Thursday, July 4, 2013

Radnich and Kreuger butt heads on Wednesday..

Radnich either was all in for acting drama and fooling me..or he was pissed off at Kreuger. If you heard on the radio, what you missed was Radnich doing his "Charlie Brown" face. That's the one where he looks disgruntled and a puff of smoke is over his head. And it was over Fred and Ethel going at each other over the Giants season and should they start trading? Raddy then refered to himself as "Daddy" and Kreuger as the bad seed.
It was as I said in Mondays post..Kreuger is sure he makes the ratings and now wont back down to Radnich.  Kreuger is still the King of Wrong. Its his empire..and he still rants he knows better then anyone.
I could see this two years ago..Kreuger is the camel in the tent. Soon,Radnich will be sleeping in the sand.

added: Fred and Ethel were shouting at each other..and when "Daddy" asked Kreuger to cut out the shouting as he put it "Its making me feel very uncomfortable"..and Kreuger- I swear- came back with "No I will not stop". With a smile...but Raddy didn't. He even made some joke about liking Felipe Alou...
Eventually it stopped...but it took a couple of commercial breaks before it did.