Friday, July 26, 2013

Stan explains the Tarrel Brown contract failure..

I'm thinking that kid who has his life finance's handled by others right now is not admitting he has a drawer with a handful of letters from 49 HQ reminding him of the workouts..generic letters all the players got. Brown never read his I am surmising. Like junk mail,he brings the letters in his home,and tosses them aside and go's back to playing video games as his "workout" 
On the 49ers side? How sneaky. To put 2/3 thirds of his pay based on a "voluntary workout" when we are talking millions sounds like somebody at 49 land playing smart lawyer. And invoking that clause?..when Brown wakes up..or gets older two decades from now,he's not going to be talking like he is now. He cant stay that stupid.
I don't know that outsmarting your players is good moral. And it consolidates Jim Harbaugh's reputation as wicked and devious. Instead of the other teams- he's now taking on his own players. And yes,I think he had knowledge.