Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Les Miserables" should have been called "Les Miserable Singing"

I watched a few bits. Sasha Cohen and Russell Crow sing about as well as Pierce Brosnan.  Just crap. 20 seconds as I surf back and forth. What a garbage movie. And they gave it 4 stars? a ripoff.

Back to baseball or Beverley Hills Ninja with comic genius Chris Farley. That's comedy I like. He cracks me up.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Inflation and classic Mercedes...huge.

I see in a movie made in 1997,there is a scene of a haughty auction of expensive classic cars. A 1958 Mercedes gull wing sold for $350,000 and that was supposed to blow you away impressed. I looked that car up and it now sells for over $4 million in 2013.  Just think if you were stupid and crazy and had bought that car for a million in 1997...
One lesson cant go wrong collecting what the rich enjoy. The rich will always be there to pay for it.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was reading about Rollerball the movie as it was on Dish. Did you know that in the middle of the 21st century Angel collar shirts,flared pants and hair parted down the middle will be hip again?-ha. According to that movie.  But,I clicked on a name in that flick..and that led me to a another name..and before I knew it I was reading a Roger Ebert review of a Andy Warhol movie in 66 or 67.  And its interesting that Ebert gave it a bad review because of the sexual nature of the film. That was at the time. Decades later he had to change his idea and admit it was 60's realism that was honest.  Tony Cliftons post also figured in this because Miley Cyrus dance was just imitation sex. People are still hung up on sex. Its our nature..but we say its dirty and then watch the three stooges blind each other with laughs. I could go on...but sex doesn't bother me is the short of it. I wish when younger I had done it much more. I think most older people think that. Why be a prude for what you like? Crazy conflicts lead to bad results.
Oh,and one more thing. The three stooges movie-( Around the World ,1963) I watched on Sony channel? Is now rated "R" for the violence. No kidding.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ralph still trying to sue KNBR.

Its all over the internet.  You do know I once tried to hire Angela? And she thought of it. I couldn't pay her..but she mulled it over.
And you do know that Ralph when he was still big stuff on KNBR had said on air that the station had spent money investigating somebody who "wrote scurrilous things about KNBR" Everybody knew he meant me Stan.  The irony is that I wrote that KNBR discriminated. Isn't that a kick?

Its like 7 degree's of Stan.

Cumulus is only mulling over themselves what to settle for. And I bet its not much.  Ralph might have a hard time proving he can do the job if he can barely speak..making Cumulus case. Ralph worked for assholes. We all have.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus and Jim Norton's American Degenerate..

I don't even care. And Miley wasn't shocking..she did what Madonna did in '85, pretend sexual acts. I  saw it..nothing but tame compared to a stripper. Porn on the internet is still years ahead of bump and grind TV. Also,I saw the commercial for the comic Norton's, he tries to shock I myself laugh harder at Louis CK talking about some other couples fucking brat. That's as highbrow as comedy gets nowadays.
Miley Cyrus is the oldest story in the book. Grew up playing the good girl on TV, she wants to be a bad girl now. Good for her.
When she endorses Republican candidates THEN, I will feel violated!

Kirsten 5 all time beautys..

I saw Spiderman "4"- don't waste your time. And stone cold Emma Stone was in it . She looked to be 35.  Now,look at Kirsten in the early Spidey movies. Near perfection. Sam Rami knew what she had,Kirsten knew what she had..and they enjoyed showing us. What I like about those early movies too is...all the woman were models. Look at the extra's walking down the streets. Funny,I never read any reviewer noting that on those early movies. And Kirsten's scenes were many a upskirt,wetblouse filled. Emma Stone wore a labcoat or something.
As long as film lives, Kirsten is 20 years old. The way it should be.

Pellet comes back with a Krueger slapdown..It was beautiful,man..

"Chuck tell us what NY thinks of Sanchez..." And Chuck came back with "What do I know? I do business" And then went into his report and left Kreuger with a snarl on his face. Only 24 hours after rudely brushing off Chuck,Kreuger wants to do chit chat? Fuck off.
Hey Chuck..Krueger is like everybody in Radnich's circle..a jerk. Circle jerks you might say of a feather.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pablo not long a Giant?. Organization doesnt respect him.

I'm adding some recent developments and old news to come up with an opinion.  First,who's pitching tonight? Zito. Who over the last three years has gotten more heat- and made public- from the Giants- Zito or Pablo?  Pablo. Who was asked to go to Arizona and work his weight off..and did it? Pablo. Who,according to Bruce Jenkins was asked to gain weight via muscle and do the Giants off season training program  and REFUSED?  Zito.
Now,last week in a TV interview I saw,Sabean said "Belt is our first baseman for the foreseeable future". And then floated that Posey could play some third.  Where does that leave Pablo?..yeah,he's still at third...but its a tenuous third. And Sabean has never committed to Pablo as a career Giant even if he stayed healthy.
As Belt like water sinks back to his own level when we enter September,he's got the Giants public support. Pablo? nada a word. Isn't that strange? Oh,and Zito continues to be trotted out there for another start.

415 MEDIA LOVES Cumulus now..

No mention of them..or KNBR, or Raddy. I hate to keep going to it. But,what the hell kind of media person just admits in public he's not going to be critical of those who do him favors?
What happened to evil Cumulus?..its all ch2,KCBS even good old Don Blue who now suddenly have no talent.
Rich loves Ethel too I bet.

added: I did ask Rich why he hasn't mentioned Cumulus? No answer.

My advice to Charlie Pellet...

Don't even think that Kreuger will be anything less then Raddy's henchman.  Your pleasantry's like today will be more of kruegers spitting back into your face.. You really need to just fight fire with fire.  When Radnich starts up with you..tell him he's "In a good mood"..on TV,he goes dead to the world trying to keep his cool. With Kreuger? drop a "I thought 2005 was a great year in broadcasting"..Kreuger will melt live on radio/tv.
Some others for Radnich? "Focus". Kreuger? "Woman sports deserve to be watched" he will wiggle like a worm out of his chair.
You are wasting your time trying to make peace with over aged bullies..and well,dummies. If you do stand up to them? THEN they will PAY you "extra" to be their friend. Like Rich Leiberman.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Game 92 93 write up,etc. The new prose?

You notice that beat writers now number the games as the season goes on per sport?. So,I'm thinking if games are being numbered...why not go whole hog and like the Weather Channel gives big storms big names,give big games, names?  Tim Lincecums no-no? Game Matilda.  Ichiro's 4,000 hit? Game Horacio. Personalize AND make them unforgettable forever. Or until next year...

Al Pacino does a great Al Pacino..

Seeing Al Pacino turn Phil Spector into Al Pacino,I realize Al is a great actor at making everybody him. Movie after movie,he's himself like nobody's business. When Phil Spector (Al) was angry at his lawyers? I waited for Phil to shout ,Attica!,Attica!,Attica!.   Before I thought Jack Nicholson did a great Jack Nicholson. But Al might be better yet at being Al.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jessica Aguirre!

Like Rich..mention a name that's popular,then vamp like I got something to say about her.  Like,she's cute. Has great legs on her weekend show. She's in that Ava Mendez, Sofia Vergara,  mature sex kitten sphere. And I guess she's smart as if that matters...

I wish KQED would go under and die.

Once again,the "PBS" station is repeating its "Saving the Bay".  And once again it has a single viewpoint. And you can guess who's that is.  "PBS?" for who? Danville,Napa Valley,Pac Heights?. To give you an African American historian could be found to say "Oaks once covered Oakland" ? And that's no joke. They really had an "expert" say that.
PBS and ch9...die. And take all the tapes of your pledge breaks where you fawn over all the great programming you provide like..uh, hmmm..them British comedys that are 20 years old. Or those detective shows from 1993 too.  Great programming to gush over huh?  You've died KQED and don't know it.

Chevy removes ass crack from attractive woman in commercial.

Go ahead, on the Chevy labor day commercial,freeze frame the first blond in the gray pants as she walks into the dealership...Chevy removed her crack. It's a blur where butt cheeks and crack should be.
America's hypocrisy on all things sexual never fails to amaze me.

Samsung owners manual sez....

I'm looking through the online owners manual for my new used fridge. And in the directions it says.."If water from the dispenser is not cold enough"..What? turn the dial down?,hold reset button? use algorithms?  " If water is not cold enough,place ice in cup first, then add water". Well, DUH!.  Somebody thought that was needed advice?..oh,man..

You can't mention KNBR on 415..

Rich posted my Savage comment...then deleted my answer to somebody's question. Because I also mentioned the  KNBR/Leiberman  connection?  I just sort of dropped in that I see he's been all over KCBS,THEGAME,Don Blue, and others..nothing about KNBR.
It must have been a big payoff.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kreuger..and 9-12 comes back to Earth.

Without Raddy..the whole week without weird pronouncement announcements.  That's his forte when Radnich is there.
I'm telling you Radnich just crushes all around him any effort to be real. He wants imitations of him.

3years ago I broke down and filled out one of those forms for the site,but didn't ever get around to joining,aka spend money. As I  recall,it was a tease by them of who from X highschool had just joined that got me that far. Over the years I have been surprised that kids I know as far back as 1969 still are around and asking about me. Yesterday,my best friend in 6th grade showed up on the list. As best as I can describe him then? Funny. A 12 year old John Candy with horn rimmed glasses. As clear as a bell I remember him asking me then if "I saw this new show called Sesame Street?"..I think I had seen some of it by then and said " That's for little kids isn't it?"...NO! he said, laughing  "Grover in a garbage...Big Bird...Cookie Monster"... and all the while laughing as he imitated them.
And my Jr high crush..she's on there. One day I have to join. But the memories cant be topped as it is. Why take a chance?...
btw You should have heard Dave go on about "Super Chicken" cartoons...

What about you? You still want to meet the HS sweetheart? old, friends?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Melanie Collins all the way from...Sunnyvale?

Has anybody noticed that the studio's of Comcast/Yahoo are not in New York but in SF?  Whats this pretend she's far,far,away malarkey? Its a joke that she's not in studio. Yahoo-give her gas money.

added the 27th: Its disturbing Comcast has chosen to show us half of Melanie and the whole of Jim Kozimor's ass,that's just great. Real smart Comcast. Real smart.

PJ's "I'm still alive" a great morning anthem.

The Bone was playing that on the commute. What a great song by Pearl Jam.  Like most people I never listen about what its supposed to be about,but I hear what I feel from it..that spirit of the meaning of live.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rich Leiberman rips 95.7..has praise for "knbr"

No detente with 95.7? And Bruce on 1050 isnt knbr...but that's what they paid for,so he praised the station.
My God Rich your are is hard to sell out and yet ask to be trusted. You did ask that right?

To all the are not hated. AND more..

I know my blog takes a big crippling by being honest on how the world works. But I don't hate the white man. I just lived long enough to know somethings that are taken for granted are wrong. Its not right that no Asian or Latins make headway in local sports radio.
More later..
Ok,A bit more detail..Now this blog is liberal..equal rights,all people are the same...but,we all know who is the dominant culture on Earth really. The schools to all media tell people of color from the day they are born..look this way,talk this way,think this way. I mean, what is the standard of beauty? White people. Woman of color who have light skin and thin noses go to the head of desirable class,yet never pass blond and blue eyes as the trophy. Ask Tiger for one.. So, take my word that its a life long battle to walk that line of looking "right" for people of color. Yet, I dont hate white can I? They've been my best friend,my love of life girlfriends even. So,no white holocaust in my mind at all. Hell,all the blogs that fit me were white guys blogs.
But,I am not blind.  And when some parts of the bay area- like Stan's own hood are wildly integrated with Mexican's living next to a Mosque and Koreans next door? You get along. SO,as I turn my microscope on the local media..I see an infection of unequal hiring in sports media. Its not even remotely honest hiring. I'm not sure why no minorities have taken legal action vs 95.7. I guess being so left out,the fire to fight back of the old times isn't there anymore. Who knows? But its blatant.
So..I can say things here as honest as I do because I know there is truth,and not blind hate in what I say.

Papa on Pablo,Dibs on Obama...

TheGames shift to the white,I mean right, was on the air again As Dibs was outraged that Obama was meeting with the 72 Dolphins. You know,If Obama was Bush, sports stations would eat this all up with smiles of "Our Sports loving President". Fuck off "TheLame" sport hosts. You advertize -in mono- your ignorance.
Papa? They ran a commercial of Papa doing the Pablo is fat and needs to lose weight. But,what gets me is when he says "Why wont the media talk about it?".(well,I heard that he's fat plenty- haven't you?) It reminds me of 2010 when I Stan posted on all the blogs,the papers, that Tim Lincecum was wasting away right before our eyes,and all the media would say is what the Giants wanted them to say- "He's fine,always has been thin"..and that turned out to be a total lie. Only I stood my ground.  And as we now know the kid has now ruined his career with huge weight losses that took his stamina and worse,arm strength.
In all the time I posted about his dangerous weight loss only once did I hear somebody agree- Mike Urban- who on Comcast in 2010 with Susan Slusser and  John Shea sitting right there said " I see Tim in the clubhouse with his shirt off and I think ,Somebody give the man a sandwich". And do you know that was greeted with stone silence by Slusser and Shea?  The Giants do control the media. And that goes back to Greg,he can bash Pablo with the Giants consent..but in 2010 when the Giants and Lincecums issues with weight and substance use were being whispered, Greg Papa said nothing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

John Lund,Obama basher..cant wait until he's gone..

The small part of the Lund and Papa show was in a chip on shoulder voice as he complained about Obama. He's a lightweight sports host and the Obama bashing is part of that- proof really. Like Radnich, he's all love and "you are the greatest" with minor talents who do the show to talk to Greg Papa. I'm not big on thgame anymore.  The bigoted all middle aged white man view of sports, and I do mean ALL WHITE is an affront to the liberal and integrated bay area. Like a slap in the face. When KNBR has a lesbian and a black man to outdo must be one jackass republican sports station. And KNBR even has a 9-12 host with both a physical handicap and a mental one too..

Speaking of Rod Brooks..why isn't he on Comcast no matter who owns the show? He must be off the charts obnoxious to be the only ignored sports host to appear. You know what? I think he might be good. I could be wrong...

Radnich- Kate yes,Damon

Radnich as he does had given that whole spiel of  "promoting" Kate to co host...well, lets just say that's nice of him and it also takes cares of Damon Bruce annually filling in for Radnich on vacation.
Everything with Radnich is conniving. Its 24/7/ 365.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Stan and Raddy story...most of it.

I'm sure people wonder why I watch somebody who is so unhonorable? Its a long story. First,I never listened to sports radio until..a few years ago. I don't know why I started now. Just did. And I sort of fell into the Raddy show since I knew him..and had no idea of the rest of KNBR.  I'm listening,pre Obama and nothing really to dislike. I even sent in some email ideas..that got read on air. I think Patrick was the producer.
Then the first Obama run for president got Radnich to go into politics... And I sure didn't like the Mrs. Obama cracks, the Pelosi and Feinstein putdowns..and the guy now had a side I didn't care much for. I also picked up that Gary Radnich seemed to side with ownerships and big money by then. And he seemed to confuse his fathers saying of the "owner takes the risk" with shoe shop guys and NFL billionaires who we all know take no risks at all. And I guess to sound more Howard Stern like he went after people he had worked with and told stories of what they did or say to rub him the wrong way. I noticed those people were Asian mostly. Tokuda,Emerald Yea, and on and on..
So, one Asian in particular he really ripped as a "strutter" and "thought he was part of the club"..that I thought was a pretty racist statement. So,I email that sportscaster and asked him why Radnich seems to dislike him so much. By that time the guy wasn't doing local sports anymore after 20 plus years. He answered that he had no idea why Radnich would single him out. Now,I have to tell you he doesn't want me to mention him and all I wont. To shorten some more, I asked Radnich what his problem was with Asian anchors?  The next morning Radnich went on a tear..ripping me,calling me an idiot and ranting. He did add that he admitted that it was over a former local sportcaster "Who's my friend"...what??? Is that why- and Radnich admitted he got a legal letter asking to hear what had been said ? this friend felt that Radnich was ripping him,libeling him on 50,000 watts?
Calling ME an idiot? for calling HIM out for his anti Asian jokes and rants? I fired back calling him a fucking liar- familiar?. Then Radnich held up my email on Comcast and read it like this " Oh, I just got a dangerous threat, and Lee Hammer has been told of it. Is there any way we can block this IP address!?"  Fucking liar became a threat?? And as Raddy looked and pretended to read my email...he never blinked. Lied like he was reading it word for word.
And from that point on...Radnich has represented all that's wrong with local media. Liars,con artists,pretenders,image makers of who they sure aren't.  And privileged. That a conniver like him can go on is what gets me. And you know? since then..he's even gotten worse. He's like a barometer of whats in charge of local media. So, I keep a watch.
That's pretty much the gist of it.  "My friend"..yeah.

And look for part 2 soon. The Stan,Raddy and Rich story. And how all that snowballed.

Added: As time went by right after Radnich got the legal letter from the Asian Anchors reps  he got defiant and explained why. He said "You just don't like some people. That's just the way it is"..and then this : " He (Asian Anchor) once told my producer ( as usual,Raddy letting others do the real work) at an A's game that "He's been in doing this twenty years" as they jostled for position I guess Raddy meant, and "I didn't like that". I myself don't see the insult there- do you? After that Radnich got personal as he and Ray Woodsen made fun of the Anchors "Elvis hairdo"

A few months later Comcast - again this is as Raddy tells it on 50,000 watts- was considering adding a hotshot anchor of Asian descent ( I forgot his name-sorry) and Radnich said that as others at Comcast thought it would be a great addition,Radnich then made a face and rolled his eyes and painted a picture of being at a Comcast lunch and he said as somebody turned to him and asked what he thought about that, Radnich said he ignored the guy with a stare..then reached past the guy to grab a free sandwich.
Mind you..none of this is me guessing,I'm telling you what he said himself.

And after that,between that blatant racism and later the hiring of Kreuger,it just rubbed it in who gets promoted in this world and for sure in local sports media.

Lets review Larry Kreugers legacy of wrongness..

He said in 2005 Caribbean players didn't have what it takes in the cabesa to play baseball. I dont need to list the Carib,D.R.,P.R. and Venezuelan players who have taken the team to TWO world Series.
In basketball? He claimed in 2011 that Kevin Durant was the better player between he and LeBron James. Kreuger said he would pick Durant as THE franchise player for his( Kreugers make believe ) team.  Then Lebron whooped Durant.  He said this past pre NBA finals, "LeBron James is a loser" and "He was wrong to leave Cleveland" "Should have turned down Miami to stay loyal to ownership" lol,I can't make that up. And then LeBron won his second straight NBA title.
Kreuger was near in tears that the Warriors had traded Ellis...angry tears. Eh,you know how that turned out to be a $400 million dollar move by Lacob going by new team worth.
Kreuger early this season said sign Zito,NOW, to a 12-14 mill a year extension.  Then,Zito tanked.

Kreugers Football picks? he and Adam Meyer ruled loserville.  Also? Something about Meyers was revealed that was in the news. You might look into it. Raddy brought that up...but didnt say what it was. On more- Meyers looks a whole lot like the guy who claims to talk to dead people. Con artists love that look. Heavy buyers of hair jell.

  I'm sure I left out more of Kreuger wrongs...Oh,and he did go against the Giants in 2012 playoffs..and was perfect in wrong again. He also demeaned Lowell Cohn as knowing nothing on drafting Jenkens. Who got last lol on that one?
One talented guy to make a living being wrong.

Stan wins one over Wiki..

And I never had to go to court. I see my correction of Leopard and not Cheetah as the big cat in the tree  of "2001 a Space Odyssey" has been accepted by Wiki.  Man,don't get on my bad side as I will tear you apart (like a leopard!) with logic..

The Morning Muse...and more..

Another day of 415 media with nothing posted that would upset a single member of the Raddy show or KNBR. KCBS? they don't know what the hell they are doing being no.2, say's 415 Media. You sort of see the new pattern?
In seeing "The King of Wrong" Larry Kreuger..I wonder if the two black anchors ESPN has fired the last year will ever come back to ESPN in five years,Krueger like? lol,of course not.
I wonder how Jan Huchins who started the sports "big heart" personality never lasted to be "Uncle Jan"? He barely made it older cousin,big brother status.
BASG? Its who you know and not what you know at work. With Pizza.
Mark Purdy says that those sailors in the Lou Vitton boat race could be athletes in any sport?. What world does Mark live in? His niche is fantasy world 101.
Hey, Lowell had it all along about Jenkens. Another for Lowell.

ALSO- to those KNBR and KCBS people who say "If you love the sport you would appreciate the Dodgers"  I say,go to hell. The Dodgers can go 162-0 and what do I care?  My Dodger cares and appreciation end at Vin Scully,Dodger weather and Fernando! ok,ok,.Koufax,Drysdale..and maybe Lopes and that more!
Root for them though? I would rather have a root canal then root for the Dodgers!

Check back for possibly more as the day goes on...

Ohhhh,I see Rich has decided Don Bleu and Gill Gross have no talent. I guess he hasn't gotten around to "detente" with them.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tejada? Ay! Allah!..."A.D.D."..

It rhymed.
 To read that Miguel says he takes Adderil and that 24 or 25 other MLB players take that drug for "A.D.D." just made the Giants Andres Torre's "admitting" he had that problem look like yet another players big lie.
I'm getting A.D.D. every time I hear a player say he doesn't cheat or abuse PEDs..even as Arod denies that his handlers would never rat out other players, I was zoning out to change the station listening to him.
Miguel Tejada 2003 MVP..cheater.  As I have been posting for over a year now- there are NO SUPERMEN. ALL stupendous feats were fueled by HGH,PEDs and that whole pharmaceutical universe of goody's money can buy.  It takes money to make money still huh?
Its just a matter of time..Bolt,Serena Williams, Tiger..all will admit they cheat and have cheated to be the best.
One last- don't laugh any longer at those old newsreels of 1920's - 1960's athletes and how small and slow and much less muscular they seemed. They my friends, were real people.

Raddy and Kate? too dull...

Its been boring I cant tell you what Fridays show was like as I didn't watch or listen. On her first day,she had balls..then Raddy worked her good "First woman to host a KNBR show in 60 years"..she melted at that. "And I CAUSED IT"..making sure she knows who has the upper hand. Once the platitudes and "The great Scott" began pouring out of his mouth she was as tame as a kitten from that point on.
Gary Radnich is the biggest phony ever in the bay area. If you know his game,he will work or grovel to anybody that keeps his ratings up,or him employed. If your Gandhi or Mother Teresa? your a punk ass liberal. He cant make a buck off of them.
Just listen..he likes those who help his career. He would never attack a local columnist now because he wants to avoid any bad things written all over the net. Kill the head of the snake with "big heart" and some payoff of various ways. Radnich is all attack on some of the best people I admire..because they have nothing to add to his bank account. To Radnich,money is love.  Ask Dibs who Raddy swore he loved like a relative..and now he bashes "The third stringer " over and over not two years later. Dan Dibley might as well be Satan himself to Radnich now.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fear of Heights...

I don't know where I got it. My brothers and father didn't have it,but I cant go over the third wrung of a ladder without that feeling the world is getting woozy. I painted my garage,I painted the rental cottage...but my home I had to hire. Its a typical California wood frame on a  4' foundation. So,that the peak of the roof is about 20' high. I cant do it.  SO strange that I feel that "crossing" of solid into no control when I try to go over that third ladder wrung. Hell,I even have had nightmares of falling off a tall ladder. I know the sensation of that comes from years as a kid misjudging how high I was before jumping from that tree or stairs..and that feeling of a hard landing that goes with it. And then the one of falling backwards off a ladder-- THAT'S the worst! know that slow fall back,you have nothing to grab,you're then vertical,then at one oclock!...scary. A few times,I have had even a short ladder start to fall away as I leaned too far pruning something. Again,gravity becomes briefly non existent in that moment of -the ladder goes left,I go right..a balance so delicate I think that the hard fall is the yang to that yin. And thats from 3' high.
If I ever do myself in ,it would never be by jumping off of the GGB. Its so high- I would rather live.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mike Weiner Savage- the Jewish Hitler..

I said it before, he's the biggest anti semite I ever heard. His rants on Rahm Emanual or Hollywood have all the stereotypes a simple mind masqerading as knowledgable can embrace. He understands nothing. His life seems to be to bite the hand that feeds him- the USA,and then spend his fortune on trinkets he makes from the money ranting makes him. He must love PBS "Roadshow".
I have also said that he's popular with the same types who think the Nazi's and Clan "Have some merit..except for that Holocaust thing". And some of Savages audience no doubt arent bothered even by that.
He's been wrong on African Americans,Mexicans Americans (La Rasa is racist says the guy who also believes in the chosen people") Obama, the environment, and whatever else you can think of. He just plugs into xenophobes who have some moneys, fears. That's his trick.
One last for now..never trust a Mike Savage fan who also likes Radnich. That should tell you something about sell-outs and "you scratch my back and.."

Stan and Wiki go at it...

I was reading their writeup of "2001: a Space Odyssey" when I came to where Wiki for no good reason wants to go smarty pants and include a section of the movie "errors". One they point out is that "The eyes of the cheetah glow as a result of front screen projection". If your into natural sciences like me,you know its not a cheetah,but a leopard in that tree.  So,I correct that. As usual,Wiki then removes it and wants "references" References? How about grammar school where you are taught the cheetah is the only big cat that can't climb a tree, you dumbbasses.
It reminds me of my prevoius Wiki entry...on the Beatles "Get Back" I posted that "Sweet Loretta Martin" as sung in the song was the name of Dick Clark's wife at that time. No coincidence.  That lasted for weeks..then taken down.
So who knows what real info is missing on Wiki?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ruminations on Billy Jack..the kick ass liberal..

Watching 1974's "The Trial of Billy Jack" and it occurred to me..Tom Laughlin was the last truly kick ass liberal movie star. Its all conservatives now who beat up the bad guys. Back in the late 60's- early 70's you had some bad ass libs-shut your mouth- I AM talking about Shaft...and Billy Jack was the most hard core of them all. Pretentious? yeah,I guess. Heavy handed message? Yep. Most of his young movie followers were pretty white blond girls about 14-16? Eh,he liked em young I guess. And it was 1970-73 for the Billy Jack times. Things were different then.
But..anyway's..Only Billy Jack would go from learning from native americans to co exist with nature to beating the crap out of frat boys in the next scene. Deer and lice he can put up with,KNBR listeners he woops.
I see Tom Laughlin (ironic name since he is far from a laugh in)is now 82.  Where do the years go?  Billy Jack needs a cane.
So,I wait for the next in your face liberal who calls out the man and the system and then beats the shit out of them in the name of peace. What I support!

Stan beaten to Otterpop idea..

I was at the market and saw..giant Otterpop things called "Hard Lemon-aide"  Dammit!

Radnich roots for Dodgers,gives Dibs a new rip and..

The other day,he went from bragging ratings were "through the roof" to now saying,"Ratings...are...up" not all that confident. So I guess stirring the beehive by proclaiming he will root for the Dodgers is hoping to be rated by hate. Sounds like his usual technique. Do or say anything for a dollar and that great Raddy legacy!
And he went after Dibs again...who is now "The Third String Guy" . What a pal.

Conte: We had tea and cookies! clean fun!

I caught some of Victor Conte on Comcast. Hey, he only advised A-rod that Gatoraide is bullshit. I don't have to  use really was like that all the way down the line as he told it. I think Comcast is doing its best to spin that its homegrown announcer Romo, and constant guest Conte wouldn't do what they are famous for doing!
Its just plain as your face it had to be more of how to mask steroid use..past or present.

Ted on Rich?

Is that the first payoff? Robinson of KNBR on Rich's radio show? If he has already been a guest before- disregard this post. If not?.uhuh.

SF GATE dropping paywall...sez KCBS

It took them a year to learn that people wont read yesterdays,and the day before and the day before that's column. And those who would actually pay a website for news are few. If you went to that site and got teased into clicking on a story--then got the "Will be available in 3 days" tag,you might have learned to even hate SF Gate.
I myself stopped reading when I got fed up with that "papers" sell out to please the Giants and to the right wing crowd with those endless "Mexican gang member in L.A. tattoo 5 year old son" headlines. It got pretty obvious who was now on the end of the blame stick. And Oakland..the bashing of Oakland with racist commenters just got endless.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KRON, aka Sodom and Gomorrah newscenter.

His wife must be pissed off every time Radnich lays hands on his co anchor for no reason. And that after the second time,he blushes red. Gary's getting a thrill no he did last night. What a manipulator. He's always working people to get what he wants. His "big heart" is more like a big hard on when he feels up co anchor Heenan..who seems to enjoy it. I wonder how many times they brush up off air?
KRON sounds like a regular Caligula work place for Sodom and Gomorrah types. After all,you got all that sleeping with morning anchors,GM's and weather woman,Raddy and his taking advantage of a willing woman. Raddy even married the last KRON employee he hit on-his wife. What do I keep posting? A leopard cant change his spots? Raddy cant change his liver spots.

Hmm.. I wonder if his slandering of Janu had anything to do with her being repulsed by his presence? Could have.
So now you know what he does with his other hand he hides under the desk!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Romo and roid-o's.

I saw Bill Romonowski just blabber a pack of lies on why he "introduced" Alex Rodriguez to Victor Conte. You could tell he was bullshiting from start to finish. As he tried to tell it,Romo was doing a simple "introduction"...sure, a known Steroid pusher to a known steroid cheat in A-Rod. To me it proves how addictive the stuff can be...addictive to take and addictive to sell as a taboo edge. I'm sure Conte gets off being known in this life as a steroid guru. And he's not giving that up. I figure he's used his Comcast sports appearances to build a credible cover.
And Romo? I doubt that a busy man like him makes "Introductions" for free. There must have been some remuneration somehow. I mean,Romo says he works "8 days a week". And I say that means time is money- right Bill?
Once a steroid cheat..forever a cheat. They cant go backwards and give up the muscle,the power.

In legal terms folks there is something called "dirty hands" and that explains why these people seem to always be involved over and over and know of each other. Its their crowd.

A beauty makeover for Stan??

I was watching Hoda and Kathy Lee where they pull woman off the street and do a "Beauty Makeover". At the end when the woman see themselves in the mirror,tears of joy breakout,"I'm beautiful" woman say. And nobody thinks a thing about that being a bit wrong or vain-right?
So,If I'm wandering downtown after a shave and haircut, And I stop at seeing my reflection in a window? whadya gonna think if I stop and announce loudly "My god! I'm handsome! I can't believe what a gods gift to woman I am! All this time,I had no idea I was drop dead gorgeous!"."Blog? Fuck that, I'm going into male modeling"...
Don't worry..ain't gonna happen..hee.

Stan's blog passes 10,000 views!

Eh,I know those bots are many of the views...but still, of those being real people looking in, is a great feeling. Thanks all!.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frank Somersville,415Media's Mole on fired staff.

I laugh- ha-ha,at the NY times quoting Rich's "unknown" inside source for the names of KTVU staffers fired. I know its got to be Frank Somersville who clearly would be the only one at KTVU to break a company gag order and squeal.And only Frank could do that without being fired.  I also know Somersville isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and I'm sure would do Rich the favor with some pleading.

I last year guessed right it was Tori Campbell who Rich said was "The popular morning anchor suing her own mother over a $1,000 loan" An amount that's a mere pittance for the anchor.
Rich was publishing names that were wrong guesses. So guess who said Tori and THAT was NOT published giving me an answer?.
And this year? I guess its Frank.

A Stan salute to Tim Montamayor.

On Yahoo sports,Tim said  Cespedes name correctly. He's the only one so far to do so. I've posted numerous times to local blogs how to say the man's name..and every baseball writer and sports hosts,announcer has ignored it to say it "the white way". That "way" is however,. how THEY decide,not Yoenis culture way and that of course is the correct way ultimately. I've spelled it phonetically for them even, "Sess-Ped-ess"..and still they insist on saying it all wrong..
But Tim got it right. And he did it folks without rolling his tongue or being a sports Rigo Chicon..just said it naturally. Now,Jim Kozimor was right there when he said it  Did Jim learn? I hope so.

Psyche Out- 1968. A hippie movie...

I caught on one of those Dish channels this 1968 movie that starred Jack Nicholson,Adam Roarke,Dean Stockwell,Bruce Dern and Susan Strasberg for some reason. Its best parts I thought were the outdoor shots of San Francisco in 1968. It was long before homes there went stratospheric in prices,some great dilapidated homes in this movie. The cars on the streets were virtually all American cars..again long before Asian cars had set foot for the most part in this country. I mean,it was just a nice High Def visit to the past. It made me wonder what I was doing the moment that movie was being filmed? Eating a bologna sandwich while watching Captain Satellite? Also in the movie,all the girls are beautiful and dance like strippers,a hippie dream from Hollywood producers.

The movie itself was dull,and sounded like it was written by squares man,who tried to talk "hippie". Something about Susan Strassberg's character looking for her brother ,Bruce Dern in SF. But ignore the plot and use the "freeze" on the DVR  and just marvel at what used to be.
Stan sez,Check it out....

Friday, August 9, 2013

Pellet comes back..

I know what I heard. Mark Mills a couple of weeks ago said "I have him on a different SHIFT"..not vacation. And I posted he was off the show after that statement Now,I see he's back on KNBR. Not hard to imagine that Mark Mills who's Chuck's boss wasn't any happier putting up with Radnich and simply told him to take over again.
The banter today was like Radnich trying to be softer..and Pellet shell shocked,answered with some snarky comebacks.
It must be that big heart Radnich says he has and also that ability to get along with "everybody" he also claims to possess that drew Charlie back.

Radnich says KRON's Janu "Had a friend" to be hired.

He either was hinting she slept with somebody,or that she has no talent and somebody at KRON just "liked" her enough to "give" her a job.
She seems no worse then any other weatherwoman...she reads well,seems pleasant and is very attractive to me. But Raddy used her as an example of what gets hired these days..and how?
Interesting the Darya is a live in with Aaron Perro, KRON head honcho. Is there a KRON "Casting Couch?"

Btw,As Raddy spilled his guts on her Jackie warned him "To leave her alone". And with no smile.

A Stan scoop!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

How Firefighters rip off the public for billions...

I know some people who work in the convalescent home business. Dr's,nurses,nurses assistants all take care of the elderly with great work.  But,they are elderly and as such they do die eventually. And this is where the con artist Fireman make a fortune off your tax dollars. Somehow they had a law made that requires them to answer any alert of old folks death. Why? Are they going to outdo the resident Dr's or nurses? Outdo Jesus maybe and resurrect the dead? No. They walk in and say "Yep,dead as a doorknob,now here's our $10,000+ bill to tell you that. I mean,there's no fire to at least make their trip worthwhile you know?
Its a shameless theft of our money. These men and woman already make triple figures,isn't that enough? I know- there is never enough for some.
Write your Congressmen because the Nurses who tell me they see this all time are disgusted by the rip off.

Steve Berman, aka Basg, favors racist commenters..

Amazing- some fucker named "Beaver" posted a pure racist post on that board- "The only black we like around here is paired with orange" .
Berman's blog is just sinking to new lows. Go to hell bigots.

Raddy + Kate = NPR sports..

I know you noticed that. Her voice has the calm of a hypnotherapist. I waited to hear about Shweaty Balls. Even Radnich spoke the first hour in a modulated tone. But,he couldn't keep that up and insisted on dumbing down the show while Kate talked sports in a analysis form. That's the dynamics of those two as co-hosts,she wants adult sports,he wants to dumb it down in the name of entertainment and demographics. It was AMAZING that the first hour went by without that cackle laugh Radnich has. He missed fellow dummy Kreuger over the Berkeley educated Scott.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kate kind of perfect woman..

Love that woman. The jet black hair in all the "Underworld" movies and hourglass figure? oof.  And I read she's a bit off the wall,and yet down to Earth. She says she's dull until she's smoked some weed-lol "My best interviews was after smoking" she says. Modest and a beauty.
Kate with blue eyes(contacts or brown eyes..perfection.

KRON weatherwoman thighs.. hot!

When the camera pulls back on Jacky,Erica or see they have some black electronic stuff strapped to their thighs. If the camera pulled back a little more? It would be downright sexy. Its very sexual Angelina Jolie,femme fatale spy movie look. I mean,short tight skirts,nylons,and shapely thighs..with something black strapped on?  Whip me! whip me good baby!. Ok,now I went too far. I should have stopped at sexy- wink.

btw,What intern gets that great job of putting it on?...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giants still strong,the core lives!

Despite rumors to the contrary,this isn't a defining season for the Gigantes. Its an aberrational parasite on a championship team. Ok,they aren't the best team to win 2 WS in three years, It doesn't really matter because they might be the worst team to win 3 WS in five years! We can only hope so. I think Buster,Pablo,Pence, Pill,Crawford,Scuttoro and Cain, can still have another great season in them. Bumgarner is already there. Lincecum?..tough call. With some real strong therapy maybe he can re ignite his love of the game. The Zito circus is ready to leave town.
Sabean has much wiggle room,a wealthy ownership to back him up. There seems to be a Renaissance among local GM's. A  realization that its ok to get rid of deadwood,pay more for real talent. If Saby-Sabes lands another solid pitcher,outfielder...get ready to party.

Fareed for Comcast/Yahoo at 5.

I heard him last week go toe toe with Kozimor on a break. Fareed thinks fast. I could see him being the future local icon. Young,and over time a better fit then Kozimor who is a high functioning right winger. The man actually quoted John Rocker and said "He was right again". I guess Rocker's homophobe and xenophobe rant about the NY subways system 10 years ago was what Jim the closet racist agreed with.

I know that the GM of Yahoo Sports reads my posts..he hired Andy Dolitch as Stan here suggested.
Now,its Fahreed's time.

Kate Scott- Raddy's lifeline to reality.

Its weird how often he asks her about life. "Do you tailgate Kate even for games that don't mean much?"  If Raddy ever went to games,he would know the answer. And yes,Kate does drink beer too.
And when Raddy wanted to go on that woman become whores for rich athletes..she asked "Why are we talking about that?"
That slowed him for a couple of hours.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Leiberman,still working on your story huh?

He claims to have "the real truth" on his radio show. So,what he wrote wasn't the real truth? Like I didn't say that?
He sold out. Radnich isn't his long lost brother. He's a big, dumb as a block of wood acquaintance and that's the most of it. Not a reason in the world to make an announcement of "detente". If Rich changed his mind...just shut the hell up and stop posting the Radnich posts. Simple,if that is all there is to it..
Rich is a quitter. And should be ashamed he didn't stick by his principles. He sold them.

Prometheus...the best review.

If your an old sci -fi man like me you can see that Ridley Scott stole like a thief from "2001: A Space Odyssey". The concept of our intelligence is from Alien seeding is taken from that five star movie. Otherwise some Scott input is more fun to see then to think as reality. I mean,I've read dozens of reviews and not a single one mentioned that the "Original Human" in this movie is bone white skinned,thin lips, and that eradicating the present human might be due to ..darker skin inferiority? I'm not stretching it very much if you've seen the movie. I can't see how Scott himself isn't making a editorial.
Some of this movie go's off on tangents that they never follow up on...the Humanoid David for example is the good guy except for one curious scene where he infects Michael, one of the scientists. So,is David evil?,after that he does everything to save lives. So,that scene made no sense whatsoever.
The Female lead is so-so as an actress,but does have a hot body,no camel toe either- hee. And her ultimate decision to go to the original mans planet also is senseless as its suicidal,and is of no help for us Earthlings-lol.
I like the fight scenes,and the squid embryo's are neato keeno. 3  stars.
Stan sez check it out.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mike Savage son poisons children says Congress.

I heard on KCBS that "Rock Star" and the rest like it are being held accountable for marketing to the very young, drinks laced with high amounts of caffeine.  Janet Wiener- Mike Savage's aka his real name Micheal Wiener, Daughter in law denied that in testimony.
Hey how about that hypocrite Wiener and his whole morally corrupt family touting himself as a PHd in nutrition, pushing sugar and caffeine on children? Its money in the bank to them on your kids health. Fuck the Wieners and  Savage...
Only an imbecile would admire Mike Savage.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stan and his verbal freedom...and YOU.

Many years ago I knew a guy who knew a guy that had Tourettes Syndrome. He went on to tell me that the guy with that illness would preface everything he said with "Fuck Shit!" matter what it was. "Fuck Shit, pastor,great sermon" "Fuck shit make a left turn" "Fuck Shit,how are you?" "Fuck Shit hand me a candy bar"...anything and everything started like that.  I love hearing about people like that. The human experience. And it makes me at my worst feel normal by comparison.
So,as you read my writings,feel free to feel normal if you need to.

 Even if your probably not- hee. But,I believe 100% if you read me? Your much smarter then average. Not a pat on my back boast..I truly believe that. Agree or not.

And Billy Joel music blows too.

"Dont go changing" ? Yeah,if you marry Christy Brinkley-why change perfect?
"Uptown girl"?  a bad rip off of Franky Vallie. 80's Karaoke level singing.
"Piano Man" ? steals from Jaques Brell and Dylan.

Christy Brinkley? Sure,what every wealthy ethnic man does.marry the hot aryan blond.  Billy,Tiger,Clarence of the Supreme court..even Cheech for christs sake.

 I don't hear songs of "You aren't much to look at ,but I love your sense of humor"...

In Oregon they only have full service gas? TRUE!

I  read that. Is that true? I wish it would be mandatory to have full service in California. It would give people a job,and end homeless people cleaning windows for a tip, and no doubt end pump and run thieves.

I have been informed that yes,Oregon and New Jersey have LAWS that say you can't pump your own gas. And if you run out of gas at 3 am?- tough shit!...wait until morn-lol.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Girl with the Dragon tattoo. GOOD flick.

I give it 4 stars out of 5. Only because of the accents,and intricate plot of confusing names. There is an intense rape scene..hard to watch. I might have fast forwarded some of it. If your under 16,you are forgiven if it aroused you. Over that, seek some therapy.
Daniel Crag acts like Daniel,calm,all the chicks fall for him. Rooney Mara is great as the Girl.  She should have won best actress. But then again,the Beatles never won a Grammy,so what does it matter?
So Stan sez- check it out.

House painted, new used Fridge, garden's a mess..

Nothing feels as nice as newly painted home. I had a Filipino crew give me a great deal, never stole a thing from me when I had to leave them alone with the home, and were polite. You should get so lucky!..I have my contractor stories. Of course they pale compared to renter story's!
I want to just stare at the new paint.. I never saw the beauty of a wall until I saw my own without peeling paint! And its simple... a white house that looks a very,very, pale violet or gray in some lighting,with white trim. Clean looking. As a kid,I grew up seeing my parents paint homes Yellow,blue,even pink once. And many did in the old days. Now here I am being like everybody else. Even my car is just silver. And a fancy newish more cracking my own ice..although I kinda liked doing that. No more,it fills your Ice tea with ice.
Life is good sometimes...and I never had to change my convictions to make it happen.

Leiberman, a liar who wants you to trust him!

"I had an epiphany" Rich says..And why? You forgive the Nazi's too? They haven't changed, Raddy hasn't right there,that's your first lie. Second,he was ripping you just a few days ago and you him. Its money--you sold out. YOU decided to post me daily on Radnich...and if your didn't like them..don't publish them asshole. Instead you dicked with me.. re-wrote some of my posts into gibberish. You couldn't man up for me..because I'm not the big dollar to you Raddy is now.
Raddy mentioned you,went on- and why? You two could have simply stopped dogging each other..but you two morons couldn't be,you had to advertise what is as phony as can be. This was a plan.
You and Berman can 69 each other for all I care..the backstreet deals you two made are obvious .This little blog is going to fill Google with the truth forever.
 Hey Rich..I see your little buddy Steve has no mention on Radio Wars of your love fest. He's just as dishonest as you.
Fuck your unholy trio. And I'm here Rich..feel free to come here and try to take me on. Same offer to Raddy. He likes to call people out. He can tell me about his great friend Rick Quan.

Civil you say Rich? Is that what the sound of cash makes? This is about money.

What do you learn from Tim Kawakami?

I was just wondering. Other then his great fight with the Raiders and then with Bob Fitzgerald and "Flunkster"..what has he done the last five years? He's mostly played it safe. Its good for him to get a paycheck.
So ,tell me. Do you learn from him? Any sportswriter? Well,except Lowell Cohn. Just wondering.

One more on Radnich sucking off Rich Leiberman...

Thursday was a real highlight of Raddys career. The internet person he hated the second most? He sucked off.
Now, for later today "I move on"..sure.

Fuck Rich Leiberman and why..

His own mea culpa is pure bullshit,and readers know it. 48 hours ago he woke up in the middle of the night thinking "I must make up with Raddy daddy" ?. Of course not. There is no reason in the world especially since just a few days ago Radnich repeated what he says about Leiberman "A man who can't keep a job and who has never raised kids". You've heard Radnich say that a hundred times.
No,this is a psuedo journalist making a financial decision that he cant change a damn thing,so why not sell out?...get mentions on "the sports leader".drum up advertising. Do you see Rich make any mention of me? He's scared shitless of me, They all are.  I put them under the microscope and I don't forget.

Hey Rich.has Larry Kreuger gone from brown noser to pundit?. Fuck you Rich.

And read rich's answers..he doesn't mention at all the phone calls to Radnich.Not a word about me. No Leiberman's dying blog just got blown up by himself.  Rich got free advertising. Look for Raddy to drop a few "I read on Leiberman" at some point.
Greasy weasels of a feather ...huh Rich?  Richy,Stevey,Raddy..all boys. Not one a man.

Also..It might be a bit of Rich  got jealous of me...I was making waves on his blog better then he could do. Some of that factors in here.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

600+ pageviews today..

The truth is out.
Friends will tell  a friend who will...

Just wait until tomorrow and what I have to say folks...

Steve Berman's Tiger Beat sports blog!

Still no mention of today's Raddy show? wow. How ass sucking can a blog be? Gee,and now its Damon,Gary,Richy..your connected!!

Golly,no links of my blog to 415media yet?

You try- lol.
And NEVER  forget,every one of my posts of Radnich to Leiberman's blog was pre approved by Rich Leiberman. And then he acted like he had no control!
Today was the biggest sell out of morals in bay area media history.
I see your busy writing more ghost comments huh Rich? deleting all the real comments.For you? Business as usual asshole.

What next ? Gary and Rich endorse NAMBLA?

Last year folks,Gary Radnich said that Michael Jackson was not a pedophile and those young boys were liars I suppose according to him. Let me tell you the facts..Michael Jackson preyed on poor Mexican American boys. He knew that it was safer to molest and prey on the lowest economic young lives. And he got a way with it until the guilt ate Michael Jackson alive like burning acid. MJ,got his penalty through his mind. His mind he couldn't pay off.

Leiberman,Berman,and Radnich unite vs Stan.

You know the power of truth when the enemy tries to silence the only honest sports blogger in the media. Well,me and Lowell.

Hey Rich- heres a cartoon of you using the fleshlight!

Well,just use your imagination. Just a joke in return huh Rich?. I know you take it in jest.

Rich Leiberman, was it $1,000,$5,000?..25 cents?

What is the going rate for Radnich whoring?
Did he pick you up on a cruise?

"Detente"? low life fuck up.

Leiberman's blog is now like those free paper entertainment inserts "Rich says: "Try Chico's for the best Ravioli in town" .

"Gary's been good lately" says the whore Rich. Was it good for you when he claimed the Giants at the White House was a waste of time and taxpayers money ? You don't mention it in your blog. Hey -Rich steal it from mine!

And we all love the fake "commenters" on your blog that sound like exactly what you want to hear! 

Shocker!!!! BASG doesn't report!!!

Wow,somehow no mention of the Raddy- Leiberman future love children on Steve Berman's blog.  How can that be??
How? He's a sell out too! You read what he clears with KNBR,Bruce and Leiberman now.
Young and dumb,and greedy.

The Rich Leiberman/KNBR payola scandal!

There is only one reason in the world Rich Leiberman would want "detente" with KNBR. There is only one reason that Raddy would call him "the great rich" and "friend". MONEY.
Its an under the table "handshake".so gross and obvious. A scandal all right. Idiot Radnich let it out about phone calls,just as Steve Berman let out he did a post on Bruce ripping Radnich at LEIBERMANS request.
Whores all.
And remember- last week Leeby wrote "Radnich is a schmuck,and always will be".  Always lasted until the check cleared-right Rich? you fucker.

Rich Leiberman for sale to anybody who has money.

Savage,Radnich,right wing radio station owners...Rich swallows them all...

KSFO is on the line,you can co-host with Sussman. Ya know,bury the hatchet. His show "Has gotten better".

Leiberman,backstabber and sell out. NEVER trust him or his work.

I KNEW that he and Berman decided to get me. Did Leiberman write me and ask not to post on his blog? NO. He did the coward thing..he INVENTED being a blog poster,then also deleted my posts and others he wrote them into gibberish!. What a nutso. How do you do that,and have pretensions of being a "trust me would I lie to you?"!!.
What did Rich the backstabber write today? " Radnich has been good lately"...What the fuck is he talking about?  A KNBR donation to Rich's blog is probably all it took. He's trying to be  what he used to rant against. He couldn't change he changed to make a buck.
And notice Radnich talked today about several phone calls to him by Leiberman...and Leib's never mentioned that in his sell out,I mean blog.
Go to hell Rich. You are no longer creditable,no longer an honest man.

Huh? Stan was right..Rich wanted back into the club of KNBR. Tell me I'm wrong now. I called it. Called it on his own blog.

Gary and flamboyant..and more...

The feed back  was that I was doing the "Your Gay" on Radnich. Shuddup!!!  It was sarcasm about the man denying that he's flamboyant. And we all know why he denied that. And I dragged him through his hypocrisy. If I could have fit in he's a  wetback I would have!
Give me some credit Kate as a liberal to know whats right.

There is no way in hell that Kate Scott sits there and has drawn the conclusion that Radnich is understanding. NO chance.  A year before she started on the show,Radnich said to Dibley, "My wife and I decided that if Spencer wants to take up ballet like his sister,we wont let him out of the house until he's 30".WHAT does that mean? You know what.
As  Howard Stern who Raddy admires once said:  "I hope your kid grows up to be a gay serial murderer"  about Kathy Lee and her son Cody. I'm speaking your language Gare, Should I chuckle to make it all ok?
Hilarious huh Garry? Howard is your kind of guy.

Show you Raddy? I can show you, motherfucker.

Show you you ask? Look at my dark skin. Look at my integrated hood. Look at the time I went to a near all white school and I GOT called a nigger. That'll teach you. YOU? you married a black woman who lives more in your world then her's. I don't hear a damn thing about your black friends. Are Joe,Brad and Tony black?..its all you talk about,your "Upper management connections". Or your banker friend? How about Salvatore?. You are a hypocrite.

Radnich loves Leiberman now..

Huh? I told you. I wrote- as soon as I stopped the basg posts? Raddy  was all love for that blog. Today? He's all love for Rich Leiberman. And you do know the connection right?  That's the reward. THAT'S what KNBR put out...keep Stan off your blog,and we will start to mention you.
Am I next? Hell no!..NEVER!.  And if Raddy and KNBR want more..fine. I got a lawyer too. And one more on that..this little blog is picking up steam and fast.

And for those of you who read Rich's blog..and  went after me for posting there last  month- "Rich you got yourself back in with KNBR" What do you say now? You say,I was right.

Gary Radnich- the embarassment of KRON TV.

While Suzanne Shaw does her editorials with thought and research,there is Radish head on KRON like Art Fern staring into the camera stammering at how the taxpayers were used by the White House to host the Giants. Even as you and I and the world know the Giants paid their own way. That story by Radnich that WH tours were cancelled? Did Radnich do any research? was it temporary? who knows? Raddy doesn't. He just humiliates KRON everyday as the info news station.
The fool just hangs on and on and on. Like the old wino at the corner. Only the wino gets more respect.