Monday, August 19, 2013

The Stan and Raddy story...most of it.

I'm sure people wonder why I watch somebody who is so unhonorable? Its a long story. First,I never listened to sports radio until..a few years ago. I don't know why I started now. Just did. And I sort of fell into the Raddy show since I knew him..and had no idea of the rest of KNBR.  I'm listening,pre Obama and nothing really to dislike. I even sent in some email ideas..that got read on air. I think Patrick was the producer.
Then the first Obama run for president got Radnich to go into politics... And I sure didn't like the Mrs. Obama cracks, the Pelosi and Feinstein putdowns..and the guy now had a side I didn't care much for. I also picked up that Gary Radnich seemed to side with ownerships and big money by then. And he seemed to confuse his fathers saying of the "owner takes the risk" with shoe shop guys and NFL billionaires who we all know take no risks at all. And I guess to sound more Howard Stern like he went after people he had worked with and told stories of what they did or say to rub him the wrong way. I noticed those people were Asian mostly. Tokuda,Emerald Yea, and on and on..
So, one Asian in particular he really ripped as a "strutter" and "thought he was part of the club"..that I thought was a pretty racist statement. So,I email that sportscaster and asked him why Radnich seems to dislike him so much. By that time the guy wasn't doing local sports anymore after 20 plus years. He answered that he had no idea why Radnich would single him out. Now,I have to tell you he doesn't want me to mention him and all I wont. To shorten some more, I asked Radnich what his problem was with Asian anchors?  The next morning Radnich went on a tear..ripping me,calling me an idiot and ranting. He did add that he admitted that it was over a former local sportcaster "Who's my friend"...what??? Is that why- and Radnich admitted he got a legal letter asking to hear what had been said ? this friend felt that Radnich was ripping him,libeling him on 50,000 watts?
Calling ME an idiot? for calling HIM out for his anti Asian jokes and rants? I fired back calling him a fucking liar- familiar?. Then Radnich held up my email on Comcast and read it like this " Oh, I just got a dangerous threat, and Lee Hammer has been told of it. Is there any way we can block this IP address!?"  Fucking liar became a threat?? And as Raddy looked and pretended to read my email...he never blinked. Lied like he was reading it word for word.
And from that point on...Radnich has represented all that's wrong with local media. Liars,con artists,pretenders,image makers of who they sure aren't.  And privileged. That a conniver like him can go on is what gets me. And you know? since then..he's even gotten worse. He's like a barometer of whats in charge of local media. So, I keep a watch.
That's pretty much the gist of it.  "My friend"..yeah.

And look for part 2 soon. The Stan,Raddy and Rich story. And how all that snowballed.

Added: As time went by right after Radnich got the legal letter from the Asian Anchors reps  he got defiant and explained why. He said "You just don't like some people. That's just the way it is"..and then this : " He (Asian Anchor) once told my producer ( as usual,Raddy letting others do the real work) at an A's game that "He's been in doing this twenty years" as they jostled for position I guess Raddy meant, and "I didn't like that". I myself don't see the insult there- do you? After that Radnich got personal as he and Ray Woodsen made fun of the Anchors "Elvis hairdo"

A few months later Comcast - again this is as Raddy tells it on 50,000 watts- was considering adding a hotshot anchor of Asian descent ( I forgot his name-sorry) and Radnich said that as others at Comcast thought it would be a great addition,Radnich then made a face and rolled his eyes and painted a picture of being at a Comcast lunch and he said as somebody turned to him and asked what he thought about that, Radnich said he ignored the guy with a stare..then reached past the guy to grab a free sandwich.
Mind you..none of this is me guessing,I'm telling you what he said himself.

And after that,between that blatant racism and later the hiring of Kreuger,it just rubbed it in who gets promoted in this world and for sure in local sports media.