Friday, October 18, 2013

Tom Tolbert and his "N" word Show. And a maybe final comment from me.

I caught the interview with a Native American who dropped "Nigger" at least nine times. His point was that non native Americans can't tell the Indian that Redskins isn't offensive.  I don't think it was an accident that he went on a " N" word fest. He was driving home that Redskin as a normal conversational word- even in the context of a football teams name and insignia,is repugnant to the culture it supposedly "honors".
I would never have guessed that by 2013,they still would be calling a football team Redskins.

btw- I resent Tolbert giving props to lolknbr callers dude. Since I am the one who is blogging truth..why doesn't Tom mention me?   lolcallers dude is Sesame Street level.


  1. Tony hasn't looked into the redskin dilemma to deep but says this...

    Tony read that over 90% of indians are not offended by the name at all. Tony says from a practical point, having a 90% agreement on ANY topic is astronomical and that there will always be a percentage that won't be happy. Tony shakes his head and says case closed if the 90% figure is correct. Stan won't agree and tony says "fine by tony".

    Tony says people being too PC is why we have a name like "the Texans".

    1. That's 90% who don't let it ruin their day. I bet if they could,they would change it to the "Washington Pork-barrels". Or maybe "The Washington of my Dirty Clothes"..washing- a- ton -of -my- dirty clothes, geddit? For single guys (and gals) everywhere,all cultures.

  2. btw--This topic is getting some heavy view numbers. It and the O'Connell black eyes, are WAAAAAAy above Heenan and Raddy post's-hee.