Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A.Hernandez: " I just wasn't think'in Lincoln"..

No,he didn't say that. But my point is he might as well.  The man swallowed hook line and sinker all the violence of hip hop,video games and  STEROIDS.   Nobody could have a sound mind and flush it all away like he did.
When I was a kid they would say all the 60's protests and violence was because of  Bugs Bunny cartoons. The young who grew up on that were desensitized. If Bugs could do that..the outright violent media that young men listen to now is Judas Priest and Bugs x 10,000.  Add STEROIDS to that and you have the 27 NFL athletes arrested since January. The more I read of steroids the more I read of that rage that even the most intense athletes don't carry on their own endorphins.
Reality Aaron Hernandez will find, is not a steroid fueled dreamworld where you kill at will. What a waste huh? Steroids had a steep price to success.