Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ok,and now Fuck Gary Radnich.

If you heard the KRON news today you heard Raddy reference old Stan here's Hunter Mahan Post. And of course the expensive bimbo's known as KRON anchorwoman nodded in awe to the big pussy Radnich. A  country club member's birth to them is like royalty...oooooohhh. And Radnich who had the shit beaten out of him by KRON watchers over his derogatory comments on the President of our country went looking for a wet nurse on the set to help lick his wounds..
SO Raddy also did what he always does...hide behind a skirt. If not his wife's, then like today,Pam Moore's,Jacky the anchorwoman's and Larry Kreuger's in the morning.
Raddy doesn't have the guts to ever say my name. I know that.  You ever see that movie "V" ?..I think some of that is whats going on between me and the local media and KRON/KNBR in particular. And like that movie taught,these media assholes want to slam Stan here..yet they fear me at the same time. And I know that too.

And the title? I like that it will last until infinity on Google.  I should have fit his love of pedo's R Kelly and MJ into it somewhere!

Hey KTVU,dont feel so bad..KNTV got the "bug"...

Today KNTV ch11 news did a big headline story on  bed bugs titled in scrawl through the whole segment: "Goodwill Beg Bugs"... Goodwill does sort of beg for donations. It might have been hidden brilliance writing. Nah,..a typo..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Larry Kreuger wanted to re-sign Zito..

As Zito gives the Giants another solid less then four innings of crappy pitching until taken out, I have to wonder if "King of Wrong" Larry Kreuger lies awake at nights questioning the reason for his very own existence?.
He should be..

Jim Harbaugh quotes Shakespeare- true.

You might have read that Jim plays with peoples heads by updating Shakespeare writings as his own quotes.
I knew that. When Jim held up that skull and said "Alas,poor Alex, I knew him well" I was on to him.

 This is a true story . Google it.

Carol,James,Marvin and Neil.

Way back when,when little Stan was in HS I had an art teacher- Miss Greene. A green eyed buxom beauty.. and a bit flirty-lol. Everyday in her class she would play on the record player Carol King's "Tapestry" album,Marvin Gaye's "What's goin on" album and James Taylor and Neil Young songs. Everyday all school year..winter to summer went by with "You've got a Friend","What's going on"."Inner City Blues"..and I still don't know the title of Neil Young's song where he sings "Old man look at me, I'm a lot like you'..I just know the song. And you know what? I NEVER got tired of those songs,never thought "Play something else". I don't know why not..I have a short attention span usually. Sometimes she did play that "Horse with No name"..but that fit just right.

"Don't punish me with brutality,cause' don't you know,you've got a friend in a desert where nobody can remember your name".  Art and Marvin...A great time.

Willy a Dodger? REAR THE BEARD!

He turned on us. He's with the enemy. And its man (and woman) rules any Dodger is to be hated. My dog hated Dodgers.

Raddy -right wing idiot on the White House again.

Radnich- who hates Obama so much he even like a snitch or squeeler, say's "I KNOW Bochy didn't want to be there"(As if Bochy confides in Raddy)..sure Gary,Bruce and all the Giants were paid a fortune to be there! ,wait, The Giants were going to suspend any wait, cut any player with no pay,no wait first born's would you moron Radnich. They went as World Series champs and were damn proud of that and the chance to have the President of the USA say nice things about them. Something Gary Radnich will never experience.

My god what a stupid human being you are Raddy. And Kreuger is neck and neck with you.

Pellet has quit the Raddy show.

Its now confirmed.  I was right.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Raddy's editorial on the White House visit..

The man continues to just embarrass himself. The older he gets,the more the stupid gets out and leaks all over media listener ears. And it stinks too!. If you watched it,or can on Demand, watch how he makes no sense. Radnich is either Captain Obvious "Nobody goes to a parade for second place" or he makes these idiotic Obama putdowns.  Hey Radnich- why do we do any tradition? Its to honor the accomplishments of those we admire. And how do you know Obama didn't make time for the Giants on HIS time off?
You,a man who screams look at me for doing nothing but read the sports scores,wonders why a World Series team accepts an invitation to the White House? You and King Of Wrong, Larry Krueger,both in your own fantasy world of "I don't think Giant fans wanted to see the Giants at the W.H."..Christ, you two were just beaten with the stupid stick. You two are a bottomless pit for me to point out how idiotic and loony two conservative white males men alone in a room together can get.
 I have to there anybody in Radnich life to tell him what the real world is about?

Congrats Larry Baer..

I was worried that the whole right wing thing that hovers over baseball would show. But no,You gave a respectful and honorable speech.
But- fuck Brandon Belt and the Asian guy who wouldn't even smile or look the President in the two pieces of republican shit.
A salute to Renell...she seemed to be one of the few who really had kind words for the President of our country.

Fuck Hunter Mahan..

While the rest of the world struggles to survive,"Hunter" like he's living in a soap opera,walks out of a million dollar purse to see the birth of his new Jesus or Mary. He wants to honor his new born? win the tournament and take all the winnings and put it her trust.  I 'm telling you,hearing the KNBR people "awww" over some rich man pandering to his rich bitch is rubbing me all wrong.
And as far as the trust? When "Hunter" gets run over by a NY taxi,and his wife gets socked in taxes, 20 years later,that trust will come in handy
The asshole shouldn't even have entered the goddamn golf tournament if he is saint husband.

In the real world for men,their is no option at a chance like that. So,if Mahan can walk..then don't show up at all . Geddit?

The more I think about it..Mahan probably had this drama all planned. "He could read the headlines now" as he saw himself dropping his clubs dramatically and walking off the course. A tribute to how special he is and how above us.
Win,give that money to charity..then I respect the altruism. Not some PR stunt to massage a huge ego most likely.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

"It doesn't need gas,no gas,no gas,no gas"...

This Rain Man of Automobile dealers commercial is at the worst end of  TV ads. Its at the lowest level of communication.  I think the writer also did the kars for kids jingle..

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belt...the death of Pablo!

Every time I see the 300 pound slugger/behemoth dive for a baseball...I cant help but think no other team in the history of baseball put their fat boy slugger at third. And then scratch their heads why he gets injured!. Same for the local media..Pablo is injury prone they say..too fat they say. None seem to think asking him to fling that gut around as a 3rd baseman figures in the equation. I do. I sure do.
But Belt,king of no swing, cant be taken off first..

Tarrel Brown should have read his contract?

I would think its pretty complicated. I mean,I don't even read the contract for Flash,Java updates. Who knows what I agree to?

Friday, July 26, 2013

More on Dish whips Comcast...

I wouldn't shit you people..but I'm almost A-MAZED at what I get for 50% less then Comcast cable. The Dish receiver "Hopper"..does Matrix like can record programs simultaneously, and when you watch the replay,I like the 300x fast forward.  Whats also neat? You can freeze live TV,And replay the last 10 seconds. Great for taking a closer look at the hot chick in the commercial. That one in the Bolt commercial? with the big glasses and teeth? Hot. These new half computer cable boxes are great. Something I never got for $150 with Comcast.  And to see Starz and soft ALL part of the package.I still get HD Comcast A's /Giants games too.
Comcast..just only amazing at how they rip you off and lie. "Go find another supplier" the Comcast rep in Union City told me when I complained that Comcast raised my bill and not lowered it as they promised on the phone.
I did you son of a bitch.

Stan explains the Tarrel Brown contract failure..

I'm thinking that kid who has his life finance's handled by others right now is not admitting he has a drawer with a handful of letters from 49 HQ reminding him of the workouts..generic letters all the players got. Brown never read his I am surmising. Like junk mail,he brings the letters in his home,and tosses them aside and go's back to playing video games as his "workout" 
On the 49ers side? How sneaky. To put 2/3 thirds of his pay based on a "voluntary workout" when we are talking millions sounds like somebody at 49 land playing smart lawyer. And invoking that clause?..when Brown wakes up..or gets older two decades from now,he's not going to be talking like he is now. He cant stay that stupid.
I don't know that outsmarting your players is good moral. And it consolidates Jim Harbaugh's reputation as wicked and devious. Instead of the other teams- he's now taking on his own players. And yes,I think he had knowledge.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stanley Roberts- let's see YOUR driving record..ha..

I'd like to see his printout. Quick,somebody use those internet sites. Me? spend money for that? I don't want to know that bad...

wow-KTVU blooper has legs..It wont go away.

Tori just couldn't have happened to anybody else. The KTVU answer to Laura Anthony of KGO is wound tight,she blabbered in one of the most infamous newscast in TV history.
Rich Leiberman last year hinted that Campbell was suing her own mother over a $1,000 loan. Now,Rich never reveals..just hints.
It is incredible..Onion- Mad Magazine level. Only they really said Pilot Ching-ChongWoo-Woo and such.

You might re read some posts.

Unlike the way most blogs go.. I add later as it comes to me. So, you might want to check some recent topics again.

Raddy- YES,you ARE Flamboyant..

I had to laugh when you denied being flamboyant. YOU are the epitome of  Flamboyant. You would be first to turn when that woman killer virus rolls over the world!..Your half a woman now. As you would say "Fabulous!". Castro drag queens envy you!. When you roll by the Castro,gaydar machines blow up!
 You are,...the most Flamboyant man in the world! Driving a Bentley while wearing a cape...
Hey Garry,embrace what you are!
 And its the truth...
You have 6 kids? So what? every Mormon caught in the men's room trying to play footsie with Anton has 12 kids!
Hey Gary- sue KRON. Too many years of wearing makeup got to you. When you and Cathy get together its like two old ladies sharing beauty tips and worried about crow's feet!  Yep,the face paint seeped into your brain.
Hey Gary, (2) Paul Lynde just called from the grave- he wants his schtick and hairdo back!.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Twice Radnich called Ryan Braun a derogatory name..and twice KRON sound went out. What did he say? I don't know, I just told you it was blanked-lol- but Pam eye's did raise.

He mentioned Braun on KNBR.  And said nothing about KRON. Thats about right for him. Somebody must have told him he was being stupid. If I had to guess, it was something to do with Braun's nickname. Coming from Raddy, "Hammer'in Hebrew" is anti Semitic. I admit,just me surmising.

YAHOO WASP sports show!

Brodie ,Shawn, and Ann and Mark,had a nice tea party.  Insipid I think is one word,time killing a description. Ann's a smarty..why is she settling for mediocrity? C'mon Ann..
SO, what is the point of today's show?.

And Erin? great face and body. Did ANYBODY notice she has the most grating on ears voice known to mankind (as Jim would say) ? lol,the woman looks as if she has a  Lauren Bacall cool and sultry voice...and then Valley girl bursts out on chalkboards instead. Maybe she has talent..haven't seen enough of her. Heard plenty to comment on her voice though.

I'm Happy!..the commercial.

That car commercial makes me smile. I like it. She must be a perky cutey too.

Basg and THGAME,Lund.

I try to read the other blogs. And this one was a laugh (lol). As you read it notice the writer never mentions the continued all Caucasian line up at the station. He just says "station demographics" you know- the Death metal head meth users and nerd plaid short crowd with the frat boy smartasse's mixed in.
NO room for people of color. And why i hardly listen to thegame as much as before.  Its hosts are the "American Psycho"  yuppie crowd. See that classic movie again. I see Bucher and Lund and Kreidler and the rest all over it...

Half the Raddy show wont talk...

Pellet and Scott..are silent. Kate is saying nothing and has that not happy about it look. Jeez,the print is barely dry on that article on her,and KNBR had to have told her to its not a 3 way show. Know your place Scott!
As they say-- relations are strained.
Pellet? Radnich turned that into a great example of what an asshole he can be.  I guess Charlie Pellet after his years in the media didn't take to the self described "big heart" man calling him a "punk ass"(true and a quote) or play "cuckoo-cuckoo" sound effects when Pellet answered back.
Now,what does Raddy say again about how he "Gets along with everybody" ?. What a fantasy world he lives in.

Monday, July 22, 2013

"The Expendables 2"..not good...

Unlike "The Dirty Dozen" or even "The Wild Bunch"  The Expendables doesn't have any soul. Just lots of noise and phony gunfights...the bad guys fall down 6 at a time,we don't even get a flesh wound. Even worse- none of the gritty action hero's has as much as a dirty face. NO sweat and blood in a movie is boring.
Watch if you really have time to kill.

Rage against the Machine attacks and kills Mumford and Son's band.

That's headline I hope to read one day.  Live 105 must be ashamed of themselves.

Mumford and Sons band are the tykes who danced to "C'mon Eileen"..or the children of 20's somethings back then.  They spawned this crap.

Kate ain't talk'in... Added:the 23rd..

She's much less verbose then before. And she now says almost nothing about her personal life. Nothing like hate text, email, and tweets to bum you on the milk of human kindness huh Kate?  It spoils easy.

Added July 23:  Today Kate bit back at Raddy. "Stop putting words in my mouth!". Like a 10 year old he was teasing her about crying at Lincecums no-no.

Btw-- I heard Charlie Pellet on the Fitz and Brooks "show". He didn't do the Radnich torture earlier.  Radnich is such an asshole. When he's gone nobody will care.

Don Bleu "bloopers" vs Lamont and Tennely "stingers"

I  listen to them both in the morning drive. And I is it Dons people react in a mild "g" rated way and Lamont's in the "r" rated way?. Hmmm.  I think some calls are faked..its just too obvious by bad actors. And the prey are too often "Mary" or "Ted". 
Hey,I still get a laugh at some,but I  wonder..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stan on "The Lincecum interview"..

I think it was the first time he's been on Yahoo sports show. I watched with a close eye and open ears Friday.  I can tell you he's a really detached guy for a superstar. Monotone voice,no smiles,and he sounded coached at what to say about being a Giant. He's got something repressed and he hinted at that by admitting his off field hijinks haven't been held against him by Giant fans. It came out willingly..surprised me. Lincecum has a reputation of being a stand up guy..but Stan notices that taking questions and giving real answers are two different things. I remember his complicated explanations of "muscle memory" and all that when he dropped too much weight.
It wasn't a ground breaking interview but did show how guarded he is. No mention of his family. None. Will he leave? He might. I don't think he gets attached to an area very much. SF,SD, or Seattle..doesn't matter.
What a bio he's going to write one day..or have one written about him.

Killer Joe..keeps you interested..

I caught this unknown flick on Dish. Southern common folks,desperate for day to day living. As usual in the movie world the fact that most of the world lives in poverty and yet are still good people is lost So..go with the cliches, KFC,Muscle cars and nobody gives a shit about anybody but themselves for the most part and its a decent movie. Pretty much out of the Cohen Bros. style,No country for old Men in particular. Mathew McConaughey can act. He's another guy who can act and so why all the  movies flops?  He needs some great writer to have him in mind for a role.
So check it out..lots of gore and psychopathic personality's to keep ya busy watching.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Charlie still there...for a second.

No more banter..its wham bam thank you mam-- and then he's outta there..

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Jim Kozimor observation.

You know those girly girls..who just love being a girl? Pink cars and like that?  Jim Korzimor just loves being a white man..he loves that he gets jobs because he's a white man,he loves he thinks he's smartest guy in the room because he's whitest white. He loves his bowties because nothing says white man hired like a bowtie. He makes other white people seem dark.
It just makes his day,and his life to be a white man.

Stan's blog passes 5,000 views!

Around 5,200 as I write. And even taking 'bots into account..that's a hell of a lot more views then I thought I would get. Tanks,each and everyone of ya.
So far,The goodbye to Beidrens is top draw. Strange to me no local reporter has picked up on the true..hate? for that man. People were sick and tired of Andris neurotic phobias over free throws,and human contact, while boasting he was set for 3 lifetimes in Latvia for money. Next,was the Kozimor and Romo at about half the draws. Third would be Raddy and his love of pedo R. Kelly. the fact that Raddy will talk about his 13 year old daughter ( as he often makes a point of saying) only moments before bringing up worrisome. How can he sit at home watching R.Kelly vids while his daughter walks by?..Of all the hip hop stars..why him? hmm?

Charlie Pellet quits the Raddy show?

The info and business guy must have had enough of Radnich. The always uncomfortable spot and banter between the two was like watching a cat torture a mouse. and Radnich's evil side was in full force. He enjoyed making Charlie twist.
Like Damon Bruce said..Raddy is a bully. And on his own turf always.
I see even Chucks's boss has been keeping the banter between he and Radnich to the minimum. NO wonder at all.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Biggest loser...sure,and try to keep it off.

Anybody can work up the willpower to lose weight..tears of  "I want my life back" or more truthfully "I want to look hot"..what most don't know keep it off takes a huge amount of effort. And no matter how long you keep it off,it can jump right back on you in weeks even a decade later or more.
Congrats to biggest losers. But,its never over. Never.

Kozimor,not a character,but a caricature..

A first he seemed Carson he's more of a 60's "Mad Men", Darrin of Bewitched,...even that weatherman in the Monster vs Aliens kids movie who was a caricature of glib local TV funny guys. He needs to dial down the  "on" switch. And keep his political opinions to himself. His mid west golf club member views aren't correct to say the least.

Added Thurs the 18th: After posting this I caught Kozy being strange on Comcast. His whole right wing view was exposed..and not one panelist agreed with  "Rocker was right"..weird. Off his rocker maybe.  I had Kozimor pegged from the start.

KRON woman-- dumbest in media?

Seeing Cathy Heenan fist pump Raddy after he did a quick mention of R.Kelley like a bad boy, made me wonder if she's about the stupidest woman in local TV?..she salutes the child predator .R. Kelly? And Jackie said nothing. I used to think Raddy was simply I think he's demented..a twisted man who somehow has like a parasite  gone on and on surrounded by true sycophants..every one around him must agree. And agree all the time with a smile.
Personality's so insecure they will celebrate a child predator like R.Kelley. KRON woman- smile at predators to keep the checks coming. Not one stands up to demented Gary.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Its good the All Star game wont be in the bay area and 58f..

Its better to play where men wear tank tops and girls sundresses.  This miserable fog pattern sucks. I think the Giants and A's should play in domes..the two coldest cities-just about- in the bay area have the sports teams. It could be worse. They could be the Half Moon Bay Giants and those wonderful 52f summers.

KTVU: They shipped their pants!

Tori did it the fresh'n easy way!  Next on KTVU,We order King Kong balls!..exclusive!

The Boredom of local sports talk has set in...

Boring. My review of todays Raddy show? White.  White men laughing and loving each other. Brent Jones made it three Republicans in a room just being white as can be. Who is Radnich kidding with his cultural beard wife?  He's never as a comfy as when talking about his white friends,or the white life.
Thegame? Dull..playing all the lousy 80's songs,putting me to sleep.
Yep,today was a Gary Radnich wet dream..just all smiles on the show,Kate kept quiet-- as per the usual lately she says almost nothing the first 15-20 minutes of the show. The hate email and texts from the demographics at work.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Radnich and Krueger fear Stan..again...

If you heard the heard the blog and usual references...and the usual denials by that show. If I'm wrong,they sure seem interested in reading the wrongness. The answer of  course is that I have been right all along. Radnich who paints this picture of himself like a virgin...leaves out he created a broken family- divorced- that no, he doesn't drink alcohol ,why,that would be crazy...he just pops pills it turns out. And he has ripped people for money at their expenses for years. Kreuger and Kate..after 9-12..their worlds- no universes- never cross.
If Radnich thought I was wrong he would still be doing the Valium on air and saying how great that child molester R.Kelley is. My point being..that show has pinged to my pongs. Nobody else wrote about those things..just here.
And,all because here they get the truth. And they know that.

This little obscure blog..has gotten nearly 5,000 views in about 3 weeks. I think half come from KNBR!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin. Killed for being a teenager and black.

He smarted off? He wanted to fistfight and not to do what he's told? In the real world that's every teenager. In Florida, it gives you the right to kill them. I'm shocked really...I thought it was a sure thing murder case. I know a scream of a teenage boy when I hear it..and that was not Zimmerman.
Zimmerman will have to live with that some say? My feeling is he's going to make a fortune off it,I don't read any guilt running through that bigots mind.
People are so run down- beaten down,that those riots just faded..never happened. Its not a good sign for the future.


To be released!

Dish..MUCH better then Comcast..

At 50% less then Comcast cable..I get MLB,NBA and CSP for free and HD. I also get Science channel National Geographic,Cinemax..all EXTRA cost on Comcast. I also get DVR free on Dish..that's another extra cost ( I didn't have it) on Comcast.  I also get Blockbuster channel free..all kinds of sports like Pac 12..again- those are extra cost on Comcast..and I pay 50% less on Dish!!!!!
One other bonus, the Dish remote also works the more two remotes needed. Comcast and Wells Fargo can go to hell.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Goodby overpriced Comcast ..

When I went to talk about my Comcast bill at the Union City office and why the bill went up $25 or 30 for no reason..I went toe to toe with the young big salesman.  When I dropped the "Why do you charge for HD when you get it for free?..He came back with "Maybe you should go with another service"..WHAT!? "I will tell you what I told Wells Fargo when they didn't seem able to close old accounts and subsequently billing me for "late" or "not enough money in the account"..a banker said maybe I should go to another bank. AND I WENT!".  And after I did,had nothing but great service from ******.  And now? I'm having Dish set up.
Don't give me that uppity shit. And my internet/tv bill has been slashed 50%.  And if Dish doesn't please me...ATT.
Stan ain't your fool to big corporations.

KNTV's Chistina Loren...and "The Mask"

I was watching 1994's "The Mask" with Carrey and Cameron Diaz..and she was smok'in as the movie says. She was perfect, in the 22-24 age group. No wrinkles,no starving to be thin. None of that after 35 "If I lose  another pound I will be a year younger" you see of the thin stars. And,- she sounded a whole lot like ch11's weather woman..same voice,charisma.  Diaz did have beet red lipstick..a great look. She was a more beautiful Courtney Love.
I might have to advance Christina to hottest chick on local TV.

Debby Hersman MILF,trophy archetype..

In the wealthier parts of the bay area you see two distinct woman trophy's...the Blonde nordic type that turns heads..and then there's the Carrie Ann Moss types...serious,thin,hot, smart..into organics and reading books,joining groups. They give their body's to Dentists or Lawyers,nobody less. They make up the Acura or BMW SUV crowd. The blonds drive the fun cars- red Mercedes and  if they go SUV,a Hummer or Merc SUV.  The C.A.M. types are almost nauseatingly well adjusted and you will get facial mugging if you say anything not "upper tier" to them. You know what I mean. And unlike the blond neighbor...they don't speak girl talk,they talk woman talk. If you do make them laugh..they answer with wide eyes "Your so funny".. And you think " What am I, green cheese?". Or something like that.
Yep,Debby is a Oprah woman.

KTVU,Racist Asian names and Jim Kozimor..

Yesterday I wrote about the Romo excitations..then today I see on Yahoo news KTVU and repressed and intense anchor Tori Campbell for gods sake, actually on air, read the "names" of the pilots as Wa the Fuk, and Wi Tu Low, like that  I would guess not a single KTVU writer is Asian. See,that's my whole point of integration. When a work place has none of the huge ethnic groups in the area get shit like this.
Kozimor the other day ran into a buzzsaw in Monte Poole and Marc Spears who called him down on some Warrior moves Kozimor didn't see the point of. Jim quickly changed the subject...and the next day went off on Romo. The man never learns.
Other then Paul Gutierrez once a month appearance on Comcast..Latino's,Blatino's, are absent on that program.
I constantly get feedback from the cultural majority that the hiring in local sports media are "merit based"..and yet I find innumerably wrong and ignorant opinions from these "proven" merit filled talents.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sergio Romo...and idiot Jim Kozimor...

Its almost dying down so I  thought now that all the local pundits have spoken,my quick reply- It never fails- Romo,Pablo, Uribe,..Latin players are ripped freely. The local sports media that fears being called racist over African American players,sort of  vents on Latin players. I 've noticed that for years. Barry Tompkins called Juan Marichal "A lazy pitcher" last year on Comcast. This year,the Giants made a big celebration of Juans 1,000 pitch game vs Warren Spann.   Its a lack of respect for the Latin culture. African Americans got through to the the heads of the status quo..and even if that staus quo STILL THINKS of black in uncertain terms..they know better then to write it or say it. With Latino's a cultural lack of respect is still strong.
Kozimor? He ripped Romo as being " An agitator" by wearing the "I just look illegal" shirt at the Giants victory parade. Jim is just another talking head of what used to the good old days for his kind,and for others? "We don't rent to Mexicans" (and in the bay area) bad old days.

And Jim? Cess pee-dee's? Can you pronounce what my middle finger is doing?

PS Radnich and "trade his ass" ? Raddy isn't exactly a friend of the Latino culture - or Blatinos. His history and Kreugers aren't good. Well,fuck them.

Koz,it turns out is from Chicago..get outta here with your midwest attitude. La Tuya!

And thank you Kate..a Stan mention on KNBR.

At 9:50, after Kate Scott and Raddy had gone at it over Puig,right before a break Kate Scott says into the microphone "I got him Stan". And yes you did!
The chewing out you got for doing that? I feel for you.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Stephen Curry like Jesus Christ"

EVERYBODY reads my blog now. And they borrow...You know it.

Margarita flavored mill$ idea..

I buy Ottterpops for my friends kids when they visit. First of all..I'm shocked those kids didn't know about Otterpops..that summer staple of us baby boomer/wonder years kids. Is that crazy or what?..Now those kids are hooked!
Well,I like them too still. And one cheap generic brand I bought comes in all flavors. One in particular - its supposed to be lemon flavor or lemonaide flavor- tastes a whole lot like a Margarita minus the Tequila.
Oh,you got it..add the booze,freeze it..ummm. Nice snacking. Who wants to invest?

The Five smartest local sports media people.

Of course,later the DUMBEST..but we go with this for now.
These are the people who seem to combine solid sports knowledge and common sense..with some real life living as perceived by me. Never met a one of them.
5. Carl Steward. Just seems to get it on who's good and who's not. A theme you will read here. He's not east coast or midwest centric. A dark horse you might never read.
4. Monte Poole.  Monte has his agenda- hire African Americans. And I respect that because if he doesn't say wont be said. And all that frat boy junk KNBR pours out,he knows isn't meant for him..he's not into Hockey. Monte has the bay area balance. He slips every now and then,but he was there on the A's ownerships asses from the start. Not many were.
3. Ann Killion..yeah, I know, she's probably a liberal who lives in a white only neighborhood. But on air she hasn't made many mistakes,uses common sense commonly. Maybe a prude on air,but off, I hear she's as vulgar ..How can you not like that?
2. Andy Dolitch..If he's said something I don't agree with,I haven't heard it. Just telling you the truth. If he ever says "seal the border,build a giant wall" then the day I don't agree will have arrived.

1. Lowell Cohn. Lowell is like the perpetual questioner. He takes something,lifts it and looks from all angles he can see. Is he perfect? nah..but he says things that are near taboo in local media.

Honorable mentions: Greg Papa,Scot Ostler, Tim Kawakami, Tom Flores..I love he comes out and says- "That was a stupid play". Tom's football only career is limiting.

The dumbest? oof, thats going to be fun. A lot of local media is convinced they are the cats meow. And its just catshit is all it is.

And no,this isn't a list of people I wish I could hang with. No delusions. They are them,and I am me.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thank you Lord,Beidrens the mad Vampire has been sent away..

Oh, happy day. He's gone and sent away to somebody's cornfield. I cant believe another NBA franchise would agree to take a narcoleptic center. As soon as he hits the court it kicks in. The only way Beidrens was ever going to score again is if he did a Canseco and had a rebound bounce off his head and into the net. An America's Funniest Video moment.
 Bob Meyers? The Bob Dylan of  GM's...
 Vampire? You know he's got roots from near Transylvania. And boy, did he suck.

Raddy now references BASG all the time..

What a coincidence,since I left BASG...his blog is mentioned on KNBR,he makes appearances on 1050..and Raddy now with no worry's drops the blog name.
He's bought and owned by the Giants now. LOL at Giant callers? Sure,has as much bite as a puppy.
Think about it. I'm sure you can see another local media bows to the Giants.
Stan's blog ..the last stand for TRUTH!

The Giants are ending Pablo's career to keep Belt...

I brought it up before,but its even clearer now. The Giants continue to go against baseball history by making their big- or fat even- big hitter play the hot corner. I never saw Boog Powell play third, I don't see Prince Fielder play third. McGuire,McCovey...all those great wouldn't have lasted five years of diving in the dirt and making 90mph throws across the diamond. There is something goddamn unsettling how the Giants are making Sandoval take the heat for simply being a big man,and asking him to do gymnastics at third,all to keep a very average or less MLB player in Brandon Belt at first. Its unsettling that this franchise that moves Heaven and Earth to please Posey,Cain and Zito,are letting Pablo Sandoval free fall.
The Giants need to get rid of Belt,package him for picks,minor leaguer's..whoever.  Watching him pigeon toed like a Taylor Swift at home plate flailing away going 0-8 last night was the last straw. He doesn't have the swing of a power hitter..and he sure doesn't hit for average. And his big hole has always been taking the called third strike.
The Giants need to protect their core players. And Pablo Sandoval is after Buster Posey right at the core of the Giants offense. Brandon Belt is a hell of a lot easier to replace and find another-of,then a Pablo Sandoval.
Giant ownership better get off their collective (ha,billionaires are in a collective- the irony) asses and use "Chain of Command" on Sabean to get done what should be done.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Amy G.has cleavage!

She bared all in Sundays game. And with her summer tan..she had golden mounds. I like Amy G.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Warriors: When trading 40 million dollars for 50cents is brilliant.

It goes back to the Monta Ellis "trade" Enough of players who have a useless niche like Monta. He fills his needs,and the team suffers. Nobody is upset that if Bogut is traded the Warriors got nothing. Nobody but King of Wrong Larry Kreuger that is. The Warriors had a great season by pruning off diseased wood. This year,its goodbye deadwood. Just finding somebody to take Beidrens or Bogut or Jefferson is a huge help to the teams future. Bogut? a different story. To Warrior fans,he's Huff. We found out that -yes- with a good big man Golden State is a winning team. We also learned along the way that like Huff,Bogut has a ton of personality and much baggage..most physical. Men his size don't get back to normal with foot and ankle problems. Bogut cant even bend that elbow for a freethrow. But,he put a taste in the mouth, created a real insight into what it takes to win. He blocked,he rebounded,he filled the paint.he passed for Jesus Christ, better then Ellis ever did.
The team ownership now see's the light. A proven winning formula is in front of them like a brass ring. They just need the will to reach for it.

added: Come to think of it,if Jesus Christ had been on the Warriors court- Monta STILL wouldn't have passed him the ball. Nope,Monta would clunk the hail Mary last second shot....wink..

Thursday, July 4, 2013

BASG praises Damon Bruce now? I'm ready to puke.

Cahoots,wink wink,scratch my back I will scratch yours,Doody Kravitch, and manipulative polls. Is that any way to run a honest blog? NO.
Just obvious man,Obvious.

Do you really trust a blog that rates Fitz and Brooks the SECOND most popular 12-3 show? As crooked as the day is long. Steve would shill for anybody who can get him Radnich does.

Ken Korach agree's with Stan..well,me. I'm Stan..

You heard it on the A's broadcast..Korach asking to bring a Mule to represent Charlie O the Mule at the A's reunion. You also know that I had posted about Charlie O the Mule two days ago on the Trib's A's blog.
Another example of why Ken is one of the bay area's finest announcers -ever.

Radnich and Kreuger butt heads on Wednesday..

Radnich either was all in for acting drama and fooling me..or he was pissed off at Kreuger. If you heard on the radio, what you missed was Radnich doing his "Charlie Brown" face. That's the one where he looks disgruntled and a puff of smoke is over his head. And it was over Fred and Ethel going at each other over the Giants season and should they start trading? Raddy then refered to himself as "Daddy" and Kreuger as the bad seed.
It was as I said in Mondays post..Kreuger is sure he makes the ratings and now wont back down to Radnich.  Kreuger is still the King of Wrong. Its his empire..and he still rants he knows better then anyone.
I could see this two years ago..Kreuger is the camel in the tent. Soon,Radnich will be sleeping in the sand.

added: Fred and Ethel were shouting at each other..and when "Daddy" asked Kreuger to cut out the shouting as he put it "Its making me feel very uncomfortable"..and Kreuger- I swear- came back with "No I will not stop". With a smile...but Raddy didn't. He even made some joke about liking Felipe Alou...
Eventually it stopped...but it took a couple of commercial breaks before it did.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kate Scott. A mirror men hate to look at?

Yeah,I know..the blogs all hate her,the comments are far more anti Scott then pro Scott. Its reached near Brian Teirney level fanatical hate. But,what has she done to deserve this? She made a couple of  really bonehead latino slur jokes and comments. SO dumb,I have to chalk it up to naive more then racist. But,I could be wrong.
Other then that? -And "that" isn't at all what most are angry about,I just tossed that in for historical sakes, They are angry because she sounds too much like the male Radnich support cast. Dibley said "Yes",Kreuger says "Yes". I think Ray Woodsen said "yes". Kate Scott is rubbing the base KNBR demographics wrong. A woman. That's wrong no.1. Lesbian is wrong no.2. She is the very essence of what young KNBR males hate. Just listen..its the older guys who compliment Kate. I don't hear many young males calling in to say they love to listen to Kate while they do construction work downtown.
You wont read it on other blogs..but her gayness isn't accepted by the demo of  KNBR.  In the real world I don't hear white males praising Lesbians. I hear "fucking dykes". I mean, I see the KNBR demo crowd with bumperstickers  that say "Take my guns from my cold hands,etc"  If you've ever seen a sticker that said anything about  gay- let me know. Hell,that would be suicidal. A car wouldn't last a day with gayness on it. Just watch the "Top Gear" episode where they try that..and were nearly torn limb from limb.
Its what I thought when she said she was a gay woman two years ago and Radnich froze and pondered That,a marriage of alternative lifestyle and Buster Posey Bumgarner old time conservatism on KNBR?,lol,Hey,they weren't in those commercials about "accepting" were they? Only out there in space,,give him credit for once.
And..lets face it Kreuger cant change his spots.He can say he respects Kate for what she is all he wants. But to then say woman sports aren't worth jackshit tells you the real Larry.
Her being a lesbian isn't what bothers men? Bullshit. If Teirney's accent got under guys skin...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KQED..lost its point to exist..

The local "Educational" channel is now worthless. Its all about killing time by entertaining people who have money for trinkets and will watch those Antique shop programs in prime time,every day. NOVA or Nature? can see better on The Science channel. Frontline is the only PBS show holding up. And that's not a typical KQED show anymore. Its cooking,buying,traveling...all disposable income shows. Nothing about the real world. All the traveling shows seem to have the cute blond or frumpy middle aged white guy. Never seen a traveling show hosted by black,Latino or Asian. Martin Yan,sort of has one..but it has lots of food involved,and doesn't exactly teach much.
KQED is a bare shadow of what it was meant to be. San Francisco should be ashamed it let the bean counters take over the agenda and moral compass of educational TV.

added: KQED is to educational TV what MTV used to be to music video's,and is no longer vids, just reality TV..
For KQED and MTV,its not a mission statement to live up to ,it's SELL!.

KNBR, the ass kissing station leader!..

"I love you", "NO "I love you more" is the reply...ugh. That's a typical KNBR host talking to another now,or about another KNBR show. "Your smart",. "Yes,but your smarter,..and I love you!" Even Pecon has sank to his knees. His tough Ji-reen act goes out the window. They must pay bonuses for getting a boner talking about the hosts.
Man,It helps this blog to hear that..but its more then I can stand. If it goes on,I'm gone to another channel.

Seriously..whats that all about? No other station in any media does that. KNBR sounds more self loving  then KQED in a pledge break.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Me and Kevin Love and The Kawakami Kid..

A couple of years ago I read that Love for some reason after his solid rookie year..was being considered for a trade. So,on the Warriors blog I said "Great,he would be perfect for the Warriors"..and a matter of days later I read "Rumors of the Warriors trading for Kevin Love are rampant"..something like that  in a few sports mentions. And all that was me. I see today Tim Kawakami mentions it again as possible. That's wild. Yes,it  was a great brainstorm on my part -sure,lol...but it really caught one. And even to this day..funny.


They are giving shots to the host. Today..its was like they were crazy from the heat. I notice that Krueger and Scott are on Radnich's ass about sticking to sports. And he's not liking that. "Stay Focused" I know is one phrase Radnich hates to hear.  Kreuger even gave a show ending parting shot to Radnich "I thought 9-12 was your off hours"..Hey..Raddy didn't like hearing that and on TV he gave Kreuger a tad bit of evil eye.
After two years,Scott has been back and forth. After my "They hate each other" I posted after the two went for below the belt over Kreuger saying he feels woman sports are crap to watch. I also posted what I'm sure happened after that- the big meeting. Kate Scott seemed to go passive for a few weeks after that. That- as I predicted- has worn off. Hey,you can only be what you are. She isn't in Raddy's world no matter how much they try to smoke the peace pipe.
Raddy seems to be losing a bit of that iron fist that drove Dibley away. Or,its being taken away.

One other thought. I think Kreuger feels his snarks,jabs and rants are whats boosting the ratings. That's dangerous. No telling what he might say. And Gary Radnich is a bit on edge at that..