Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Raddy -right wing idiot on the White House again.

Radnich- who hates Obama so much he even like a snitch or squeeler, say's "I KNOW Bochy didn't want to be there"(As if Bochy confides in Raddy)..sure Gary,Bruce and all the Giants were paid a fortune to be there!...no ,wait, The Giants were going to suspend any players..no wait, cut any player with no pay,no wait first born's would be-..lol- you moron Radnich. They went as World Series champs and were damn proud of that and the chance to have the President of the USA say nice things about them. Something Gary Radnich will never experience.

My god what a stupid human being you are Raddy. And Kreuger is neck and neck with you.