Monday, June 24, 2013

"Daniel Brown"..sure. And some more thoughts on Wed..

There is only one me. Man,when people said he ghost writes many of those comments I didn't believe it. Now,I really wonder... and "clutter" adds up.

You know I was done dirty by two blogs in one week.  And both those assholes made it sound like they were doing ME a favor all this time. So,what do I see? More on Radnich on both sites..the ONLY posts they do that move the needle are Radnich posts and that's something they just about stole from me. BASG had no "Radio Wars" until I suggested a media column--remember?.Rich at 415 couldn't APPROVE ALL MY POSTS FAST ENOUGH, then one day went schizo on me with deleting my posts and posting a stream of comments telling me to stop. It was just blatant hypocrisy. And that describes the both of them. And yes,I did ask Lieberman what was going on..and he never answered. No answer sounded like an answer to me.