Monday, August 26, 2013

Pablo not long a Giant?. Organization doesnt respect him.

I'm adding some recent developments and old news to come up with an opinion.  First,who's pitching tonight? Zito. Who over the last three years has gotten more heat- and made public- from the Giants- Zito or Pablo?  Pablo. Who was asked to go to Arizona and work his weight off..and did it? Pablo. Who,according to Bruce Jenkins was asked to gain weight via muscle and do the Giants off season training program  and REFUSED?  Zito.
Now,last week in a TV interview I saw,Sabean said "Belt is our first baseman for the foreseeable future". And then floated that Posey could play some third.  Where does that leave Pablo?..yeah,he's still at third...but its a tenuous third. And Sabean has never committed to Pablo as a career Giant even if he stayed healthy.
As Belt like water sinks back to his own level when we enter September,he's got the Giants public support. Pablo? nada a word. Isn't that strange? Oh,and Zito continues to be trotted out there for another start.