Monday, August 26, 2013

My advice to Charlie Pellet...

Don't even think that Kreuger will be anything less then Raddy's henchman.  Your pleasantry's like today will be more of kruegers spitting back into your face.. You really need to just fight fire with fire.  When Radnich starts up with you..tell him he's "In a good mood"..on TV,he goes dead to the world trying to keep his cool. With Kreuger? drop a "I thought 2005 was a great year in broadcasting"..Kreuger will melt live on radio/tv.
Some others for Radnich? "Focus". Kreuger? "Woman sports deserve to be watched" he will wiggle like a worm out of his chair.
You are wasting your time trying to make peace with over aged bullies..and well,dummies. If you do stand up to them? THEN they will PAY you "extra" to be their friend. Like Rich Leiberman.