Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tucker and Dale,a funny horror flick..

I like my monster and horror movies. As such,I caught this flick on Fear channel. AND,its a hoot!..I wont give it away,but it's clever and if I did tell you the lines,they wouldn't sound funny like " Do we look like psycho killers?". Now,I laughed at that..and other time lol's and clapped,and other times I belly laughed too -real hard. The only thing was at a high level of quality writing until 2/3rd's of the movie went by..then  it sort of went a bit flat.
Eh,check it out sez Stan.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A's sell out @36,000!

Go to hell John and Lou..and take that trash propaganda you have put out with you. "Oakland never draws" you said. I always said the best sports marketing plan is winning. And I prove to be right again. 36,000. To hell with toilets as tickets to move. Fix the team,so fix the toilets.

Are the Giants the worst 2 WS champs in 3 years team of all time?

I was thinking..but isn't this the worst team to EVER win 2 World Series in three years? The huge flops of Huff,Lincecum,Ross,Rowan,Cabrera,Beltran,..and Zito so bad they took off the roster pre WS. This year add Vogelsong,Pablo's injuries,Scuturo,Pagan. Amazing. The anemic offense? unmatched by any other former double champs in three years. Ground attack? more like lawn mowers wheezing on fumes.
I haven't consulted Baseball Prospectus. I just consulted my memory. It agrees with me.
If you know of a worse team fitting the criteria....let me know.


Good thing they invented air conditioning (no,freon isn't for your hair) ice cream,and  the garden hose. 

SO hot,I saw a  tree chase after a dog for a "drink".  See? aren't you glad you re-read this?

Pablo and Curly..

When Pablo takes off running..I see Curly. The same legs on the long torso running in a blur. All Pablo needs to do is rub his face and do a dypsy -do,running start. Whoo-woo-woo-woo!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Radnich:" A blog that talked about me physically"

What blog around did that lately? So,he looks like death warmed over? Big deal.  And like I told you..this blog is read by the media.
Consider the source says Kreuger, the guy fired in 2005 for racist remarks.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is Gary Radnich dying?

He's lost weight. And all this love,love,love,and kissing ass he does to everybody around him it sounds to me like a man with the grim reaper on HIS ass. I mean,the sweaty spells,the tired look. Ok,he's old too. But,all this making amends?. Next thing you know he say's "Sorry Stan,I let you down". Uh,possible.

The truth is in bad taste? Grow up. Everybody dies. Even you,and maybe me.

Michele Greico and me..

Oh yeah,those Carly Simon lips,those ample bosoms. She and I could role play Daddy and the naughty college girl any day. And if she thinks I'm me- hee.

Radnich rips BASG..and he and lolknbr guy are 2 stupid to know it..

The other day,Raddy went off on BASG and that blog and his minion, lol. And nobody at that blog caught it. Not one mention. I cant remember the last time I saw evil Raddy like that,laugh that hard at a blog. What did he keep calling him? Bay area thumbs guy? Something stupid like that. Raddy kept laughing  "Let an old man retire in peace-don't cost me my job" And then he and Kate Scott fell over laughing.
Wow,Raddy was right there on the platter for the great blogger. And he fucked up. Again.

100mph and no ticket zone..

You can go that fast on 580 on a motorcycle on the Sunol grade and never get a ticket. I see it every morning. Not one of them gets pulled over. And they must know it because they don't stop at 80,85,90...its 100 I'm sure of it. It must be too much work for the police. What else?

"Inside lol"..just more "We miss the Stan posts"

Who's Steve Berman fooling? He wants to post what gives Carmen the vapors? Chi-chi's and boobs talk?. I guess the Danny Browns and lolguys are just more of ripping me off by the less talented. I can promise you..they never have the real punch,just the pretend thing. You get the real here.
Man,it didn't take long for those two blogs to eat shit did it? And hypocrites. . I must be that secret passion of the bay area media. Because, as you ALL know,when you write recognize it being ripped off . You know it.

btw,This little blog has gone over 2,000+ pageviews- in less then 2 weeks.. Yes,Its read by those who will never admit it.

KNBR rips Stan off..

You did see my posts on other blogs of  Krukow being the pope of Giantology aka being a Giantologist? KNBR is running commercials of  Krukow and his Giant religion.
Do I have to do ALL the thinking for local media?

Gary Radnich: Love me,love me,love,me...

I never seen any local media person work so hard to be loved after 30 years of being a don't give a damn blowhard. He's got Darya,Kreuger,and all the rest doing testimonials now of "man in the street" saying how much they love Gary. And if they don't say it often enough,Raddy has no shame to say it himself. His low standing among local media peers  has no effect. He says they love him and all are good friends.
It seems like the more I tell people the truth ..the more he pushes the church of raddy love. He's even now ending his sportscast with catching a baseball,games with will you marry me's?, baby's..all that. And he does the "Isn't that so cute?".  Gee,you would think he's not the cutthroat ass I know.
One tip off? Raddy NEVER leaves his caves. He's never been interviewed by anybody who might be known for journalism,just the fluff types. And I know you all notice,no callers can be critical let alone rant. Thats verbotem on KNBR.
  Gary's world of self love.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A.Hernandez: " I just wasn't think'in Lincoln"..

No,he didn't say that. But my point is he might as well.  The man swallowed hook line and sinker all the violence of hip hop,video games and  STEROIDS.   Nobody could have a sound mind and flush it all away like he did.
When I was a kid they would say all the 60's protests and violence was because of  Bugs Bunny cartoons. The young who grew up on that were desensitized. If Bugs could do that..the outright violent media that young men listen to now is Judas Priest and Bugs x 10,000.  Add STEROIDS to that and you have the 27 NFL athletes arrested since January. The more I read of steroids the more I read of that rage that even the most intense athletes don't carry on their own endorphins.
Reality Aaron Hernandez will find, is not a steroid fueled dreamworld where you kill at will. What a waste huh? Steroids had a steep price to success.

Radnich says Kap "NOT Nude" and then about Serena..

Ah, c'mon, KNBR might as well say on air they read my little blog!

Serena Williams- another steroid cheat.

Like Martina,if they look like a cheat? They are. It has to be one of  the most blatant act of steroids to riches in the history of sports. The woman has muscles on her muscles. You want to call her L-O-L-Aaaaa...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yahoo sports aka FOX News..

The new show on Comcast seems to be just going for shallow as can be. The new additions,FOX like, are young blonds who wear things like cleavage plunging dresses or lots of sequins. Kozimor turns them off to no end..they both talk to him like they would talk to their dogs. And one of them must not like her dog "Here,eat the dog kibbles and leave me alone!"  Frankly,only Marc Spears seems like he knows what he's talking about right now,not learning on the job like the rest. I just wait until Lowell or somebody who might not agree along party lines shows up.
I wonder what would happen if a Jim Bouton type or any author about the underbelly of pro sports ever was on that show? Cameras would fade to black? the Indian head of old late night TV would pop up on the screen?, or the emergency warning system would kick in?
 No bite to this show, As it is, its neutered and spayed.

Monday, June 24, 2013

"Daniel Brown"..sure. And some more thoughts on Wed..

There is only one me. Man,when people said he ghost writes many of those comments I didn't believe it. Now,I really wonder... and "clutter" adds up.

You know I was done dirty by two blogs in one week.  And both those assholes made it sound like they were doing ME a favor all this time. So,what do I see? More on Radnich on both sites..the ONLY posts they do that move the needle are Radnich posts and that's something they just about stole from me. BASG had no "Radio Wars" until I suggested a media column--remember?.Rich at 415 couldn't APPROVE ALL MY POSTS FAST ENOUGH, then one day went schizo on me with deleting my posts and posting a stream of comments telling me to stop. It was just blatant hypocrisy. And that describes the both of them. And yes,I did ask Lieberman what was going on..and he never answered. No answer sounded like an answer to me.

Demon Bruce..

You might have seen my typo on Lowell's blog. I'm thinking Damon might actually like that. Raddy and Baer sure do think of him as "Demon Bruce!"

Producer calls Radnich "Ass-clown"

Sure,they were laughing. What's interesting was that on TV they censored it,so not knowing what was said I put KNBR on. Amon repeated the phrase...and on TV delay,it was deleted again.
Hmm,must me more then one producer for that show. And Mike? he must wish everyday why  Radnich? and not somebody less crazy to work under?

Holy Moly,Kap hung like a blue whale...

A local sports station showed a photo of Kap tossing the first pitch..and you can see the outline. All I can say is,he didn't inherit the white man's curse from his mom.
As if the guy wasn't given enough from the lord almighty to play pro football.

Krueger,so angry he drops "You're in a good mood" on Raddy..

Krueger? If you're going to be wrong, I guess be king of wrong. And on Pablo, Kruger is all alone. He was so angry at Radnich he dropped the "Good Mood" aka high on Vicodin on Raddy. Not nice was it?

These are the days Raddy wishes he had turned to Vern after the Damon Bruce fiasco. And why hasn't Raddy ever had Vern co-host?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Run! Edward Snowden!

I never thought a Demo president would preside over such unethical- at least- violation of American rights. Take guns?- good, Take privacy? FIGHT BACK!..GO EDDY!

More on Barry Zito's thoughts..

Last year he gave an interview to a reporter who went on the Damon Bruce show and said,"Barry said that although his family did humanitarian work, I'm not the way I was raised,I'm not like that anymore"  I bet!. (Barry later tried to kill the article). After his father got him his 1.6 million dollar rookie contract for the A's..IT WAS ALL ABOUT BARRY. from that point on. He could buy what he wanted and hide his greed behind the PR people. Barry supports the armed forces? What wealthy don't want a strong military? They protect the wealthy!..and why Barry and his type don't enroll in the Army- right?,noooo. And, they raise money from you to help them look good!

 Edit: I should remind all that when Zito was asked by ,Hank Schulman? about being newly married last year  that he answered "I don't feel its changed me at all, I'm still the same." I say now what I said then,wow,that must make his wife feel good when she reads that. You see how Zito's idea of being philosophical is to rationalize why its good to think the universe revolves around himself?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zito and Giants whore announcers..

The crew of all..maybe Jon Miller not included, waxed over Zito's pitching on Saturday after his dad had died. Goddamn phony liars. Let me tell you something...when a athlete has a kid,he takes days off-right? Because a child is MORE of ALL ABOUT ME!, look at what ** I ** created. When a parent or sibling dies? eh, its not my fault,why be humble and mourn that death?

It's all about ME,Barry,not my father. The culture of the rich. Like the Eddie Murphy bit..sniff,sniff. Only Zito's statement had none of even that.

TV Car and Bike shows..

Its been a progression..Orange County Choppers with the psycho dad, "Jesse James" and his bloated ego of no boundaries, "Bike build off" sorry to see Indian Larry got too into his own publicity for his own good- fell off a bike with no helmet at a two bit fair one summer.. And then Chip Foos,who makes everything look the same, Hot Rod garage where you couldn't help wonder how Boyd Cottington got a hot wife in Jo..until you see Boyd in his non hot rod Mercedes. He got good looking to her. And then you have Fast and Loud. Where its proven that car customizing by home garage guys is money down the drain. I heard that on the BBC "Top Gear" and I agree. Its never recouped. But,I know love of..ect. What Americans do.

So these and others I watch. The sameness of the all black hoodie,black t-shirt with Iron Cross with short pants and required soul patch crowd, sort of fly's in the face of rebel when it becomes the standard look. Well,at least its not going to kill you like watching "Man vs Food" will. PTL,that got old.

John Fogarty and his voice.

Nobody has better memories of CCR then me. But,I tell ya, ever since he went on his own?, even in the early 80's?.what happened to that powerful voice that blasted on the Creedence albums? It's never been heard from again. It's been thin,weak..even wheezing. And in 2013? I can't listen to him sing. I wonder..if that voice of the 60's had been deepened by the producer's musical tricks? John has never come close by 75-80 even,to sounding like he did in that 69-73 period. It might be a huge historical coverup. No wonder he never allowed live footage of CCR at Woodstock to exist. I can only wonder what he sounded like live..

Stan has the Warrior's 2014 theme song right here brotha.

How this? Patty Smythe's 1980's classic: "Shooting down the walls of heart ache,I AM THE WARRIOR'S!",bad ass huh?  We get Patty now 55 or so to do that dance in her heels (if she still can) and the theme song played at every Warrior home game,hell,on the road too! Fans will sing along,joy will break out.
I just never run out of ideas. It's a curse I tellya.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Me and Google.

I star this runs a week,then suspended because Stan the Observer isnt my born name. Fine. A hour later my blog is back. So a few more days..then suspended because I'm using a pseudonym. For that Google says you have to have a business page even though I'm not in business. Fine...I try to set that up. It's blocked. 10 minutes later my blog is working again. Catch 22 again.
If Google reads this,hey man,just set me up the way you want. I'm not a Colombian money launderer as you can read. And help a guy lost in your many rules.

Kreuger and Korzimor eat it..LeBron wins it.

To hear Kreuger say "He doesn't get the hate for Lebron" was hypocrisy 101. Kreuger has ripped James at every chance he had..and then LeBron proved him wrong. Like most people do to Kreuger. And then you have Kreuger protege Jim Kozimor, who had called Lebron "A loser" lol, Why they give idiots sports shows I don't get. Must be some kind of reverse affirmative action for the pale and stupid. Has to be.

Zito culture...

Zito's Father passed away. Zito releases a statement of how Zeets lets nothing get him down,and he stays positive.
More of why Zito is hated..that whole vain -the-universe-is -his- plaything- fucking attitude of the stinking rich. He can't mourn his fathers passing,or take time off. No,Zito needs that spotlight,and the world must get Zito.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kreuger gives BASG a shot:"Lets have a contest where.."

"we make people hate us!". lol. That Kreuger just getting  more real by the day. Sucking up to Radnich requires he vent or strike out at, subliminally and or, with a smile..

The first 15 minutes of todays Raddy show...whaaa??

I watched. And what did he say? Just rambled like the Vicodin had kicked in. Something about somebody liked his show. And that's been what he's been pushing lately- testimonials of how beloved he is. Weird, with all that giddy "chemically enhanced" laughter.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Charlie Pellet and Radnich..

You wonder sometimes,what would it be like to work with Radnich and just call him down on his bullshit? The BS,that puts money in Raddy's pocket,makes him look good ..while you take the slaps in the face from Mr. Insecure.
Charlie Pellet is the only one as of now to call him down. Dibley came close. I've heard good old Charlie use some of my posts as material and I bet he's a believer in what I have to say about the local bloated one. Use you for all he can,then always fall back on "Its just a bit- don't take it personal" Although,I have never noticed Radnich to handle well a real putdown to him..his own medicine. And..he's always surrounded by yes men and  yes menwoman. Radnich never EVER,leaves his safe caverns at KNBR or KRON. As I understand it,he was driven away from Comcast studio's by the personality's there who cant stand him. Raddy is too egotistic to hear that.

And when you hear them play Cuckoo or Kreuger going for Pellets nuts..its the very thing I hate in KNBR and Radnich. Phoneys and bully whoever they can.
63 and bloated and a bully. What a legacy.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Giant's Angel sends man to heaven. Murder and money.

I'm too old to pretend I don't know the score or pussyfoot around. Angel Vallalona is a murderer who killed a man in a drunken bar argument. The poor guy had the nerve to not give up his seat to big shot Angel killed him.
Dan Brown of the Merc did what the Merc PR for local sports teams. He takes it to another level with the trash known as Angel.
Hilarious,Latino's cant get a break in joining the media..but when it comes to millionaire players,the media will do all it can to protect the Giant's investment. But,like Pablo,they wont hesitate to turn on the Angel if he's not up to expectations.
The 49ers have a rapist and now the Giants have a murderer..and Gary Radnich praises the genius of pedophiles R.Kelly and Michael Jackson.
btw, As Radnich praises and professes his love for R.Kelly..Kate Scott didn't say a word about the young girl predator. Only if she played softball Kate would you speak up? does buy everything. Even you.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tim K. to Ann K. "You want to write about stars french kissing"

He tends to blurt when he ad libs..and this was a doozy. The context? Whats more interesting NBA or NHL finals?. How or why he went tell me. At least he buttoned up his shirt.. I get tired of  Tim Kawakami wanting to be Billy Beane..

Dan Ashley? Spends a fortune to Dan.

Its obvious he's had plastic surgery and botox. He must be obsessed with looking like time froze..and yet its only his face that's looking frozen.
The hair? Egad's,he must be thinking two things all day,breathe and "hair"!

BASG on Bruce? yeah,wink,wink...

Its funny how BASG and Leiberman and Bruce try to make it look like they aren't in cahoots. Yet,one turned on me in the same exact way the other did a few days earlier. No coincidence. And each does favors for each other that they don't tell their readers,and when they do,its through a slip that I caught..
 Like I said,the alliances in local media are putrid,promoting the same look,the same view,the same brothers from another mother. And why you don't see any outspoken Latinos in local sports media. They wont get hired. Not by Griggs,not Barret, not Evil Lee Hammer.
Yeah. BASG is making ground. Why not mention Marty Lurie who also is there to give theguy a boost?
You dont get it?

Its not based on talent if you haven't noticed. Steve Martinez the esportes guy isn't going to be invited on Bruce or Lurie or have Leiberman do him favors. Dont be blind into thinking those are the best sports minds around-lol, And then you have Radnich who doesn't want to go near a Latino with an accent.
The Giants have been around since '58 and the A's since '68. So,where are all the Latin icons in media?. Locked out.
You watch, when Eric Chavez retires from coaching...the local media will ignore him. I mean,whatever happened to Tony Armas for example? One of the Greatest A's ever..once your gone,they cant wait to lock the door.

Why you should re- read my posts..

As editor in chief here, I sometimes will add to posts later as I see fit. So,what you thought was the final version often isn't.  SO far though,no 180's. I stuck to the main point..just added a few nuggets is all.

I didnt think Kate and Larry could do it..

They went THREE  HOURS with non stop smiling. I didn't think money could do that,considering what lame humor they heard.
It looks to me like Kate Scott caved in and gave up being herself.  This is the second time she's tried being all out one of the boys. The first time last for a few months..then the nobody care's and the like started. Now after it went over the net she and Kreuger were arguing on air with real claws, she came back safe as a kitten. Either that or hope Damon on 1050 is hiring. And he isn't.

Still here...for now.

Beat me kids,Google suspended my account because I wasn't using my full.."any-psycho- can- hunt- me- down" real whole name. Or to employers-" retaliation-  name", you could call it too. So, I check back. And its still here. For now.

RADDY HATES COSTAS..'cause he's reminds him of himself..

As usual the big dope of ego didn't realize another of his story's that are to make others look like egomaniacs was like talking about himself. "Surrounds himself with yes men" That's Raddy's whole career. Pam to Vern to Kreuger.
All these types,Raddy especially...really are like the kid in the Twilight Zone, You have to smile and laugh at their jokes and tell them how great they are..or your sent to 1050.

Its like the time he told the story of telling off a old woman piano teacher. Pure jerk in action,and he was proud of it..and all those around him patted the old fart on the back for beating down the old woman. Radnich is pissed off because after 28 or 38 years,he has people in the industry who have no respect for him or what he's done. That's why he has spent so much time the last couple of years pushing that he's a big heart,calls viewers,all that obsessed with his legacy spin.  Too late asshole. Here's hoping that Pellet guy knocks you around some more- and while he can. The look on Radnich face that he cant control all, is worth it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bascal Aluminum cups and forever..

I saw one of them in the kitchen...and I realized that I've had those all my life. Those aluminum cups anodized in various colors were staples of Kool Aid since I was born. So, I look under the cup and see 'Bascal'. Did some Googling..and that damn Google has EVERYTHING!,even another blogger has done a post on these 1950's era cups. Its a red one..and I think up in the pantry someplace is the blue one.  All my life. And it turns out..I'm not the only baby boomer to get wistful over them. Just wait until I start talking James Bond battery cars,Hot Wheels, H.O. trains and slot cars. Just so much that was so good.

I should have been a Gorilla in the mist..

It sounds like a good life..lay around eating Bamboo and greenery all day,weigh 500 pounds- the hell with dieting, let the hair go grey knowing the chick gorilla's dig that. Play with the kid gorilla's when you feel like it..and if one of the young male gorilla's gets on my nerves? Kick his ass. After that chill,cruise around the cloudforest saying hey to whoever.
Piss wherever you like. Who's going to tell you "no". Shame? shame in the mist. And live and let live,being a vegan and all. Wave at the monkeys..they don't bother me,why bother them because I'm bigger?
Life is good on the Mountain.

Be a Gorilla or the next Einstein? Tough choice..

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Warning on WALMART "Cola"

I like Coca Cola..but I don't mind trying a new to me, generic brand. So,instead of the 1.38 Coke,I went with the Wally 68cent "Cola"..and from the first sip I could taste saccharin like flavor. Now,the fine print ingredients say aspartame. All I can tell you is they lie,or they use aspartame in heavy doses. Usually I like aspartame in my ice teas. The Wallycola has a bitter after taste. It tastes cancer causing. In case your wondering,no its not the diet WallyCoke,it's the regular and has corn syrup with that aspartame. Insane..why put a diet sugar with real sugar? I would hate to taste their diet cola..
You are warned people!

Carmen of BASG:" Damon Bruce saw a girl in a tight shirt and.."

"And when he said that it turned me off and I changed the station" Not a word for word quote..but close.
Gee,No wonder I was banned. And Damon didn't even say -Heavens to Betsy- NIPPLES!.. oh lord,the vapors.


Matt Steinmetz: "Keep taking the steroids, Barry Zito"

Of course Zito is on something. Its why his career went from the dumpster to respectable. Matt came out and said it.  And,who was the first to say the emperor has no clothes? Me.  I had local blogs(BASG) say if I say who's taking 'roids they would ban me. A few years later..its on commercials(THEGAMZ with Matt),and even Lowell now agrees that the steroid results and look are getting too obvious to fans who know. Players take what isn't tested for,or they take potent banned stuff all off season..then stop weeks before testing starts. Easy as pie to cheat.
For  millions of dollars what fool wouldn't? Thats the reality.  The other reality? Some will pay with their lives..not all. Just look at Arnold and Stalone- both users well into their 60's and Sly says proudly he still uses the anti aging hormones also. That,and some horrible plastic surgery. Egad,did you see "The Expendables"?...

Over 1,000!

NO updates on that until 5,000. I promise.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Why corporate America sucks..

After starting this blog for a few days..Google asked me to apply for adsense. They put some adds on my blog,I make a few pennies I guess.  So,I hit the button ok'ing that.  A few days later- despite 1,000 views in less then a week and almost no advertising by me,Google turns me down. No,I didn't violate any policy. But I talked to people like an everyday adult. And for that,Adsense cant' promote me. They would have made money,but my liberal and anti bigotry stance wont please corporate America.
Just more proof of who runs this country.

Another Stan (and happy) true story..

Having to commute to vanilla Pleasanton everyday I see all Giant this and Giant that. Well, here in the inner bay the A's resurgence has caught on..I'm seeing A's hats,A's shirts,and A's posters in businesses again after a near decade slump.
But let me tell ya a little story of me in Pleasanton the other day.  I'm slowly cruising through a parking lot trying to find a spot when a young boy,his mom and their little mini dog were crossing. Of course I stop. The kid looks over his shoulder and see's me in my A's hat-gold bill, then he yells "LET'S -GO, OAK-LAND!"  I stuck my fist out and gave him the peace and victory sign. I think I smiled too.

Gary Radnich and his prop family..

I swear,the moment Krueger said Gary wasn't here today because he's at his son's preschool graduation,...I KNEW Radnich was going to make that a bit of how great a father he is. Sure enough, by evening on KRON after insulting Pam Moore and Jackie with some big shot "You are only because of me" as his usual, he launched into what a great father he is because he actually went to a school event. Huh,that's what its down to?
Like Kreuger once said,Raddy's own family are like props. He's obsessed with being " I'm Gary,love me" to the public. His wife? She's his cultural beard. Radnich and his show insult other cultures and people of color and Raddy then points at his wife and says "She's black,I can say anything". Because he believes that and gets away with it on bigoted KNBR..he struts.
Interesting too, that since he outed himself as a user of Vicodin,and I posted that looks to be the reason that people would ask if he drank on the job?, or why so giddy?. Well, I said when he says "I'm in a good mood" that's the happy pills at work. Ever since, co -hosts have dropped that on him when he gets on their nerves. Last night Jackie dropped the "Good Mood are you?" on Radnich..and he just totally ignored it.
All I can tell you is,when he gets that glazed eye look,slurs a bit..don't write in and ask "Are you drunk?" so he can laugh and say self righteously - as he always does- "I never drink"..Look at it like he's hitting another kind of bottle.. as he himself has admitted.

 btw,Kreuger with another great line of thinking: "Private school's preschool graduations are why you cut the big check"..How true. Parents with money like to hear their kids are special. They didn't get a year older like the public school kids do .No,they ADVANCED to first grade-lol.  Pretentiousness bought and paid for.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Don't blame Pablo,blame the Giants..

Pablo Sandoval will play wherever the Giants ask. A fact. Pablo Sandoval will never be slender. A fact. So,why are the San Francisco Giants creating all the unfair criticism of Pablo??  In the history of Baseball,teams have put their big hitting overweight players at first base. Its just baseball common sense. Its a no physical stress position. Instead,the Giants are asking Pablo to not be Pablo. THAT he cannot do . A fact.
I would suggest moving Pablo to first and if Belt can't handle him for a possible starter . The Giants are "strong" at first,it's pitching that needs help. As it is,the Giants are wearing down their star player to keep Belt,a middling player in the lineup. Penny wise,dollar foolish.
Don't believe the Giant PR machine. Its lied about Lincecum,Huff,Rowand, and more. Now,its Pablo's fault for being Pablo?. I ain't buying that shit.

Fred and Ethel aka Larry Kreuger and Kate Scott minus Raddy..

Watched some of today's show minus the bloated one. Not a single  "Nobody cares" and "yes" was just whispered once or twice. I didn't hear a thing about J-Zee. It was a sports show. It did get dull when Golf came up. Kreuger-like Korzimor can't believe their great luck to have been given shows..and they are working EVERYBODY as a "My friend" The employment insecurity shows. And Krueger is blind to loyally follow Harbaugh. Eh,right now you cant go wrong doing that. Time will tell.
Did they say anything funny? nah. Or make me angry? nah. I was zoning out on Kreugers 49er backfield position by position analysis...He needs to save that for his blog..wink wink.

Whats your gripe or vent? Sure.

Another of my former blogs didn't take long to notice his views went down. Funny,he couldn't post enough that my posts were clutter..and now that I'm gone he's searching for the next Stan as fast as he can.
That's what happens when you give somebody your talents for free I learned...they take you for granted.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top five anchorwoman/media local boobage..

Why not? the other blogs flirt with honesty, Here on Stan's blog we specialize in honesty.  And my list..subject to change and with some omissions I'm sure. And-done with complaints here.
1. Jackie the Weatherwoman on  KRON. Her blouses are are so tight its like she's a walking mammogram.
2. Cristina Loren on ch 11,Weatherwoman extraordinaire . She is just a hanging chad from being tied with Jackie. Its boob and boob..almost too close to call.  And she seems down to earth.
3.Erica Kato KRON,  She's not beautiful in the Aryan world way. But she's a smoker in the real world. Just soooo healthy looking.
4. Leslie Scirocco of KQED's ' Check Please'. She gestured the other day..and it was for all to enjoy as her jacket parted to reveal much. She's a hottie good to the ugly guy guests..major points in the heart of gold for that.
5. A recent spotting.. Ann Malcovic on vh5. She did a remote report and the sun shown through her sheer black blouse. Great nips.

Honorable mentions..Vadu of KRON, Amy Huang of KRON again- like Ann,perky nips, And of course Darya who likes being a girl-- a salute to that!and be added later. And now on the 13th,I add Marla Tellez. In a KNTV commercial they do show her with much cleavage. Almost downblouse.
BTW For you Darya lovers..there is a website with her in her most provocative dresses and tops. I don't remember the site..but google her and it shows. And YouTube has some great local anchorwoman vids. I haven't spent a  lot of time on that..but seen a couple.

I wanted to break up the blondage..but,I don't see ANY African American newswoman that wear anything that plunges. GM's seem to avoid black woman who are sexual. Raddy's wife is about it..for 10 minutes on Friday she takes the plunge.

And when local anchormen start wearing codpieces..the judging equality of  who's big dog can start. Hell,that might drive a few out of the TV world..

Radnich is Rodney...

 l like that Kreuger is giving more and more shots to Radnich. You can tell he can only take so much BS. Today,Raddy was bragging about his money again and the subject of golfing came up. "You" says Kreugy," Would be like Dangerfield on the course"...And ya know what? Raddy is like the uncouth guy with money. Like Rodney's character he tips hundred doll'ah bills for giving him a bottle of water,he thinks every woman is a broad..the younger the better says Raddy. Radnich goes to work in bowling shirts . I bet he has white shoes!

addendum: Kreuger got on Raddy for that stupid "Lebron's tattoo's make people hate him" theory.  Raddy and Kreugy,just can never seem to get it right on LeBron..notice that?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Byrnzee and Ray Ratto..who's the brains of the outfit?

I caught a few minutes of that dynamic duo yesterday. My first time. And they are arguing about something with Eric being strong at first....and Ray comes at him...then Eric say's "but,but,..." And Ray says "No,because".. And Eric in his Spicoli and David Lee Roth love child voice..just caves "You might be right".

It reminds me of  a cartoon I saw in a biography of the great English philosopher Bertrand Russel that I read years ago.. It shows three convicts lined up against the outside of a prison wall,caught trying to escape. Two big fat goons flanking each side of the Einstein like diminutive wild haired philosopher.  A police officer is looking over the three "cons" and the caption reads "Who's the brains of this outfit?" Well,made me laugh.

Ratto and Eric isn't a fair fight. Only one is armed

Monday, June 10, 2013

Already over 500 views!

I'm a little late since its near 550 now. Spread the word!..and I have international readers,Europe to Canada. Welcome!
I'm just warming up baby...
Holy Moly..up to 650.
Good thing those other blogs don't have me anymore to clutter up their blogs with my "gripes" or "Radnich posts"..huh?

Dan Dibley and the racist dog,Latinos,local media..

You might have heard that hilarious story Dan told on THEGAME about the coffee shop he supports having a loyal resident dog who only growls at wetbacks and niggers?,well, he might as well have said that instead of  "Latino's and African Americans". Is it the look? the smell? I just know that it got big guffaws from the all white co-hosts. And why not offend latins-- hell, take that chance.Whats he got to lose? THEGAME like KNBR has frozen out Hispanics m-f,and S-S. That adds up to everyday. And the target audience is more death metal meth users then Mexicans. Lets look at Latins in sports media...
Paul Gutierrez Comcast,possibly Mark Ibanez at ch2.  And that's it.  SF Gate,SF Chronicle, Bay area News Group,The Press Democrat.  TVch's 3,4,5,7,even NPR...none. Despite the "minority" being the majority in many parts of the bay area,Latins or Mexican Americans (90% of the Latino's) are invisible. You all hear how the media butchers Cespede's name every day. You would think one of those college graduates had taken Spanish courses. Or maybe,its "white of them" to purposely do that huh?

Hell,its why I blog now. The lily white local media "critics" were tired of hearing about their privileged by skin color life. It's blatant as they push for white men and woman to take local media jobs--replacing other white men and woman fired!!

Whats this bullshit of a liberal bay are media? Where? All the GM's are white men. Jason Barret posts on twitter "We need to add more people of color,I agree"..Then,he hired white men after that tweet for two new openings!
  Balance? What balance?

btw,There's a famous story of a white man who trained his guard dog to attack black people..TRAINED it. Maybe Dan should wonder where the dog learned that behavior? It might not be the dogs fault ,huh? Doing what the coffee shop owner wants I would think.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Radnich posts..

Just to let you know,the Gary Radnich topic has double and triple the views of the other posts. So,the interest is there even if the kooks who love old Gare claim nobody wants to read my posts about him. And as I said,right now you can read on other blogs those who say they hated my Radnich posts..filling the other blogs' owners pockets in THEIR Radnich topics!
I was right.

btw, Radnich and KNBR ARE READING this blog.

Vern Glenn.

It seems like I keep reading over and over Vern Glenn is disliked by interns. And its well known- hell,accepted he's a clone of Radnich. And that is not a compliment. He's so much like Radnich you would have thought Raddy was his father. I guess if you work 26 years as second banana to Radnich,you have to eat it.  And another thing,..why did he never leave KRON before? All the bay area sports anchors that came and went at ch's,2,5,7,11..the openings at Comcast or THEGAME radio..none wanted Vern? As I recall,Vern did have a tryout at thegame radio in its first few months. I thought he nailed it..Vern though was never hired or used again as filler. Is it that Vern attitude you read about off camera?
Is it that Raddy thing again? You know,Raddy married a black woman,Vern,a white woman. Mirror images even in matters of the heart? much.
I don't have any particular beef with Vern..its just 28 years of wheel spinning, and most under Raddy,seems strange.
ps..Maybe Vern is a nice guy.never met him. I could be wrong. Or right.

btw,Radnich on KRON : " I want to someday hire all unattractive anchors". Not sure why he went into that. But,c'mon, He makes his own point that ugly can so make it on TV.

Radnich today June 10 got on his high horse jowls shaking defending Vern. Of course they read this blog. I write real world,not fantasy world of sports.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

415 Media, BASG, And me..

They have their versions,I have mine,and nobody tells the same version. All I do know is, The same nuts who got on me for the Radnich watch..load up 415 and BASG blog with comments on any Radnich,KNBR topic. And both those blog hosts made some coin over the years on my ideas. Those are facts.  BASG,didn't even have "Radio Wars" when I started..that came after my posts brought tons of hits. Rich,did have something going with Radnich..I took it to a another level having-like Rich-a bad experience with the bloated one. And soon that will be a post.
Or,Maybe,it was just time for me to leave the nest and learn to fly.

Hey, spread the word "The Truth is now free!"

I read Rich's415media "Yahoo Sports" post..he needs me. When I get around to it.

Comcast cable- another way to rip you off.

So,the other day I  go too "On Demand" you know,that what they used to advertise in commercials as having "Thousands of free shows and movies!", And I go through the menu to "Through the Wormhole" since I like the sciences. What does it now say? "Free,with subscription" WHAT? free means FREE to me-like it used to be- NOT  free AFTER you pay for it. For months,I've watched reruns of the Science channel and the rest as advertised, FREE. No longer. My car payment sized cable bill isn't enough profit to let me watch 2010 reruns?
Only the goddamn Bush deregulated cable companies can call pay for, free.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jim Korzimor,poor man's Johnny Carson..

I'm not sure what got him the job,but his frantic,manic ways are like a young Carson. His sense of humor though is delivered Carson like with the right wing touch. Jim reminds me of all those old SNL comics who were liberal when poor and young,and turned angry conservatives after they made a fortune off of being leftwing on SNL as they aged. You know,Spade,Mohr,Dennis Miller,Norm. Jim just got older,and skipped making a fortune I gather.

Today he was also Raddy in a thin suit. Instead of "The greaat" as an introduction "My friend" is used equally insincerely. His sports expertise is like many on the local media..poor.  Jim,righteously called LeBron James "A loser" a kook Jim can be. And you do know that's also Larry Kreuger's belief. If you cant grasp basic knowledge of what makes a great player..shuddup then. If the LeBron insult wasn't bad enough,he put Wilt Chamberlain in that same "pretender" category! Wilt!

PTL..Damon Bruce was there. When Jim asked Kate Scott what old creepy guys she tweets..Damon jumped in with "I know what creepy old man she works with!"..uh,that would be Raddy of R.Kelly worship fame.

The show btw as I said before,a little too frantic. Korzimor was caught walking from one set to another on camera-- an amateur directing taboo. He also had to share a ear piece with Aiesha Taylor..another low budget look.

. More of  what I see in Korzimor-- hes a living Facebook making all those important "friends" to keep his job. Hoover? He a black hole of sucking up everybody...

School gives books in exchange for toy guns.

An eastbay school is exchanging fake guns for books,and a raffle for a bike.  All good..nice idea. But,it shows how backwards this country is on gun control. We are having police buy back guns? Insane. No matter how many are killed and maimed...Guns are easy to buy for no real purpose by the public. In New York, 12,000 people died by gun,another 16,000 died by suicide with a gun last year- in NEW YORK CITY ALONE!.  Did you know that 80% of the guns used by Drug dealers in the Mexican cartel are bought in El Paso? Guns in Mexico are illegal. American citizens for a buck do the buying on the Cartel's behalf. All American traitors. Not to mention Americans are buyers of the drugs.
We need to ban gun ownership,shutdown the gun dealers..put the death merchants out of business. Like a civilized country.

Omg,I wrote this BEFORE hearing of the Santa Monica shootings. It was based on a morning paper story. The NRA should be sent to hell like the Klan.

Kate Scott of KNBR: Taco Tuesday for hispanic call ins...

How any form. Minutes earlier she said "I'm learning from the best.You, Gary". She sure is.

Kate Scott is a close to a liberal minority as KNBR has. And,her act lately has taken much subtle sarcasm . Like that quoted "compliment" to Raddy. He,hearing that just gave her a look. MAYBE "Taco Tuesday" was just her being a white man act. Or,face value,ignorance. I hope not.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tim Lincecum has issue's man...

Back in 2010 and 2012 I was the first-the only- to post that Tim Lincecum was emaciated..I could see he had shed much weight,His eye sockets were showing,his skin was bone white after three innings. One game,his chest was heaving. Just to throw a baseball. Now,this same player missed his first all star appearance due to "dehydration",Who forgets to drink water to the point they put you in a hospital?  The local media went no further with that huge story. Fast forward to 2010 and there I was posting about Lincecum's huge weight loss..and the SF Giants DENIED IT.   No beatwriter would say a thing to their disgrace. Eventually? Lincecum admitted he lost too much weight. Admitted it around 2011 So,he regains the weight has a good year,is happy with the return of his stamina,. THEN HE DID IT AGAIN! pre 2012 he drops nearly 40 pounds!..AFTER admitting the first weight loss had hurt his career. What's his problem?
Well,around 2011 I was talking to my Filipino friends and then casually dropped in about Lincecum. They gave me funny looks. What? I ask  "We don't care about him..he turned his back on his(Filipino side) family and mom". Apparently Lincecum blows off questions about his Filipino side.
And you know? is all "My dad,my,dad,my,dad" ..he never mentions his mom. And I saw an interview where he was curt to questions about eating Filipino food.  He tries to hide it..but Tim Lincecum has family and anger issues. I  think its interesting that when Pablo Sandoval had weight issues the local media had no problems going into Pablo's private life and divorce. And blamed his hitting trouble on the divorce. 
I think its a story of success being hard to handle..his trashing of homes,substance use..this is a guy who needs help.
Fame- and fear-, strikes again.

Gary Radnich of KNBR " I like that child molester"

On Today's show,nutty Gary explained why to him nothing is wrong that he quotes R.Kelly lyrics. Raddy has young daughters. "He's a child molester " said Gary Radnich "But a genius in music".  Whats really weird? the whole gang around him patted him on the back. Wow,is that how much the dollar will buy? Your soul?
Also--my post on a previous blog where I described Raddy on the night in his Caddy? He did admit its a little sad that at his age he bobs his head to the beat..but added "I'm not a pretend brother..I drive a car,real brothers walk"..oh that great racist reasoning. How can you argue against it?...EASY. But, I digress ...
Not one person in that room said to the oaf  "Why would you want to support a man who molested and raped other Mothers and Fathers daughters the same age as your's?"  "Why would you want to put money in his pocket for that?".
No,they all cheered him on 50,000 watts of KNBR.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The demographics for the show has dropped from 30 year olds to 9 year olds. And Kreuger? those KNBR interns of young Nixons "voting"...

June6th: Caught the second show..damn,give Melanie a chance to speak. Korzimor was motor mouthing over her,peppering her with rat a tat tat questions. A low point was bringing in taped Radish head and his usual being wrong and misogynist attitude. "Her name isn't Collins" he said..."Its (long Polish name of your choice)."  Now,what they didn't play for Melanie is that Radish head has been pounding that she's in it to marry a rich man. So's he!..and he keeps working until he finds that guy!
Otherwise,Kawakami and his TV soulmate Ann Killion were guests. Its like grammar school,they pair up writers who only agree. Somebody needs to go to entertainment school and learn conflict can bring interest. Bring back the days of  Dave Del Grande saying on air flat out, he didn't like Ray Ratto. When Comcast at 5 had ..spunk.

The evil that is KNBR and local media who...

For years now the bay area was one sports station and with only one person of color to host..that was for24/7/365. Then  thegame came along and with  Eric Davis and with his constant 49 jones was added. In 2013 There are no Asian,Latin hosts on either of the local sports stations. And phone calls seem to screen them out if they do want to share. The local San Francisco bay area sports media is bigoted-SHOCKING! can see the alliances between who owns most of the on air time,guest appearances and its mostly a club. A white man's club. And that club can really hit people of color,let me tell you.
In KNBR you have Gary Radnich aka Radish head,aka the bloated one,aka biggest phony in local sports history. If Gary likes you--you must be worth a buck to him. If he hates you,You must be one cool guy or gal. He's like a non lethal cancer.Ugly,and.he spreads all over KRON and KNBR. The other hosts or new anchors bend over and Raddy never hesitates to pass that up. His big shotness is well known and all over the net from former interns.Never read one yet say good about him. He's also a HUGE manipulator,look at what he does to the KRON woman..he winks to them that feeling them up is a bit. Any man in the audience knows that's bullshit..he getting hot anchorwoman touch. Literally.
So,look for me to keep track of him and some quotes here in the future. Darn,missed most of his show today getting this going...

New to this...the truth will be set free!

Hiya people who want the truth.,I don't care about being " in" with anybody,and sure as hell have no reason to defend a weasel to help my "career". Just all about the local Sports media,what I heard,and life in general..animals,politics. And liberal as I can be. And KNBR can now bookmark what they will read EVERYDAY. Ya know,Pecon isn't a bad guy...ITS THE REST!.hee. That's one,more later.
Oh..and no I have no credentials,I cant ever say I talked to this person or that live. No,just observations on what they put out there and how I feel about it. And,I've been damn accurate so far.