Sunday, September 8, 2013

49ers...even better then last year.

This team has "it"..its going back to the Super Bowl and freeze in New York. We can only hope Miami or San Diego win the be even worse in cold weather.
The 49ers right now? Awesome. They can score against anybody with a "We are going to run/pass,you can't stop us". Kap? "You can't touch this" has to be his theme song ( I'm so hip with my 1990 reference) it fits him so well. I don't need to break the team see them. A juggernaut.
And that Boldin?..if he's the future thinking of free agents?,this could be a 10 year least 5!
49ers fans who spent a fortune for season tickets? all can breathe easy and laugh deliriously..your investment has doubled..tripled? More???...ha.