Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Yahoo sports aka FOX News..

The new show on Comcast seems to be just going for shallow as can be. The new additions,FOX like, are young blonds who wear things like cleavage plunging dresses or lots of sequins. Kozimor turns them off to no end..they both talk to him like they would talk to their dogs. And one of them must not like her dog much..like "Here,eat the dog kibbles and leave me alone!"  Frankly,only Marc Spears seems like he knows what he's talking about right now,not learning on the job like the rest. I just wait until Lowell or somebody who might not agree along party lines shows up.
I wonder what would happen if a Jim Bouton type or any author about the underbelly of pro sports ever was on that show? Cameras would fade to black? the Indian head of old late night TV would pop up on the screen?, or the emergency warning system would kick in?
 No bite to this show, As it is, its neutered and spayed.