incompetent. Or he is incompetent.
Reggie was giddy..he fired left and right because it would be years before the public would find out he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I KNEW..I said back then "If an 80 year old like John Madden endorses Reggie?, that's a sure sign Reggie is conservative and dull". Sure was. I'm old enough to know that when you get THAT old? look for yourself. Like West and his infatuation with Klay Thompson that has just killed the Warriors as a serious contender..but I digress.  Its all over the net on Reggie's cuts now stars on other teams. If that isn't a sign your a not a judge of talent,what is? WHAT?

50,340 views. Thanks!

I was a little late.