Monday, September 23, 2013

Leiberman attacks Bruce...KRON and KNBR getting kudo's

"And Justine is soooo wanted" Said Rich with glee and happiness in his heart.  Radnich and Cumulus must have had KRON chip in to the 415 Media pot.
Oh,yeah,Damon is the evil one in media.. sure. I'm not even a fan of the guy and don't get worked up over him. I never heard him say Kareem should keep his cancer problem to himself. Damn Radnich bought off everybody.

added: Rich posted comments of mine two days later and after this post.  It used to be I had to only wait an hour or so.
 I wish he had posted the third comment that had about KRON's puppy story in detail. People might have gotten angry. I know I still am.