Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Giants are ending Pablo's career to keep Belt...

I brought it up before,but its even clearer now. The Giants continue to go against baseball history by making their big- or fat even- big hitter play the hot corner. I never saw Boog Powell play third, I don't see Prince Fielder play third. McGuire,McCovey...all those great wouldn't have lasted five years of diving in the dirt and making 90mph throws across the diamond. There is something goddamn unsettling how the Giants are making Sandoval take the heat for simply being a big man,and asking him to do gymnastics at third,all to keep a very average or less MLB player in Brandon Belt at first. Its unsettling that this franchise that moves Heaven and Earth to please Posey,Cain and Zito,are letting Pablo Sandoval free fall.
The Giants need to get rid of Belt,package him for picks,minor leaguer's..whoever.  Watching him pigeon toed like a Taylor Swift at home plate flailing away going 0-8 last night was the last straw. He doesn't have the swing of a power hitter..and he sure doesn't hit for average. And his big hole has always been taking the called third strike.
The Giants need to protect their core players. And Pablo Sandoval is after Buster Posey right at the core of the Giants offense. Brandon Belt is a hell of a lot easier to replace and find another-of,then a Pablo Sandoval.
Giant ownership better get off their collective (ha,billionaires are in a collective- the irony) asses and use "Chain of Command" on Sabean to get done what should be done.