Thursday, October 31, 2013

Radnich fuck's up potential great interview with Valentine.

Radnich- who can be almost girlish in avoiding confrontation- cut off a heated start with former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine with the excuse "the connection line isn't good". It was good enough for me to hear the angry Valentine-who had to listen off air to Radnich and Kreuger talk like big men about him- come back to defend himself.
It was starting to square off as one of the best interviews he's done in years. And Radnich ran away.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My local Sports media Halloween Costume suggestions...

As Ray Ratto: Buy the most garish sweater at the thrift store you can find,place pillow under it. Wear undersized glasses and a use a fake moustache from your kids spykit- loads of laughs.

The Gary hollowed out Pumpkin over your head. Download Paul Lynde photo,cut out his hairdo and glue on the Pumpkinhead. Go home to home trick or treating in your "Most expensively overpaid Chrysler 300 car in SF" Uh,you might find a certain trick if your Raddy. Have your wife or GF  go as Cathy Heenan with you,and agree with everything you say in public like a trained parrot in love with you.

 Jim Kozimor: Imitate Johnny Carson, and call everybody who answers the door "My friend".

The Greg Pappa/Vern costume takes some human sacrifice on your part- shave off the eyebrows. And they ain't the only ones. Must be a sportscaster thing.
The Duane Kuiper/Mike Krukow costume: Dress like one and you've dressed like both. Chant "One million dollars and I still want free candy!"

More later...hee.

Stans blog at 20,000 views...

I've always disabled my own pageviews. SO its all you and the bots! and Thanks again. See ya again at 30,000!

Tantric Masterbation's time has to speak..

Remember when Sting made headlines bragging he did his wife- average looking- for hours even decades after marriage? That Cialis commercial- and Viagra too- must be a form of Tantric Masturbation for millions of men.
4 hours...yeeks...

Killing Google Updater exe. The evil process.

For weeks- months,I've been plagued by that GoogleUpdater. exe when it piggybacked on a Java update I think it was-- I saw the "exe" too late to stop it. Exe,as you might know are all bad unless you put them in on purpose.
So,ever since then my PC whined,froze. I finally found a solution that worked. You have to go into "Administrative rules" and disable from services. You cant get it out of your registry- and "Startup" says you disabled- but it didnt as I and the internet will tell you.
Go to your PC loads of extra work.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cialis and 4 hour erections...

If I ever have an erection that wont go down when I want it? I'm heading to the ER.  I'm not waiting another 3:55 minutes.
How did they ever decide that FOUR HOURS is the timetable? Three and half is fine? It takes some guys 4 hours of boner to think "Something wrong here" ?

How Wolf,Fisher and Beane can improve the Coliseum..

Those three always whining about their playground. So,Stan has an idea. Encircle the field with those Magnetic Ropes the players wear.
Grass is grass,seats are seats. Its all in the players and the Ownerships head's anyways.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Santa Rosa murders latino boy.

No excuse. None. Kids play with toy guns. Kids might be scared with a cop yelling at him after some dramatic drive up,lights flashing,tires digging in. For any inner bay area cop to be nervous..possible. Santa Rosa? and no reports of gun fire? in MID DAY?? Where the hell is the police training that taxpayers pay through the nose for? the triple overtime for cops to take training goes out the window and then shoot first, ask questions later takes over.
13 years old. He probably made car noises still, playing with his Hot Wheels. I know that the SRPD will eventually do nothing. And the cop will make a fortune off of disability in a few years. Its the cops second retirement fund from the public. Ask the Oakland police Chief at his next swanky party.
Its ages in Danville run around with real looking guns,paint guns. Cops just chuckle and say "Oh,those tykes- what imps".  In Santa Rosa a latino boy has to worry about the bad guys killing him. And so will the good guys too. It shouldn't be.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Raddy tonight: Cathy is my friend.

Uh-huh. Let me tell all of you...every newscast that Heenan has filled in for Moore that I've seen? 100% of those times Radnich and Heenan touched,laid hands, and Radnich even put his head on her breast area to "Show how you cant tackle head first anymore"..just a pretense as all guys know.  Tonight...nothing at 6:45.  I thought hmm.. It turned out- Raddy's wife was there live. NO wonder.  And let me tell you when Radnich dropped the "Cathy is my friend" Alicia smiled and said nothing. A wife can put up with reading Playboy or maybe ogling pretty girls going by...but I doubt his wife is happy with all that touchy feely....

Get a room you two.

Yahoo Sports say Trade McFadden.. And where did you hear that first?

Huh,what did I tell you? Get as much as you can for him now. He's not in the future for our Raiders. He's a Jabustus await'in to be sent away.
Yahoo sure learns from my blog. Right Erin? hee.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

She's so fine my 409...

Lowell Cohn got my nostalgia blood going today. I started with the Drifters,went to Jackie Wilson, and the Beach boys. Finished after awhile with "El Rey" and "Volver,Volver"  Then 409. But first the story on the 409. A couple of years ago YouTube had posted the song. I left a comment about how my brother in the early 60's had a red Impala SS with a 327. Fast!.when he drove me up the hills say, in Castro Valley, I was pushed back into the seat like I was in a rocket. And yes he raced it in Oakland. I couldn't tell ya how many times he had to change the broken rear end or transmission that blew. My Mom just laughed at his morning of being under the car and he and a friend tried to get it fixed before work. A beautiful red car,American Mags,pin locks on the hood.  Fastest car in Oakland in my mind. So I posted something like that. And do you know the guy on Youtube after seeing my post getting many thumbs up,last I looked, had deleted my comment,and then blocked me!
I know,it was the mention of Oakland. From cars to the Raiders...right?

"Whats trending Now" auditions going at Yahoo.

Once again,no Melanie and no mention of Melanie. Like she never existed. They had the Italian brunette fill in..can't recall her name. She looks a million dollars,but that voice..woman,take some speaking lessons. Modulate,get rid of the Jersey HS school girl sound. And stand still!..all that rocking you do was making viewers either dizzy or maybe have seizures watching you. Calm down, relax.

Raddys reputation..a "shock jock" The Clownmeisters legacy.

Charlie Pellet getting some hardy body shots as he takes Raddy apart with reality. Playing bits of real people not filtered and censored like KNBR callers,calling Raddy...what I say here, a imitation H. Stern. Fox thinking news version. Props to Charlie Pellet schooling Gary Radnich.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tim Lincecum signs and a who cares? WS.

One thing about Tim- the local media protects hims like he's the poor brother.  Your Krueger's your Ratto's and your Kawakami's,even your Andy Bagg's, never mention Tim's substance abuse,his- not once but twice- dramatic and huge weight losses-both times ruining his stamina and quality,and emotional problems like trashing like a vandal a beautiful rental home. And lets not forget he missed his very first  All Star game because of "Dehydration" some kind of cacti,Tim forget to to drink water before the then biggest game of his life..Hell,Greg Papa has yet to notice Tim's weight in all these years. He sounds like the willing status quo with "Mechanics". Cars need mechanics,not MLB level Baseball players.
One reason why I got into blogging...tell the truth. I'm older (molder?) know it all now. And I know things in life they either don't..or are afraid to tell you let alone investigate. Raddy ain't doing schtick when he says local media has to clear it with Larry Baer.
I should have been making SF Gate ,money with my blog...but the Sports Editor couldn't block me any faster after my Lincecum posts. Or..coincidence. Sure.

The World Series? Who gives a shit?. I hate both.

Ok- a bit more. I did post in late summer that Lincecum had started to praise the fans after years of lukewarm praise. I even said he sounded like he was following his agent's advice.  As far as his price? What do I care how much Sabean spends? he's won 2 World Series when ALL the locals had said the team could never compete vs the standard Yankee- Dodgers(Cardinals) stranglehold.
I do think that Pablo's time might be ticking..he sure don't get the same praise as even Zito had. And I have said that for years with Giant latin players.
Lincecum's upcoming year? Lets shoot for he has a .500 record, and he excels in the playoffs. Hows that?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Melanie Collins ousted from Yahoo? Stan called it.

Kate Longworth,blond,easy on the eyes was in studio doing "Whats trending now" instead of Max HeadCollins and her "All the way from Sunnyvale" remote reports. You remember my saying how dumb that is. Yahoo shows a half of Melanie and we see all of Korzimor!

If she is had to be she wanted too much money,and I bet Yahoo said, enough!

btw- I had the show recorded. Kozimor never said Kate was filling in, or that Melanie is on vacation. Just "Here's Kate!, with trending now"..not an exact quote...

Monday, October 21, 2013

KQED's Newsroom is back.

 I wonder if my posts last year on 415 got to them? KQED had become nothing but a morning babysitter for Danville's milf's privileged children,  and in the evening nothing but trinket shows for those with so much new,they buy old junk to imitate the poor. And then of course, that jumps up the price..
We will see who are the regulars and the staff. Were did Joe DiMaggio and Mel Wax go??

Saturday, October 19, 2013

THEGAMES Sean O'Connell beaten eyes too.

Any of you hear what happened? I missed any mention of who beat the crap out of the THEGAMZ host. He did show up on Yahoo with two black eyes and one eye white was yellowed.  I waited for D. Bruce to if not tease the guy- at least mention it- as a co guest on Yahoo. But,nah,Bruce chickened out.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tom Tolbert and his "N" word Show. And a maybe final comment from me.

I caught the interview with a Native American who dropped "Nigger" at least nine times. His point was that non native Americans can't tell the Indian that Redskins isn't offensive.  I don't think it was an accident that he went on a " N" word fest. He was driving home that Redskin as a normal conversational word- even in the context of a football teams name and insignia,is repugnant to the culture it supposedly "honors".
I would never have guessed that by 2013,they still would be calling a football team Redskins.

btw- I resent Tolbert giving props to lolknbr callers dude. Since I am the one who is blogging truth..why doesn't Tom mention me?   lolcallers dude is Sesame Street level.

Stan and the fate of the Universe,your soul..

One thing I have always loved was science. As a kid I had telescopes,microscopes,ant farms,pets, and everything they had at the school and public library I read for my age level. Too many stories of me and what animals I kept,thrills of catching Alligator lizards with my friend Steve- a red headed country boy with a twang. Or, burning ants with a magnifying glass and Alex who had a Richard Drefuss laugh and personality- in 1966- showing me how to melt slugs with salt. What fun.  I grew out of that stuff- take my word for it.
But my natural science education went on. I worked with scientists as an adult. Now,I also watch everything I can about newest Cosmological news. And I have questions still: Is life a dimension? For all I know the Universe didn't exist pre my birth,and will end when I die. And yes- that is based on a science theorem. Even Einstein had to consider if the moon existed when he wasn't looking at it. True. Another theory that has math behind it is endless Universes and all possibilities of you exist in some or all. I sort of see a flaw in that "All versions of you that you can imagine exist somewhere"  If  I imagine myself as God in one who then makes all other versions of me also God in all other Universes....then why am I just Stan and not a God right now?  One for my logic-lol.
Also..those endless you's?  They could all die too. So,no you might not be eternal. We all might be like subatomic particles...we collide,flash,and decay back to nothingness from whence we came. It scares me I might have that right.

And as long as I'm at it. Dark energy? My theory holes take matter,compress it and expel it in a way that is the Inflation that we see. Like air inflates a balloon. Makes sense to me.
More later...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Radnich-"Kathy stays with my Mom".

Yeah,and you never have any sexual thoughts about her. Its all platonic. Nice set  up Gare. And whats up with Heenan? sounds like she's waiting in the
I knew it.

Stan see's Tesla's.... on the roads..

Around Pleasanton I've gotten behind them on the road. Once I had my windows down,top open, and radio very low...The Tesla moved like a ghostly shadow besides me. Mind you,I had been hearing every other American car on the road wheeze and gasp...then the Tesla went by quiet,shhhhhh. Nice color. Some custom dark olive- almost blackish.
I was watching NOVA last night (ironic it was about speed- and Nova in Spanish means "no-go") and some genius had converted a '72 Datsun 510 into a 1200 HP,1500foot pounds of torque mean mo-chine. It would leave a Tesla in the dust. Apparently battery's used to get Apache Helicopters started are powerful by the dozen. I dont think they mentioned price. At least a hundred grand I bet.  Tesla uses lithium batterys- they get hot when you are talking about 1,200hp...burst into flames. The Obama Apache battery's lithium is mixed with -I ferget- Lets you feel safer is the bottom line. Oh,and it was our socialist military's side that invented those enterprise came up with the "hot" batteries. Wink wink.

CK...jerk in the making?

I don't like the surly attitude,the short answers. He hasn't done enough..and never will. If Joe Montana could be polite after a 52-14 thrashing by the Giants..Kap has no right to act paranoid. If Harbaugh is the mentor of all that? Then that's your answer why Peyton Manning met with the H-man,listened and thought- "No way".

Back to sports talk bizz. Stan on Whitey's voice and the Bob- Larry feud.

Did you see Yahoo with Whitey(Glenn) Gleason?.  I couldn't believe that was his voice. On the radio he has a near baritone. Much like Frank Dill in his prime. On Tv? No such timbre. I kept listening friends..and it was weak,at least weaker then radio. Dibs and the other guy...same as usual. You think he has thegames engineer's modulate his mic?

Now- the Bob and Larry feud over the Warriors? Bob,what an ass. He about called Kreuger stupid. Now,I CAN do that..but a colleague? classless. And Kreuger has a point...I like Bogut,but man,he's molasses on the court. Watch any little fat kid run...arms pumping? That's Bogut trying to get to speed. He's a keeper with his other skills..but he cant jump or run. A handicap in the NBA to greatness.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Radnich and Heenan- petting pals.

You see? They are all hands...and Raddy likes to take the "see my crotch?" pose as he makes small talk. Its hilarious. They no doubt are responding to this blog by going at each other to "prove" its all "platonic". I know Raddy..He's telling that - and she convinces herself- but Radnich is getting off on it. She might not be thinking of him at night...but he's doing the "Ohhhh Kathy" Wife or no.
Hey Gary, I know you read my blog. Your ugly. An ugly man with a fat head,small eyes and gap teeth. You've always been ugly and like you prove all the time,you spent well to get every woman in your life. The "poor me" tonight was a hoot.
I know your game..Kathys telling old Stan off by petting on the other hand might as well be inhaling helium every time her hand reaches over.
Radnich- you are as shallow as a man can be.  Pitiful. Just the truth. Your an act. Even your family is just part of it. You cant talk about your own damn family without hoping it makes you a buck with a plug. Thats sad.

Man,my blog must be required reading at KRON.

Let me repeat: Your ugly,have always been ugly,and your not getting less ugly. And no,you don't get along with everybody,you don't get along with me,and never will. And it might shock you,I am a somebody. We all are. Something you don't get.

"Who wants to be a millionaire" is dead to me.

Merediths legs replaced by hippo Cedric the entertainer? Hell,I thought he died a few years ago. I liked Meredith's mature sex kitten act. Best legs in the business. On one late show commercial she had it hiked to her ass as a guest. Darn,I missed it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Gary Radnich, Kathy Heenan mutual grope society.

I KNEW IT!..I knew when Kathy Heenan filled in, Radnich would lay hands on her. And- surprise- she beat him to the punch. As he went out of his way to create a reason for the two to grope- her winning an award- she reached over to thank him by squeezing his thigh. Sexual enough to make weather woman Jackie take a gulp on air as her eyes froze on the act. And after that? He was on her...she had her arm on his back.

Raddy's wife must wonder what else goes on . Public flirting can be a real turn on

Just watch- Radnich makes up any excuse he can to grope her,and she likes it.

Kate Scott gives a peak behind the curtain.

She again dropped in that Radnich has never invited her into his home. He looked at her and just said nothing,kept going like he didn't hear her. He did. I did,so you know he did.   Also,she said Kruger now ignores her during breaks. For that she got the angry fish face stare from Larry. And he said all.

ADDED at 1130am: How hard is it to say to Kate "C'mon over tonight"? He wont.  And let me tell you Krueger went the day as far as I saw and heard without saying anything to Kate. Like it was just he and his life partner Raddy.

Pellet and Raddy,"hello,goodbye".

You know I've been right. Those two could hardly hide the contempt for each other. But Chuck won..Radnich just says "here's Charlie Pellet". What Chuck has wanted for months.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Adrian Peterson..still an asshole.

Both and Radnich and Damon Bruce defended him for playing by rationalizing that the boy was ONLY his biological son by a woman he never married. Isn't that even more pathetic and cruel in the boys honor?

And Peterson you know stood up and said gays shouldn't be allowed to marry a few months ago.  Adrian Peterson had a has I read, 4 children by four different woman,not one his wife!. And get this- Adrian Peterson's PARENTS never married!
That the goon had no heavy heart this Sunday says a lot.

Radnich defense league on 415 media. Interesting read..

You notice one- or two- guys think Radnich is beaming to them instructions to draw blood from me on 415 Media?. Even if I worked for KNBR,I wouldn't be such a fanatical member of his gestapo. Those guys wont admit a few things..why so rabid?  They never answer that. It never stops me. Somebody has to hold Radnich responsible for bragging of his Vicodin use,his Asian Anchor hostilities,and his attacks on people with disabilities. And quite a few other topics Radnich wont touch now...thanks to my shaming him.
It kind of makes me wonder what Rich is up to?
And you know what Radnich says about Kate Scott ot Dibley fans or bloggers?...So,when is he going to admit to be a huge fan of his, takes being a Grade-A idiot?..

Pryor still too green. McFadden still can't break a tackle.

That's the crux of it. Pryor is still a rookie. He panics like a rookie,and heaves with a prayer like a rookie. Now,if he can get the jump on the other team,he's fine.
Allen? Hasn't out coached anybody yet. A bad sign. No brilliant answers forthcoming that show on the field. No Walsh,No Harbaugh, not even a Hue.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Raddy never calls me.

He pulled that bullshit today of  "He calls people". He can contact me.  He talks out of both sides of his mouth- as usual for Radnich. He isn't bothered by what people like me say about his act he claims."Only people I love". Then why does he call so many people? He loves those email text people?. Just more proof he's a con artist. Fast talk his way to the bank you might say...

6th straight 5th game A's loss.

Talk about never learn. The Beane- Fisher hookup of massive ego's trips again. "We get here-good enough" Seems to be the thinking. Like trashing your own playground year after year,and host city,if it doesn't more of it.
They just lined up for a sniper like Verlander,like robotic lemmings. Uncanny, after doing the same last year.
Look,some people have limitations...and Beane's ego is all over the A's. Colon would have been better. But the org.loses the Beane way. Just flushed a good team down the sewer two years in a row...and it clogged.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Clarence the cross eyed cat returns...

For two days he was gone. I almost wrote a tribute post to him,but it hurt too much to do that.  THEN! I go get the paper..and that cat is at the front door as I look down. There are a few Burmese cats feral around so I wasn't sure.."Clarence,is that you?" I ask.  "Yeahhh" he says. He always answers to his name. If I ask if he's hungry? "Yeahhhh" he says. Ask him the right questions- and he's never wrong.
I've always been a dog person. But when my last good old dog passed away at 16 years of age,within a week a ma cat and two feral kittens appeared in my back yard. 3 generations of cats later-ma cat just disappeared- Clarence and two females cats is what I have. Even Clarence when young could never be touched. But,he's a funny cat. Sort of cross eyed,freindly now..I can pet him.
Where he went or what happened? ,I don't know,but he came back twice as friendly as when he went missing..just head butting me to no end,rolling on his back..He was home and lovin it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SHOCKING!! Kate Scott wears green on KNBR..

To further show she's her own girl,Kate Scott has Kelly Green on. Raddy and Larry? good old boy matching grey shirts. It all says a whole lot.
btw, I notice my stats show that Kate Scott topics doubles,even triples, my views on average. So,while other blogs put her down as an also -ran,she's creates interest. That's a fact.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tim Kawakami on Yahoo" I KNEW the Raiders would have a good game"

BULLSHIT!!!!..LOL, I WANT the Raiders to win,and thought it was a good chance for San Diego to blow them out. Oh,and Tim said this a few moments ago,mucho hindsight involved.
"He knew"  LOL. Sure. The same guy said trade Lincecum in 2006! "He will never make it" .

How could anybody seeing the kid in 2006 even dare suggest trading him???  I thought he was a new Koufax..98MPH, high heat..just popping the mitts. Trade that?. What a bad legacy that would have been.

A fake Stan on BASG blog. It sure as hell aint me.

I don't post there- AT ALL. So, as he willfully deceives you,I'm telling you what Steve Berman wont. Its been a couple of weeks since I last read through comments over there. Who knows how long ago that started?.

A's win! Tigers go all pussy on own fans...

We got the wine, Detroit's got the whine.  NOW,The A's are settling down..getting  overs the jitters. They looked like murderers row pounding the kittens also ran pitchers. Verlander gets taken out tomorrow.
As far as the A's (notice the many uses of A and S in one sentence) Balfour goes? He irritates the other team? GOOD!. I think he should even come up with a saying to the other team like "Your oughta here!" After every out. Really piss them off.

I'm getting A's- Tigers on Dish,blacked out on Comcast.

I get MLB,NFL,NFL redzone,PAC12..all free on Dish at 79$  Comcast at 140$ in HD didn't offer any of those. And I'm getting "The Hopper" a DVR,Tivo like box.
There are options to monopolistic Comcast friends. Options on Comcast you pay through the nose.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Joe Starkey, Cal is his prison..

He can't sound more disgusted with the team. The season can't end soon enough for Joe.  That''ll sell tickets!

Joe went to the Nirvana school of broadcasting...quiet and disgusted, followed by loud and excited!

Jay Mohr on the Jay Leno show...

I pretty much don't find his political jokes funny at all. His jabs at Eddie Vedder were dumb. I'm sure Vedder would wish Jay Mohr would stay home from the lefty commy concerts.
BUT!...he did get off one 5 star observation. Shopping at HD and using the self checkout? How hard it can be finding bar codes,getting everything to show,timing the use of your credit card..all that living hell. Mohr's take: "THIS is why I DON'T WANT TO WORK HERE!"..The audience roared, He's right, we pay them. I cant stand Fresh and Easy,their system locks up all the time..only because I  was forced too( uh, twice) because she like's their fresh french bread. I had the same Jay meltdown. Never again!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Raddy: Kate Scott supporters are lonely guys.

How mean. I bet the commercial break had some words.

Raddy shocked at being accused of acting black.

What world does he live? How protected he must be. The man has spent decades imitating African Americans,talking about his Caddy,being Soul Brother no.1? And he was insulted????

Don't tell me I've been on the case of some poor crazy guy all this time. Ah, he is Republican. So,its okay.

He's just overloading me with material...too much for just one blog.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Radnich says Lee Hammer a phony friend. And Kreuger...

"He's a good friend,unless he 's told not to be" That's how he describes knowing  Hammer for 20 years. Lee Hammer as you remember told Ralph to get out now. After they knew each other 20 something years too.

He told Kreuger he trusts him 99% of the time. Kreuger seemed genuinely upset at the "not 100%", and came back with "I listen to your tired old stories over and over"... And some other things as everybody talked over each other.
Those phone calls Radnich say  he makes to disgruntled listeners? He needs to call Dan D,Lee,and Larry muy pronto!

Raddy is giving me waaay too much material...hard to keep up.

KNBR trying to kill Damon Bruce.

Thegames ratings that used to be matched by 1050, is now well ahead. And most of that is a huge loss for 1050's audience. As in  1.2 for thegame, .40 for the Damon Bruce channel. Who knows? KNBR likes KRON's and old.  Nothing wrong with old btw. I endorse getting there. Whats the alternative? But,I digressed...

Radnich rips Dibley. Again.

"Double D,third string is third string. Say my age again".Radnich blasting a man he once loved. Just as he loves Kreuger and Scott. Well,Kate Scott hears she's loved ...but said on air that the Radnich home has never invited her in.
I don't get why he harps that he has a big heart..and he hates more people then I do.

Its getting nippy in the mornings..

Hey,chilly!..the morning paper routine is getting fallish.  Ah crap. 4 months of warm bay area weather followed by 8 months of cool and cold. Ok,maybe 6 months of warm in a good year. Why does the world think California is tropical?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"House of Turds" blares NY Dailey News photo of Boehner..

He can change the way his name is pronounced but he can't change that he's not the president,and he wasn't elected by the people as Obama. Boehner is another despicable GOP politician who can't stand the idea of a black president. I'm sure that Obama has had to bite his tongue every time the chance to say "I wouldn't be disrespected like this if I was a white president" has come along, by the dozens, over the years. And that would be a true thing to say. No Democrat stood up and called GW Bush a liar. Should have,but did not. Remember  WMD's?  Now,Boehner? That freak. His robot walk, his robot lips when he talks,and all that crying...he swore that was not a act.Only,since becoming speaker he hasn't cried once. Huh. Although,when he cried with that red nose of his he came across as a drunk more then anything else. Yet,he now has self control. lol. Oh man,what a phony.

Our country is frozen, and we have Dr. Strangeboner holding us hostage. Goddamn the GOP.

added: Come to think of it. No Republican stood up and called Kennedy a liar, no Repub stood up and called Jimmy Carter a liar. No Republican even stood up and called Clinton a liar as he spoke. But they did that to the black President. They always manage to make it clear he's not going to be treated the same.

Where the hell are the A's flags??

I got my green T and my A's hat..driving with the top open. I see no A's flags. I see 49ers,Raiders, A's.  The A's pub department needs to do A's flag giveaway. I Stan,cant be the only A's fans in the wealthy tri valley area- Danville and the 'Hawk area too. No.I don't live there- you crazy? I must pass through...

Radnich's Leiberman love sickens Kate Scott.

As Radnich led off his show about how his great "freind" Richie Leiberman got him a date with Larry King,or something. He was rambling.  As he told of his "friend" Rich Leiberman by name,Kate Scott pointed thumbs down on camera. She tried to change the subject and Radnich didn't smile as he tried to ignore her.  But,the pact is working.

This is the second time I wrote this. The original was a post to 415 media. Sorry,the re write was done minimalist style! Almost Haiku!

Monte Poole's goodbye. I notice....

He gave nice credit to white guys,to black guys, and to...well,that's it. No Asians or Latino's,no woman. That's from a bay area writer since 1991. Monte never met a single big mover and shaker in local sports that made an impression on him who wasn't white or black. Maybe, some were both. 
And why my blog has a reason.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Then why didnt Raddy buy a YUGO?

He said he was "proud" of his last name a few days ago..the one he changed so it didn't sound so Slavic.  Proud? Has he ever visited Yugoslavia? No. Has he sent any of his kids to Yugoslavia University? No. Did he marry a Slavic woman? I don't think so. And in the 70's..did Raddy drive a Yugo???..No!
Proud. Pishaw..