Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ok,and now Fuck Gary Radnich.

If you heard the KRON news today you heard Raddy reference old Stan here's Hunter Mahan Post. And of course the expensive bimbo's known as KRON anchorwoman nodded in awe to the big pussy Radnich. A  country club member's birth to them is like royalty...oooooohhh. And Radnich who had the shit beaten out of him by KRON watchers over his derogatory comments on the President of our country went looking for a wet nurse on the set to help lick his wounds..
SO Raddy also did what he always does...hide behind a skirt. If not his wife's, then like today,Pam Moore's,Jacky the anchorwoman's and Larry Kreuger's in the morning.
Raddy doesn't have the guts to ever say my name. I know that.  You ever see that movie "V" ?..I think some of that is whats going on between me and the local media and KRON/KNBR in particular. And like that movie taught,these media assholes want to slam Stan here..yet they fear me at the same time. And I know that too.

And the title? I like that it will last until infinity on Google.  I should have fit his love of pedo's R Kelly and MJ into it somewhere!