Monday, August 12, 2013

Romo and roid-o's.

I saw Bill Romonowski just blabber a pack of lies on why he "introduced" Alex Rodriguez to Victor Conte. You could tell he was bullshiting from start to finish. As he tried to tell it,Romo was doing a simple "introduction"...sure, a known Steroid pusher to a known steroid cheat in A-Rod. To me it proves how addictive the stuff can be...addictive to take and addictive to sell as a taboo edge. I'm sure Conte gets off being known in this life as a steroid guru. And he's not giving that up. I figure he's used his Comcast sports appearances to build a credible cover.
And Romo? I doubt that a busy man like him makes "Introductions" for free. There must have been some remuneration somehow. I mean,Romo says he works "8 days a week". And I say that means time is money- right Bill?
Once a steroid cheat..forever a cheat. They cant go backwards and give up the muscle,the power.

In legal terms folks there is something called "dirty hands" and that explains why these people seem to always be involved over and over and know of each other. Its their crowd.


  1. Tony was a gym rat and knows a thing or 2 about juice. Tony enjoyed a wide variety of potions back in the 80's when the supply was plentiful.

    Tony can't decide if he were able to go back in time whether he would sell his soul to the devil again. Spend a few months feeling super human and you would completely understand just how tough that decision would be.

    Tony knows many that did serious federal time and at least one that found himself on the losing end of a 12 Ga due to being a rat. Tony got some eastern European juice from Alzado's source one time, mind boggling strength gains.

    Tony says don't believe the rumors of shrinking nuts. Tony was never more raring to go.

    Since Stan brought up the word "legal", stan should be careful what claims he makes about someone else. Stan might get squashed by an attorney. Even innuendo, which Tony detests.

    1. Yeah,like saying the Gotti and Capone family might be up to something shady.
      All are admitted users and pushers. Not much for them to cry about is there?

  2. Tony says competitive advantages are part of human nature.

    Tony suggests that Stan consider the gov't that Stan pays taxes to each year. Randy Weaver never had a chance against the ATF and drone strikes are no better. Spygate will soon turn into the thought police, tony asks how fair is that? Tony says that corporate america has stacked the deck as well...try disputing a credit report ding.

    Tony recommends comparing PED offenses to failed tech inspection after a race of any sort. Many racers/teams fail regularly but aren't really vilified.

    Tony says Stan isn't necessarily wrong but if Stan looks at the big picture with the same anguish, he wouldn't be able to get out of bed.

    1. Like any drug,abusers will use to get what they want. In this case,faster,stronger. And- all recent "superhuman feats" like HR records for a season and careers- to 7 Tour De France bike championships in a row..have ALL proven to be by cheaters. I'm sure the world record weightlifter - the best tennis and golf players all use.
      I'm telling you -- there are no real supermen. You want to worship fake go ahead.

      And,its shameful how 95.7 has swept Romo's clearly red flag raising business deals under the rug. Making jokes.
      That's so KNBR.