Friday, September 20, 2013

Aldon and Jed and the rich.

Why the 49er no response of  shock and awe on Smith's ass? His value on Sunday is worth more then a potential dead victim. Smith himself or a pedestrian or passenger. And the 49ers org should be in shame.
This is like right in our face of the football and the culture of the wealthy. Jed..says nothing. Maybe he's driven shit faced himself from those endless team functions that are parties and its on his mind.
You would think with as many times as Smith as thumbed his nose at the law the 49ers would have a plan ready. They don't. Harbaugh's answer that Smith is "soldiering on"? is worse then saying nothing. And a Freudian slip insult to the military.
Ya know- the 49ers have plenty of practice at Aldon pardoning. This is the best they can do?


  1. Tony says the teams and league are corporations not social workers. They will ALWAYS do whats in the best interest of the brand. The redskins are a brand that some find offensive.

    The Raiders circled the wagons with the Tom Cable smack down and romo's ocular assault.

    Tony read an internet article about a punter or kicker from another team that got popped for a drinking related offence where nobody got hurt. The nfl showed no mercy in their requirements for the kicker to comply and stay dry.

    Tony went to the Jag game last week and saw fans get forcibly ejected for smoking cigs. Meanwhile, the $9 beers flow without restriction and the drinkers are driving on the same road as Smith, so why the hypocrisy? The 9er game had a fatal fall and the original concern was intoxication. Tony says the nfl demonstrates situational we all do from time to time.

    Tony says obama would thrive in the nfl dysfunction and should fill out an application to become commissioner when his schedule has some wiggle room.

    1. But it was the 49ers and Harbaugh who made point in the preseason of crowing the team was of better "character" then say the Seahawks. My god,Smith was driving to practice loaded!