Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gary Radnich: Love me,love me,love,me...

I never seen any local media person work so hard to be loved after 30 years of being a don't give a damn blowhard. He's got Darya,Kreuger,and all the rest doing testimonials now of "man in the street" saying how much they love Gary. And if they don't say it often enough,Raddy has no shame to say it himself. His low standing among local media peers  has no effect. He says they love him and all are good friends.
It seems like the more I tell people the truth ..the more he pushes the church of raddy love. He's even now ending his sportscast with catching a baseball,games with will you marry me's?, baby's..all that. And he does the "Isn't that so cute?".  Gee,you would think he's not the cutthroat ass I know.
One tip off? Raddy NEVER leaves his caves. He's never been interviewed by anybody who might be known for journalism,just the fluff types. And I know you all notice,no callers can be critical let alone rant. Thats verbotem on KNBR.
  Gary's world of self love.