Friday, July 5, 2013

The Warriors: When trading 40 million dollars for 50cents is brilliant.

It goes back to the Monta Ellis "trade" Enough of players who have a useless niche like Monta. He fills his needs,and the team suffers. Nobody is upset that if Bogut is traded the Warriors got nothing. Nobody but King of Wrong Larry Kreuger that is. The Warriors had a great season by pruning off diseased wood. This year,its goodbye deadwood. Just finding somebody to take Beidrens or Bogut or Jefferson is a huge help to the teams future. Bogut? a different story. To Warrior fans,he's Huff. We found out that -yes- with a good big man Golden State is a winning team. We also learned along the way that like Huff,Bogut has a ton of personality and much baggage..most physical. Men his size don't get back to normal with foot and ankle problems. Bogut cant even bend that elbow for a freethrow. But,he put a taste in the mouth, created a real insight into what it takes to win. He blocked,he rebounded,he filled the paint.he passed for Jesus Christ, better then Ellis ever did.
The team ownership now see's the light. A proven winning formula is in front of them like a brass ring. They just need the will to reach for it.

added: Come to think of it,if Jesus Christ had been on the Warriors court- Monta STILL wouldn't have passed him the ball. Nope,Monta would clunk the hail Mary last second shot....wink..