Monday, July 29, 2013

Fuck Hunter Mahan..

While the rest of the world struggles to survive,"Hunter" like he's living in a soap opera,walks out of a million dollar purse to see the birth of his new Jesus or Mary. He wants to honor his new born? win the tournament and take all the winnings and put it her trust.  I 'm telling you,hearing the KNBR people "awww" over some rich man pandering to his rich bitch is rubbing me all wrong.
And as far as the trust? When "Hunter" gets run over by a NY taxi,and his wife gets socked in taxes, 20 years later,that trust will come in handy
The asshole shouldn't even have entered the goddamn golf tournament if he is saint husband.

In the real world for men,their is no option at a chance like that. So,if Mahan can walk..then don't show up at all . Geddit?

The more I think about it..Mahan probably had this drama all planned. "He could read the headlines now" as he saw himself dropping his clubs dramatically and walking off the course. A tribute to how special he is and how above us.
Win,give that money to charity..then I respect the altruism. Not some PR stunt to massage a huge ego most likely.