Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Stan salute to Tim Montamayor.

On Yahoo sports,Tim said  Cespedes name correctly. He's the only one so far to do so. I've posted numerous times to local blogs how to say the man's name..and every baseball writer and sports hosts,announcer has ignored it to say it "the white way". That "way" is however,. how THEY decide,not Yoenis culture way and that of course is the correct way ultimately. I've spelled it phonetically for them even, "Sess-Ped-ess"..and still they insist on saying it all wrong..
But Tim got it right. And he did it folks without rolling his tongue or being a sports Rigo Chicon..just said it naturally. Now,Jim Kozimor was right there when he said it  Did Jim learn? I hope so.