Friday, July 26, 2013

More on Dish whips Comcast...

I wouldn't shit you people..but I'm almost A-MAZED at what I get for 50% less then Comcast cable. The Dish receiver "Hopper"..does Matrix like can record programs simultaneously, and when you watch the replay,I like the 300x fast forward.  Whats also neat? You can freeze live TV,And replay the last 10 seconds. Great for taking a closer look at the hot chick in the commercial. That one in the Bolt commercial? with the big glasses and teeth? Hot. These new half computer cable boxes are great. Something I never got for $150 with Comcast.  And to see Starz and soft ALL part of the package.I still get HD Comcast A's /Giants games too.
Comcast..just only amazing at how they rip you off and lie. "Go find another supplier" the Comcast rep in Union City told me when I complained that Comcast raised my bill and not lowered it as they promised on the phone.
I did you son of a bitch.