Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was reading about Rollerball the movie as it was on Dish. Did you know that in the middle of the 21st century Angel collar shirts,flared pants and hair parted down the middle will be hip again?-ha. According to that movie.  But,I clicked on a name in that flick..and that led me to a another name..and before I knew it I was reading a Roger Ebert review of a Andy Warhol movie in 66 or 67.  And its interesting that Ebert gave it a bad review because of the sexual nature of the film. That was at the time. Decades later he had to change his idea and admit it was 60's realism that was honest.  Tony Cliftons post also figured in this because Miley Cyrus dance was just imitation sex. People are still hung up on sex. Its our nature..but we say its dirty and then watch the three stooges blind each other with laughs. I could go on...but sex doesn't bother me is the short of it. I wish when younger I had done it much more. I think most older people think that. Why be a prude for what you like? Crazy conflicts lead to bad results.
Oh,and one more thing. The three stooges movie-( Around the World ,1963) I watched on Sony channel? Is now rated "R" for the violence. No kidding.