Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raddy on Lurie..just a bad luck day!

The Raiders...and for some reason,as I was busy I had the radio on, I hear "Golly gee Willikers Marty"...and "You know I love you,I really do" said old man Marty back.  It was Raddy. I hardly recognized him as he had his Pa Kettle voice,country bumpkin fake sincerity dripping.  Marty too was brown nosing like it was the end of the world " I love you, and that's why you make a million dollars"  Raddy- so insecure,he's the local celeb that WANTS to tell you his income. And what he drives and his wife's OCD. She has to wipe doorknobs before she can open them after visitors leave. Oops, That was one thing he said on air that he probably wants to take back.
I know your thinking when Raddy keels over I'll miss him. Nah,I wont.

Btw As you may have noticed Radnich now makes a big point on his show of claiming he makes friends of people who rip him with email or text and that stuff.  You know,he can make you love him he's such a great guy- just like that.
   He ain't saying a word about me-lol.

added: You know,I meant it when I said I didn't recognize his voice as he spoke. It took Marty Lurie mentioning his money and car to know who it was.  That's old white men he talks like them. If he see's an African American he's " Hey Brother howz it going with you and Mizz Latrella?"
Radnich plays so many people,he doesn't even know who he really is as he manipulates..

Added Monday: Today's topic on the show was Raddy's old white man sensibilities. Of course they read this blog- been tellin ya!