Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giants still strong,the core lives!

Despite rumors to the contrary,this isn't a defining season for the Gigantes. Its an aberrational parasite on a championship team. Ok,they aren't the best team to win 2 WS in three years, It doesn't really matter because they might be the worst team to win 3 WS in five years! We can only hope so. I think Buster,Pablo,Pence, Pill,Crawford,Scuttoro and Cain, can still have another great season in them. Bumgarner is already there. Lincecum?..tough call. With some real strong therapy maybe he can re ignite his love of the game. The Zito circus is ready to leave town.
Sabean has much wiggle room,a wealthy ownership to back him up. There seems to be a Renaissance among local GM's. A  realization that its ok to get rid of deadwood,pay more for real talent. If Saby-Sabes lands another solid pitcher,outfielder...get ready to party.