Monday, July 29, 2013

Raddy's editorial on the White House visit..

The man continues to just embarrass himself. The older he gets,the more the stupid gets out and leaks all over media listener ears. And it stinks too!. If you watched it,or can on Demand, watch how he makes no sense. Radnich is either Captain Obvious "Nobody goes to a parade for second place" or he makes these idiotic Obama putdowns.  Hey Radnich- why do we do any tradition? Its to honor the accomplishments of those we admire. And how do you know Obama didn't make time for the Giants on HIS time off?
You,a man who screams look at me for doing nothing but read the sports scores,wonders why a World Series team accepts an invitation to the White House? You and King Of Wrong, Larry Krueger,both in your own fantasy world of "I don't think Giant fans wanted to see the Giants at the W.H."..Christ, you two were just beaten with the stupid stick. You two are a bottomless pit for me to point out how idiotic and loony two conservative white males men alone in a room together can get.
 I have to there anybody in Radnich life to tell him what the real world is about?