Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To all the are not hated. AND more..

I know my blog takes a big crippling by being honest on how the world works. But I don't hate the white man. I just lived long enough to know somethings that are taken for granted are wrong. Its not right that no Asian or Latins make headway in local sports radio.
More later..
Ok,A bit more detail..Now this blog is liberal..equal rights,all people are the same...but,we all know who is the dominant culture on Earth really. The schools to all media tell people of color from the day they are born..look this way,talk this way,think this way. I mean, what is the standard of beauty? White people. Woman of color who have light skin and thin noses go to the head of desirable class,yet never pass blond and blue eyes as the trophy. Ask Tiger for one.. So, take my word that its a life long battle to walk that line of looking "right" for people of color. Yet, I dont hate white can I? They've been my best friend,my love of life girlfriends even. So,no white holocaust in my mind at all. Hell,all the blogs that fit me were white guys blogs.
But,I am not blind.  And when some parts of the bay area- like Stan's own hood are wildly integrated with Mexican's living next to a Mosque and Koreans next door? You get along. SO,as I turn my microscope on the local media..I see an infection of unequal hiring in sports media. Its not even remotely honest hiring. I'm not sure why no minorities have taken legal action vs 95.7. I guess being so left out,the fire to fight back of the old times isn't there anymore. Who knows? But its blatant.
So..I can say things here as honest as I do because I know there is truth,and not blind hate in what I say.