Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stan on "The Lincecum interview"..

I think it was the first time he's been on Yahoo sports show. I watched with a close eye and open ears Friday.  I can tell you he's a really detached guy for a superstar. Monotone voice,no smiles,and he sounded coached at what to say about being a Giant. He's got something repressed and he hinted at that by admitting his off field hijinks haven't been held against him by Giant fans. It came out willingly..surprised me. Lincecum has a reputation of being a stand up guy..but Stan notices that taking questions and giving real answers are two different things. I remember his complicated explanations of "muscle memory" and all that when he dropped too much weight.
It wasn't a ground breaking interview but did show how guarded he is. No mention of his family. None. Will he leave? He might. I don't think he gets attached to an area very much. SF,SD, or Seattle..doesn't matter.
What a bio he's going to write one day..or have one written about him.