Monday, September 30, 2013

$30 to read this..

It will cost you. I bought instant coffee,potato bread,Oranges, some vinegar and baking soda,and a bottle of drain-o.  Came out out to $30. When I buy gas...$35.  Just the minimum to spend is always $30. Whats your magic number?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raddy on Lurie..just a bad luck day!

The Raiders...and for some reason,as I was busy I had the radio on, I hear "Golly gee Willikers Marty"...and "You know I love you,I really do" said old man Marty back.  It was Raddy. I hardly recognized him as he had his Pa Kettle voice,country bumpkin fake sincerity dripping.  Marty too was brown nosing like it was the end of the world " I love you, and that's why you make a million dollars"  Raddy- so insecure,he's the local celeb that WANTS to tell you his income. And what he drives and his wife's OCD. She has to wipe doorknobs before she can open them after visitors leave. Oops, That was one thing he said on air that he probably wants to take back.
I know your thinking when Raddy keels over I'll miss him. Nah,I wont.

Btw As you may have noticed Radnich now makes a big point on his show of claiming he makes friends of people who rip him with email or text and that stuff.  You know,he can make you love him he's such a great guy- just like that.
   He ain't saying a word about me-lol.

added: You know,I meant it when I said I didn't recognize his voice as he spoke. It took Marty Lurie mentioning his money and car to know who it was.  That's old white men he talks like them. If he see's an African American he's " Hey Brother howz it going with you and Mizz Latrella?"
Radnich plays so many people,he doesn't even know who he really is as he manipulates..

Added Monday: Today's topic on the show was Raddy's old white man sensibilities. Of course they read this blog- been tellin ya!

I was right about McFadden the delicate. All talk,quitter.

Kawakami didn't get it, Corkoran let it go over his head, No writer but me said in the off season TRADE MCFADDEN!.
I said he would take his vacation,quit on the team and otherwise fall down and leave the team that was designed around McQuitter just flailing.
Sick of that asshole. Like Zito he's dancing in the sands of Waikiki even in Oakland. They don't want to play anymore. The big contract ended all that.

Raiders pirate to be changed to a clown.

They just suck at everything. Team,GM,org and owner,Radio signal,and Raiders blog by the imbecile Steve Corcoron. Who's claim to exist is that he's "covered" the Raiders for 18 years. I've "covered" them since 1967.
Reggie has saved money. And what do I care if the team is a loser? Dennis Allen,a no talent robot coach.
One last...McFadden's annual vacation kicked in. That asshole should have been traded last year. He's our Zito.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The internet says I die next month...

Funny..I did those "death clock" tests. Not just one - but two said I die in October 2013.  A third said I should have died in October of 2010. NO shit,that's what they said.
I wonder if Halloween might have influenced the death clock sites? Or its just science.

Friday, September 27, 2013

KRON reveals puppy abuser.

KRON must have heard the people. Suddenly his name,his crime and that he been charged were part of there "We told you about the .."..No,you told us a puppy was names,and blurred faces. Even though KRON's footage was taken from the internet posted by the asshole who bragged of what he did.
The people demanded,and KRON buckled.

John Lund..kinda a strange looking guy.

At least he lost the frosted tips. But,he's out there. His smile is a Thurston Howell the 3rd clenched teeth.A face made for radio. He's not the worst sports host. But not even close to the best.

Houston Astro's Neilson ratings ...0.0

That was part of Jay Leno's monologue  He said that for real.  An Astro's game a few days ago drew a audience of 900 people in the Houston TV broadcasting area. That makes for a below the radar Neilson rating.
And yet,the ownership of the Astro's isn't blaming the fans or playground for that are they?

A's ownership group sabotaging the Coliseum?

This is the second time the Coliseum plumbing had had a towel or something like that  flushed down the commode. This time its being reported that the Coliseum management company has traced the flush to a "Private restroom". That means the office of A's execs I bet.
The fact that this info has never come from the A's is telling me a lot. A's apologist Mark Purdy wont tell you,but I will, and that's something stinks in Lew Wolff's office.

Gabe Slate update..

He was back to a normal "I work as a reporter" hairdo and not" I'm a Geeky Google employee" hairdo. He's better with the pro 'do and attitude.
Some stuff he does must be taped far in advance as his doo changed all day. But,the Google hair as done by mom, seems to be gone. Ok,.maybe his GF was doing it and he didn't want to hurt her feelings-hee.. But,its gone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Aldon Smith told the arresting officer...

"Wassup?"..then, the cop grabbed his keys and threw them away.  Teens are 4 times more likely to have an accident. Aldon, 400 times. 

Now I'm in a great mood.

At  a hardware store,a young less then half my age blond working there was flirty with me. "If you need my help for anything, ask me"..ohhhhhhhhh. And it came with a sly smile. When I asked for something she said " "Its two isles over..I'll be there to help you' And she was.... I said something witty back to her. I think.
I think I might shop there more often.

btw,It was in a wealthy area. And why she looked like she did instead of Miss Jane.

Monte Poole goes to Comcast. Why?

The only problem with Comcast and writers is they die their. Ann Killion went from read to unread. The pressure to back the home teams makes for dull reading. And why Ann returned to the Chron. It must have been a good financial deal for Monte.
You noticed since I did my 5 smartest people in local sports,Comcast has hired two? What a coincidence.

Radnich should have had a good ass kicking.

You know what Raddy's problem is ? He thinks his fast talking con man act gives him the right to be a despicable human being. Most people in life I met that think like that? Never had a good ass kicking in their lives and think its their con man ways that avoided that. Its not that people he had the good luck to run into only thought about kicking his ass,and of course never would. If only he would talk about his Dodger love beyond the reach of the always agree Fred and Ethel.
Hey, it wont happen. But it should have when he was 19 or 20.

Radnich still taking shots at Leiberman..

Isn't a friendship with Gary Radnich wonderful?  Three shots three days in a row. Same old shit- Rich is jealous,money,etc,etc,...
What was Rich thinking to even try and embrace the big jerk?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Galbani! crappy Italian accents to annoy all!

Another stinking commercial. WASPs kids say Galbani with stereotype kiss off. How darling of the cute little darling shits-hee.

America still cheats better than NewZealand!

 Watching Larry Ellison lift the cup he bought... reminded me of me, when I hire skilled labor to work on or renovate the home. The better the job they do..I feel like it just proves my super genius! And I could see that look in Larry's face.

Radnich rubs Lebermans face in their "makeup"

You might have heard Radnich like the no class,slobbering narcissist he is, go all sarcasm on Rich and their friendship.  Hey,its not like Rich didn't ask for it. "I was ripped for six year on his blog- career risking rips" said the gloating Radnich,"Now,he tells me I'm the BEST!".

Remind me to always trust Raddy even less then the, "Not at all" or "As far as I can throw him" I do now.

Ken Wayne. Ugh. WHAT were you thinking?

Do homeless people shout at you "STOP staring at me!" ?  Your a wide awake chipmunk now. Plastic Surgery is just the worst option to aging.

Gabe Slate drops bad hairdo.

As per my post,he took my advice. Good kid, I had to tell ya what co workers couldn't.

I guess he did his report yesterday out of the shower..his do was slicked down.  Just caught him on kron- with the bad -do. Hmm.

Monday, September 23, 2013

wow- Went over 15,000 pageviews.

Thanks Tony,Otis,SLam and Jack.  And also Lowell,and Grant..links to their blog put me right on the map. What map, I don't know,but a map- ok?
And IF 60% is bots and my own visits? Still a hell of a lot better then none that I really expected. I could catch on. Who knows?  Just think if  I had my own blog when I was first in the country to catch ESPN using those terms for Jeremy Lin. Yes,that was me Stan who was first.

Leiberman attacks Bruce...KRON and KNBR getting kudo's

"And Justine is soooo wanted" Said Rich with glee and happiness in his heart.  Radnich and Cumulus must have had KRON chip in to the 415 Media pot.
Oh,yeah,Damon is the evil one in media.. sure. I'm not even a fan of the guy and don't get worked up over him. I never heard him say Kareem should keep his cancer problem to himself. Damn Radnich bought off everybody.

added: Rich posted comments of mine two days later and after this post.  It used to be I had to only wait an hour or so.
 I wish he had posted the third comment that had about KRON's puppy story in detail. People might have gotten angry. I know I still am.

Raiders in a non productive groove..

Its they score early and then just let the other team grind them down more or less in points. I would feel better if Pryor had more of an angry look then deer in headlights.  This is just not the Raiders I grew up with. Its those losers we used to beat up on.

I'm sick of Neil Patrick Harris and Maxene Nightingale..

I'm tired of seeing Neil's mug host the Grammys,the Emmys,the Oscars, in Harold and Kumar Movies and in Tanked the Aquarium show. I'm sick and tired of Neil Patrick Harris pics at the Supermarket checkout tabloids pushing a baby stroller,photos.I'm sick of the guy,enough already.

And 103.7 oldies plays Maxine Nightingale's one hit from '75 over and over. 10x the number of CCR or Beatles songs. Goddamn the demographics of  who's that for.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dang that water heater!

I missed all the 49er pregame show and news. My water heater turned on me and gave me a cold shower..I hate that. So,after a 30 second shower of soap on soap off, I get out and get dressed. My water heater is about 7-8 years old,but we had that storm. I didn't know what to expect. Now,its one of the olden days light with a match type, and I had forgotten..that's not good to forget, a certain sequence. Its not even listed on the directions. So, after a few failed pilot light attempts, I'm worried its conked out. I try one more time,and Eureka! the pilot lights...but no burner. WTF?..I go inside,read the internet. Tap on it they say,knock of crud, turn the thermostat back and forth they said,loosen it up. Nothing worked. And all that blew out the pilot- FUCK!
It came to me friends as it sat their cold and ignoring me. I redo all steps- now 1:00+ hour into sitting on muddy ground going in and out of the home to read,..IT CAME TO ME!  After the pilot is lit? TURN THE RED KNOB TO ON!  The new water heaters are no longer like this. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Friday, September 20, 2013


The station "had this exclusive video" of  a puppy being the dog cried and the nut attacked it while a fellow psycho filmed it. KRON for some reason refused to show the face or give the name of the attacker. Its irresponsible yellow journalism..use that for ratings but only gave a written answer from the owner who had no shame in boasting the dog deserved it for eating his mothers shoes. For that KRON 4 protected the thugs. Scum.
I wish KRON 4 the worst for exploiting the pain of an animal. Goddamn KRON.

Aldon and Jed and the rich.

Why the 49er no response of  shock and awe on Smith's ass? His value on Sunday is worth more then a potential dead victim. Smith himself or a pedestrian or passenger. And the 49ers org should be in shame.
This is like right in our face of the football and the culture of the wealthy. Jed..says nothing. Maybe he's driven shit faced himself from those endless team functions that are parties and its on his mind.
You would think with as many times as Smith as thumbed his nose at the law the 49ers would have a plan ready. They don't. Harbaugh's answer that Smith is "soldiering on"? is worse then saying nothing. And a Freudian slip insult to the military.
Ya know- the 49ers have plenty of practice at Aldon pardoning. This is the best they can do?

The black high heel pump.

I was watching Maryanne Moore play Sarah Palin on HBO. Marryanne never looked as sexy as herself in any movie as she does looking like Palin. I think its the tight skirts with the black high heel pumps.  Pumps all right. Pumps my testosterone to drown my brain in lust.

Speaking of Palin..she's lived the dream of every Danville housewife. Kept her college figure and hairdo and had sex with a black man.

Pellet puts Radnich in place...

Oh,he gets even eventually that Pellet. On today's show Charlie Pellet played some cuts of a luncheon in NY where he asked bay arean's about Radnich. Now me? I might be heavy handed and find people who hate him etc,etc,. Chuck is wily,he instead found people to say what Raddy hates the most "Radnich? He's with Kreuger right?" lol. Subtle but devastating.
And the Chuck chuckle made me laugh all the time his bit was going on. And you could see..Raddy was stuck.couldn't fire back,and yet hated what he was hearing. But,he's devious and you can be sure Chuck will have to take jabs in some form..soon.
 Also,with the BHOF push for Bill King and Duane Kuiper..with Miller already in. There was Pellet making 30 year vet Radnich look like a forgotten footnote.. Raddy paying hard for that bloated ego now.

Added: How long can this go on? Day after day the dislike for each other gets bolder . What does it say about Radnich that he made an enemy out of a 2 minute per day segment?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Floyd Mayweather wears a size 7 shoe. Petite!

I read that someplace. That racist, wife beating goon. Wont be long until being "undefeated" is paid for. And a more deserving champ of boxing forensics has never been so due.

When road rage and machine guns should be legalized...

When Soccer mom in her van decides that she will drive 5 mph under the speed limit and brake at every curve on Niles Canyon road, As 10-14 cars start to pile up behind her? Soccer Mom in her big sunglasses ignores honking horns and of course will never pull over to let traffic go by. Oh no,she is queen of the road and has full entitlement.
Her and the old man who drives the same?...take them out and  improve traffic flow. Should be legal. Its morally correct for sure.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

House painting- as dull as advertised..

I've spent the last few days painting the new railings and banister for the porch. What dull tedious work that is. And,since it was raw coat of primer and two coats of paint ...THREE! times looking at boards  up close and not so personal for hours at a time. I did get to feel like an expert as I went to rollers some times,the brush others. A good man knows his tools. Painting is not for the squeamish(nothing like tipping the pan until it pours out while your looking left and the pan is in your right hand....on your leg)..or out to have a good time.

Yeah,looks good though. Hee.

"Smart and wise beyond his years"

I was reading the obit page this morning. And one gentlemen in particular led the good life,worked at the shipyard in WW2,married forever. And then it said he "was smart and wise beyond his years".  He was 99.

Another obit showed some metal type guy who died at 30 on his Harley. When you ride bikes your are not so wise. For your's or any age I guess.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bruce rips Sue Slusser says 415 one more..

I didn't hear it myself,but its sound like Damon Bruce is seeing himself rolling that boulder up a steeper hill. The Kate Scott Yahoo sports show,the loss of one of his best guests permanently.can't be easy to take in one week.
The problem is..THEGAME would be a better fit for Bruce..but I guess they don't pay enough. Or worse,don't want him. I'm not all a Damon man myself but he wins most popular polls here and there I know that. And some terrible or just boring sports hosts are given better slots then him. I have no answer for Bruce. Is he being choked out of the bay area or biding time for something better? Can't tell ya.

Added: How could I leave out the Kreuger stinging rebuke on the 49ers season so far of Kruegers "pre game partners opinion". And that would be one Mr. Damon Bruce.
Damon in local media is getting treated like his name is Stan.

49er speedbump...they were never going to go 16-0.

It was a game they didn't win. That's all it amounts too. Next week is a lock,so not long to get over it. It is a bit worrisome that the 49ers lose more big games then they win by Kreuger standards...but they are NFC champs, and the year before NFC west. That takes wins.
I'm not worried- are you?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zooey Deschanel. About perfect..

I saw her on Leno. Near perfection.  She has that all woman of the world look..could be ethnic or with the blue eyes,not. She's thin but not skinny or tall..pouty lips. If she claimed Latina or Russian believe  it.
And with that face mugging she does,reminds you of the college beauty you once knew. Then later decided she wanted more then you! Damn rat race.
If only,she could be frozen. About 30 works for her.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jim Kozimor bitch slaps Floyd Mayweather.

Alright Jim. You do have cojones. Making Mayweather sweat and look as stupid as he really is made for a great interview...your BEST ever.  I don't think I have ever seen anybody stand up to the goon like that.
One for Jim.

KNBR at 9-12, YOUR Dodger station!

Radnich roots for the Dodgers to do good,and Kreuger is friend of  Ned "Goodfella" Colleti. Or is it Golleti? Whatever.  When is the light bulb going to go off at KNBR that its ok to focus on the A's too? Its not going to cause any drop off of Giant business. If anything,being the best at Giant AND A's coverage might be a source of pride for the self proclaimed sports leader?, AND make them more money.
Shows you the lemming factor when they ignore money....

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Radnich buys 95$ America's Cup jacket.

The guy who puts down 40 year old working men for wearing team jerseys or panda hats..bragged that he bought a America's cup jacket for his kid on KRON.  And he can wear it with his Bentley hat at the Pacific Heights Ballet,sniff sniff.  Radnich- all class and so-fisty-cated..

Kate Scott mocks Damon Bruce on Yahoo Sports. calls him schmuck.

She also implored him to stand up to "the bully"  Kozimor who was talking over Bruce. That obviously was sarcasm of Bruce's diatribe about Radnich a few months ago. Bruce for most of the segment was giving the eye of death look to her,and the camera.
Funny,because Bruce defends Scott on the Raddy show..and its just more of  "If you work for or with Radnich,you have to sound like him" at work. She has said she's learning from the best. What he's (Raddy) best at is manipulating people from my observations.
I don't care for Raddy's world spilling into other shows. And Kates liberalness really takes a back seat 9-12 for reasons like she needs to buy food. I understand that,Its not for real,it for the good of the show. Hmm,what does that sound like? hee.

Syria? What could America do with $ 6 trillion dollars?

In Iraq and Afghanastan bananastan, we've spent 6 trillion dollars for nothing. They still hate us. Another factoid..the one percent of America has now 48% of this countries wealth, a staggering statistic of accumulation of power. One more: America's colleges are closing to Americans,but opening wide to foreign students who don't blink at paying double or triple fee's. They then go home to be the smartest dictators around.
Obama catering to the military industrial complex like every other Democrat and Republican president in history.

RALPH wins big.

I figured a settlement..said it all along. And then the stars aligned just riiight for Ralphy.  The head honcho's at Cumulus who would have fought? fired weeks ago. The present guard figured they didn't want to answer for the sins of others.
I think Angela thought there was a case to make money..but not 4 mill.  On the other hand..Parkinson's is an ugly illness truly debilitating. Its not just having a shaky hand.
All's well that ends well.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

*uck smooth talker McFadden...

I told you the Raiders should have traded him-didn't I?.  McFadden is like another Raider bust- JaMarcus. They never met a tackle they could break..your grandaughter can bring them down,one handed. I saw Darren gets ball,Darren runs,Darren falls down 1.9 seconds later.  I wonder if there is a stat for time a runner has the ball?  McFadden's time is in nano seconds.With McFadden,the ball has the gravity of a neutron star.  Its magnetic football for christs sake for real,not the Christmas present electric game when McFadden runs.

Should have traded him. I told the Raiders. They know I'm right ,once again.

Rise Guys with Dibs..better pick up the pace..

I had it on this morning and it was just noise. I heard over and over "Vanilla,pablum,vanilla pablum, etc"..The Shining like.
Somebody needs to make a stand..root for the Dodgers or something. Dull incarnate was today's show.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dennis Allen fails end game strategy challenge..

In chess,the most important part of the game is "The end game",where its do or die to maneuver for a victory with Checkmate!.
Dennis Allen choked,mate. Now,its good the Raiders competed to the end,but the failure to communicate and bad calls with penalties in the last 3-4 minutes didn't show a Allen doing well under pressure. As we saw with crazy Mike Singletary time management overwelmed Allen.
Now,David Shaw had that problem two years ago in the Fiesta Bowl,and then learned his lesson well with a Rose Bowl win without the best player in college ball like the year before. Dennis Allen can learn..or this is a pattern that carries over? Last year was a terrible display of bad coaching,unmotivated players. This year the players did their part in game one...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

49ers...even better then last year.

This team has "it"..its going back to the Super Bowl and freeze in New York. We can only hope Miami or San Diego win the be even worse in cold weather.
The 49ers right now? Awesome. They can score against anybody with a "We are going to run/pass,you can't stop us". Kap? "You can't touch this" has to be his theme song ( I'm so hip with my 1990 reference) it fits him so well. I don't need to break the team see them. A juggernaut.
And that Boldin?..if he's the future thinking of free agents?,this could be a 10 year least 5!
49ers fans who spent a fortune for season tickets? all can breathe easy and laugh deliriously..your investment has doubled..tripled? More???...ha.

Raiders,Refs,and defense..

The same shit..the "D" gives  up the winning drive. The refs make sure every call goes against Oakland as always. I cant get how the Raiders defense just folds every time. You knew it when Luck had the ball,the Raiders were going to gift first down after first down. Prevent D?. I don't know..the Fold D,I know.

One last..When is Oakland going to speak up? The anti Raiders ref bias is strong. Say something Al's kid. Stand up for the team.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More on steroids...

Actually,more accurate as I got my previous stats a bit mixed. This time I have it on dvr.  So..its $ 400 million on ILLEGAL Anabolic steroids that are sold EVERY YEAR on the black market..or any color illegal market. And that between 2007- 2013 over 250 athletes were caught by testing, using them.
And they were already being abused by the 60's. So,those 70's athletes we thought were pure..uhuh.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Larry Kreuger blew a man for 10-15 minutes says Radnich..

In trying to re write 2005 ..Radnich ad libbed that Kreuger blew a man for 10 minutes.  I have to admit that Kreuger's deadpan comeback was classic. " I would like my friends and my family to know I never blew a man for 15 minutes". I had tears in my eyes. One for the Raddy show in funny.

 I think today everybody on the show was on bong water. To start Raddy looked at Kate's day glo green jackets and said "Oh,is it St. Patrick's Day?"..and that got her angry. She came back with, "And where did you get your black jacket?- it really sets off your eyes"
And why I watch..hee.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Message to Gabe Slate of Kron...

Lose the badly done "hip" hairdo. I know its the style..but yours looks like mom cut it. Or a firecraker went off in your just need black smudges to look like the classic comedy bit. Just the truth.

10th anniversary of BALCO..and $400 million dollars trade still going..

On the same day I read it was the 10th year since BALCO broke..later that day I saw a science program that said between 2007-2012, 400 mill was spent on anabolic steroids. So,no slowing of the taking.Hell, Stallone was busted for huge amounts of HGH at an airport. We also see that some players of BALCO still operating on the fringe. And what the heck,pro's are still cheating. Nothing taught them except how to avoid being caught next time. A-Rod didn't even learn that.
One last thought..Puig?  When he posed with Cespedes  last month? I flashed back to visions of the same. Only,it was the Bash Brothers they were called back then. Other then that..identical look.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The cause of the 50's revival in the 70',it wasn't American Graffiti..

Around 1971..a Seven Up commercial did a "times have changed" commercial showing a greaser in his chino's and combing his hair as the do-wop song sent him to a fade-a-way. THAT..I remember people talking about..and I wouldn't doubt for a second George Lucas was inspired. Look at what the American Bank commercial song in '69 did for the Carpenters.

And I did like that old cowboy song that Wells Fargo had in the very early 70' was atl.rock before it existed. Memories can take you away..

Bay Are sports Tv anchors... a vast wasteland.

Radnich,O'Donnell, and Mike Schulman. Vicadon,Vanilla, and Prozac at work.  I know I don't have enough readers to poll or that have signed on to I never seem to read any mentions of the 5 and 7 sports men. Both have been around decades..not a peep. Radnich does say Schulman is a pompous ass. Although Radnich's people he doesn't like opinions are usually a ringing endorsement for you must be a great,swell, guy.
Oh yeah,..ch2. Ibanez. He sure ain't getting by on looks now.  Still peppy though..

Dazed and Confused...

I think my young years go from the 70's- 90's..and then after that your just older-lol.  Its funny,but I like the early 90's scene more then the 70's in my very early youth and teens. You know what I hated about the 70's?..the Fonz and all that 50's shit. It was MY time,my youth..and all that 50's shit took over..sockhops,American Grafitii,Doo- Wop on HBO.  Let me enjoy my time. That's why the early 90's was great..alt rock,grunge even..nothing but maybe a nod to punk rock..but not a direct ripoff short of Greenday singing in a faux English accent. And even then.."When I came around" video of the City made up for that. I had my first visit to a coffee shop. I clearly remember Counting Crows as being the cassette on the counter that was being pushed. Last month at a Starbucks they had Mumford and Sons CD.ugh.
I left out Disco..10 songs I liked and 100,000 that sounded alike. Foghat? uh..sure. How times change..they are bigger now-as legends- then in the 70's.

Raddy back. Dance for me clown. Entertain me.

He's back. Paid cash for his used Bentley and the wife traded her Escalade for a Mercedes. And Raddy said he drove to L.A.,,then in a senior moment said " What am I saying?,we flew". Fly,drive..same difference to a 64 year old. He got there.
I didn't think his wife driving a caddy through Pac Heights sounded very assimilated. The peer pressure to go Euro must have won.
And he babbled for ten minutes on somebody you never heard of.

 God, I would love to be a heckler on that show..just sit in a foldup chair and just go at Radnich."Read my email again -BITCH!"..and read what I really wrote you punk ass motherfucker!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tailights on cars..hmmm. Subliminal...

I've noticed for years..and its not changing I see,but do you notice that Asian cars and European and American cars tend to have taillights that resemble the people who made them? I got behind one Asian car yesterday and the taillights looked at me like an angry Samurai anime. Another car- a Volkswagen,had round taillights that looked like a wide awake happy frauleins on too much coffee. That Golf's tail lens even had radiating lines that came across as eyelashes. Sure,there are a few exceptions..but..
Just don't see Asian taillights designs on any Euro or American cars. And its meant that way.

Doo Wa Diddy dum diddy doo...

The greatest song of the British invasion to not get the credit its doo-lol. I love that song. When it came out I was just starting grade school..and it clicked perfect,said it all. "There she was just shuffl'en her feet and sing'en doo wahh diddy"... I like the part about snapp'in her fingers too. Even to a starting grade school kid,teenage girls with bouffant hairdo's and who could snap their fingers and pop gum were noticed. Something to look forward too.
  I never could get enough of that Manfred Mann song on my brothers or sister's radio's.  To look at my old Oakland hood on Google Earth is like looking at 1964 live...I see the same route I walked to school. And watched the girls just shuffl'en their feet...