Monday, August 12, 2013

Romo and roid-o's.

I saw Bill Romonowski just blabber a pack of lies on why he "introduced" Alex Rodriguez to Victor Conte. You could tell he was bullshiting from start to finish. As he tried to tell it,Romo was doing a simple "introduction"...sure, a known Steroid pusher to a known steroid cheat in A-Rod. To me it proves how addictive the stuff can be...addictive to take and addictive to sell as a taboo edge. I'm sure Conte gets off being known in this life as a steroid guru. And he's not giving that up. I figure he's used his Comcast sports appearances to build a credible cover.
And Romo? I doubt that a busy man like him makes "Introductions" for free. There must have been some remuneration somehow. I mean,Romo says he works "8 days a week". And I say that means time is money- right Bill?
Once a steroid cheat..forever a cheat. They cant go backwards and give up the muscle,the power.

In legal terms folks there is something called "dirty hands" and that explains why these people seem to always be involved over and over and know of each other. Its their crowd.