Thursday, October 17, 2013

CK...jerk in the making?

I don't like the surly attitude,the short answers. He hasn't done enough..and never will. If Joe Montana could be polite after a 52-14 thrashing by the Giants..Kap has no right to act paranoid. If Harbaugh is the mentor of all that? Then that's your answer why Peyton Manning met with the H-man,listened and thought- "No way".

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  1. Tony says yes, kappy is not the same guy as last year in front of the mic but consider the following.

    CK is ONLY 25 and has risen from anonymity to media darling within 1 year. Everybody wants a piece all of the sudden.

    Joe cool had a running start with the media due to his pedigree thru college...joe knew what the future held and had handlers to help him prepare.

    Tony would have fared far worse in CK's position and would become a total a-hole. Tony comes off as superhuman with wisdom and worldliness, but that wasn't always the case.

    Tony says give the kid a chance before you nail him to the cross.

    Also, Tony referred to CK as kappy. Tony doesn't want to give the impression that tony is a big deal and hangs out with CK. Tony took an innocent colloquial liberty.