Thursday, July 25, 2013

Raddy- YES,you ARE Flamboyant..

I had to laugh when you denied being flamboyant. YOU are the epitome of  Flamboyant. You would be first to turn when that woman killer virus rolls over the world!..Your half a woman now. As you would say "Fabulous!". Castro drag queens envy you!. When you roll by the Castro,gaydar machines blow up!
 You are,...the most Flamboyant man in the world! Driving a Bentley while wearing a cape...
Hey Garry,embrace what you are!
 And its the truth...
You have 6 kids? So what? every Mormon caught in the men's room trying to play footsie with Anton has 12 kids!
Hey Gary- sue KRON. Too many years of wearing makeup got to you. When you and Cathy get together its like two old ladies sharing beauty tips and worried about crow's feet!  Yep,the face paint seeped into your brain.
Hey Gary, (2) Paul Lynde just called from the grave- he wants his schtick and hairdo back!.