Wednesday, September 11, 2013

*uck smooth talker McFadden...

I told you the Raiders should have traded him-didn't I?.  McFadden is like another Raider bust- JaMarcus. They never met a tackle they could break..your grandaughter can bring them down,one handed. I saw Darren gets ball,Darren runs,Darren falls down 1.9 seconds later.  I wonder if there is a stat for time a runner has the ball?  McFadden's time is in nano seconds.With McFadden,the ball has the gravity of a neutron star.  Its magnetic football for christs sake for real,not the Christmas present electric game when McFadden runs.

Should have traded him. I told the Raiders. They know I'm right ,once again.


  1. Tony says the Raiders have one of the most dire dead money issues in the NFL. 1 or 2 more seasons and they will emerge to make the required changes in skilled/all positions. Pryor is the one saving grace in the line up.

    The country on the other hand is in far worse shape and the politicians keep digging a deeper hole. Talk about dead money and a lack of talent... Trade them ALL, starting at the top.

    1. And that inspires my nest topic...6 trillion$,that a fucking boatload of money. A biblical Ark's worth..