Saturday, August 24, 2013

I wish KQED would go under and die.

Once again,the "PBS" station is repeating its "Saving the Bay".  And once again it has a single viewpoint. And you can guess who's that is.  "PBS?" for who? Danville,Napa Valley,Pac Heights?. To give you an African American historian could be found to say "Oaks once covered Oakland" ? And that's no joke. They really had an "expert" say that.
PBS and ch9...die. And take all the tapes of your pledge breaks where you fawn over all the great programming you provide like..uh, hmmm..them British comedys that are 20 years old. Or those detective shows from 1993 too.  Great programming to gush over huh?  You've died KQED and don't know it.