Sunday, June 23, 2013

More on Barry Zito's thoughts..

Last year he gave an interview to a reporter who went on the Damon Bruce show and said,"Barry said that although his family did humanitarian work, I'm not the way I was raised,I'm not like that anymore"  I bet!. (Barry later tried to kill the article). After his father got him his 1.6 million dollar rookie contract for the A's..IT WAS ALL ABOUT BARRY. from that point on. He could buy what he wanted and hide his greed behind the PR people. Barry supports the armed forces? What wealthy don't want a strong military? They protect the wealthy!..and why Barry and his type don't enroll in the Army- right?,noooo. And, they raise money from you to help them look good!

 Edit: I should remind all that when Zito was asked by ,Hank Schulman? about being newly married last year  that he answered "I don't feel its changed me at all, I'm still the same." I say now what I said then,wow,that must make his wife feel good when she reads that. You see how Zito's idea of being philosophical is to rationalize why its good to think the universe revolves around himself?