Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are the Giants the worst 2 WS champs in 3 years team of all time?

I was thinking..but isn't this the worst team to EVER win 2 World Series in three years? The huge flops of Huff,Lincecum,Ross,Rowan,Cabrera,Beltran,..and Zito so bad they took off the roster pre WS. This year add Vogelsong,Pablo's injuries,Scuturo,Pagan. Amazing. The anemic offense? unmatched by any other former double champs in three years. Ground attack? more like lawn mowers wheezing on fumes.
I haven't consulted Baseball Prospectus. I just consulted my memory. It agrees with me.
If you know of a worse team fitting the criteria....let me know.

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  1. And- don't think this is an insult. If anything its a shake your head tribute to Sabean. Its like winning the Indy 500 with a car missing two cylinders. He did a fantastic job of mix and match and stay one move ahead of MLB.
    Just think back to the perfect example. Lincecum at 149 pounds being a good buddy to Brad Penney, 280..a perfect Casey at the bat,Mudville nine look between the two. Nothing high tech. And the Giant's nine did it twice. Amazing.