Thursday, August 1, 2013

Radnich loves Leiberman now..

Huh? I told you. I wrote- as soon as I stopped the basg posts? Raddy  was all love for that blog. Today? He's all love for Rich Leiberman. And you do know the connection right?  That's the reward. THAT'S what KNBR put out...keep Stan off your blog,and we will start to mention you.
Am I next? Hell no!..NEVER!.  And if Raddy and KNBR want more..fine. I got a lawyer too. And one more on that..this little blog is picking up steam and fast.

And for those of you who read Rich's blog..and  went after me for posting there last  month- "Rich you got yourself back in with KNBR" What do you say now? You say,I was right.