Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ralph still trying to sue KNBR.

Its all over the internet.  You do know I once tried to hire Angela? And she thought of it. I couldn't pay her..but she mulled it over.
And you do know that Ralph when he was still big stuff on KNBR had said on air that the station had spent money investigating somebody who "wrote scurrilous things about KNBR" Everybody knew he meant me Stan.  The irony is that I wrote that KNBR discriminated. Isn't that a kick?

Its like 7 degree's of Stan.

Cumulus is only mulling over themselves what to settle for. And I bet its not much.  Ralph might have a hard time proving he can do the job if he can barely speak..making Cumulus case. Ralph worked for assholes. We all have.