Saturday, October 19, 2013

THEGAMES Sean O'Connell beaten eyes too.

Any of you hear what happened? I missed any mention of who beat the crap out of the THEGAMZ host. He did show up on Yahoo with two black eyes and one eye white was yellowed.  I waited for D. Bruce to if not tease the guy- at least mention it- as a co guest on Yahoo. But,nah,Bruce chickened out.


  1. Tony says when Mrs Sean wants the garbage taken out, do it without any hesitation or attempt to negotiate. Tony thinks Mrs. Sean should mediate the bart impasse.

    Tony never gave an undeserving person a black eye.

    1. The wife might give him ONE black eye-lol,but it must have been another guy to give him two.

  2. Also- he seems like an upbeat guy on the show he co-hosts with Steinmetz. NO smiles,no laughs though on Yahoo. He might have better served to pass on those appearances,UNLESS he truly thought the make-up would hide the bruises.

    They didn't.

  3. Tony says one of the game guys is a cage fighter, maybe it's oconnell. Tony doesn't remember which guy is which due to attention span problems.

    Tony says there are women cage fighters now, so don't be too quick to dismiss Tony's "mrs sean" theory. The garbage isn't going to take itself out.

    Tony has to go, his Giants are loosing to the Vikes tonite. Tony calls Eli "little debbie" because he's serving lots of turn overs : (

  4. Could be. I put it out there..and nobody has said they heard him admit to some altercation of some sort. I don't catch his show much,but it figures a former cage fighter would settle a disagreement with fisticuffs.
    Or maybe he did a exhibition fight,sparring match,paid fight, that got out of hand.
    He's not talking? Wheres Dibs or KNBR interns, when you need him?

  5. I caught the end of the O'Connell show and he and Papa were bantering. Papa made some joke about black eye's. They all laughed. Still,no explanation.