Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tim Lincecum has issue's man...

Back in 2010 and 2012 I was the first-the only- to post that Tim Lincecum was emaciated..I could see he had shed much weight,His eye sockets were showing,his skin was bone white after three innings. One game,his chest was heaving. Just to throw a baseball. Now,this same player missed his first all star appearance due to "dehydration",Who forgets to drink water to the point they put you in a hospital?  The local media went no further with that huge story. Fast forward to 2010 and there I was posting about Lincecum's huge weight loss..and the SF Giants DENIED IT.   No beatwriter would say a thing to their disgrace. Eventually? Lincecum admitted he lost too much weight. Admitted it around 2011 So,he regains the weight has a good year,is happy with the return of his stamina,. THEN HE DID IT AGAIN! pre 2012 he drops nearly 40 pounds!..AFTER admitting the first weight loss had hurt his career. What's his problem?
Well,around 2011 I was talking to my Filipino friends and then casually dropped in about Lincecum. They gave me funny looks. What? I ask  "We don't care about him..he turned his back on his(Filipino side) family and mom". Apparently Lincecum blows off questions about his Filipino side.
And you know? is all "My dad,my,dad,my,dad" ..he never mentions his mom. And I saw an interview where he was curt to questions about eating Filipino food.  He tries to hide it..but Tim Lincecum has family and anger issues. I  think its interesting that when Pablo Sandoval had weight issues the local media had no problems going into Pablo's private life and divorce. And blamed his hitting trouble on the divorce. 
I think its a story of success being hard to handle..his trashing of homes,substance use..this is a guy who needs help.
Fame- and fear-, strikes again.