Saturday, November 30, 2013

I loves my old Christmas decorations..

Time to put them out. Many old things bought in the 60's and 70's..or old things when bought in the 70's from the 50's. Not valuable...I checked ebay on one old Stuffed Santa I have. $4.99 and no bidders-lol. And some don't even work. A plastic Yule log lights don't go on anymore. Those old bulbs painted in a heavy coat of red and green? Cant find those anymore. Still,It went on the roll desk. I like it working or not. Glass snowballs,Villages for elves, all that stuff is ...cherished. Like Christmas itself.

What they never tell you on how to repair Genie Garage Door openers...

I went through Google and YouTube,watched all the vids about slipping worm gears.  As they showed how to disassemble and replace,lots of work and cost,yet NOT ONE said that one simple answer can work What you do is ..unplug the Genie. For about a minute. Plug back in...and it works. You might need to adjust those catches settings a bit. Thats it.  Like a cable box cure,unplug and rest for a while..plug and it resets itself.
Funny thing is...the motor ran,the screw was turning...just not the movement to yank open the door. You can adjust to infinity..but if you never unplug it for a minute or so,its never going to lift that door. THAT I cant explain.
I many of those guys who thought they "repaired" the garage door on YouTube?  It was that they unplugged the Genie to work on it that was the cure. All the rest,just a waste of time and money.

Now that I think more about it? I think what happens is that the clutch forgets to engage. Only unplugging resets the memory for the motor. Yeah,that sounds right!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Google now blocks on YouTube..

Unless you have some account where everybody is in on your personal cant post on YouTube any comments. Its getting to where you have to go back to the old days..only think bad thoughts,never express them! Like kindergarten!. When one of the founders of YouTube see's the censorship on freedom of expression,you know that's bad.
Soon,the freedom to say nothing will be the only one allowed.

I have to wonder how Google and Facebook were shocked at the NSA gathering...while they themselves cant enough data..just squeeze and squeeze. To who's benefit? Not the consumer. It all adds up too in the long run- more of your money and closer to a lock on freedom.

Michael Bolton's Metal Christmas song for Honda.

I like it.  I wouldn't mind  KOIT playing it for Christmas. Or The Bone. The hair transplants weren't too successful,but passable.

How long a learning curve does Dennis Allen need?

As the Raiders- like a set pattern- lose another close game at the end,when will we see Dennis Allen's coaching talent? I mean,that's where the good ones shine..winning at the end. With Allen its like groundhog day that the Raider D will play loose..and lose at the end. Allen never tightens up the screws,man. He just looks consternating,not in control. Its a scary look when his nose goes up high. Lost.
The Raiders have proven they have enough talent to win one,lose one- at the very least. So,why under Allen are the Raiders winning three and losing seven?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

San Jose State...and president Mo. Stan was right again.

It was last year that on 415 and cohnzohn,I went into the mans history of ignoring bay area Latino's in his tenure at EBAYU. Even on basg's blog,I brought that up.  So,again,Stan your man,has been right. Mo's act didnt carry well to San Jose as I said it wouldnt.
Local media can ignore me..but who's the one that posts truth about Mo? Lincecum? on and on...

Marla leaving ch 11?. Like I can see the future..

Figures,I put the Stan thumb on Marla as an object of desire..and good fortune hits her. Its like I see the future...or,Just an observational genius.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Radnich goes racist on Filipino's...

A caller identified himself as a Filipino American, Radnich looked disgusted on TV,and said " Oh,then you don't pay taxes".  I told you,I told all of you long ago Radnich is a racist with Asians- and not any better with other cultures.

Monday, November 25, 2013

This blog rated for occasional rude humor....

In the fine print of that kids animated dinosaur movie it gives that "warning". So now you're warned.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stacy's Mom.

They ain't looking at the car. They are looking at grade A pussy. She,more then the car is high maintenance and high cost.
Everything about selling cars revolves around deception- lol.

Damo Bruce,still at a -bashin- woman..

He was laughing at "Drunk woman in Karaoke bars who sing 4 Non Blonds songs". Its just more of the guys anger with woman. I have no beef with Bruce,but its obvious he is just angry at woman.
He's like Austin Powers trying not to stare at the mole. Woman are Bruce's mole he cant ever not see. Or insult.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rick Bucher wears magic bracelets...

Oh,c'mon. Those things that teenagers wear? he wears them. Neon green. And at least three braided. Jeez.

OLD David Letterman...

Ever since the HD thing,I stopped recording his went 6,7,8? years now without seeing his show. Now with Dish,I can record. Wow- Does he sound OLD. He moves OLD. He talks so slow,did he have a minor stroke? A little slurry.
And he's had some cosmetic work done..that old mug of his has seen some botox. After all these years,its clear.
Why is he still doing a show?. Dave's not one foot in the grave old,but he sure seems one foot from the rocking chair.

Creationism vs Evolution.

I caught the end of a Christian program that says "proves" man didn't descend from apes. Really? Then why are there apes that know 400 words in sign language when I know only one- when somebody gives me the bird?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Radnich's new head game: Get the black man to putdown Obama..

Its a running thing with Radnich I notice. He did it again today with a black sportswriter.  Today its Obama care. Before it was Obama taxes. " Is it a African American thing to not say bad about Obama?" Radnich asked bigotly.
When it comes to politics Radnich isn't running with the brothers. A pedophile like R.Kelley? Raddy is down with him!

And now on the 21st I'm going to add: I bet off air Radnich calls the President "Barry", and is another who wants to see the birth certificate the rest of us have now seen too much of. It must be invisible to the Radnich types.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Melanie Collins returns to Yahoo. Stan trends that.

 It had to have been a contract dispute. Well,they got her back. Now,she's on an even smaller monitor. I don't get that whole stupid schtick of her being "remote" in the wilds of Sunnyvale. Let her come in and dazzle with that beauty. The producer of that has to be a moron.
But, Melanie isn't. She like me,enjoys the horror and monster flick. I knew she had superior tastes. As a matter of fact she reminds me on an old flame- well,I wished- Daisy Fuentes in 1992.  And the look still rocks. Rocks me. Rocks my rocks even...

The Power of crosswalk culture..

Its a amazing how a large segment of American culture is the " I dare you to hit me" crosswalkers- or jaywalkers. Almost all young. They just walk out,heads down most of the time like playing chicken with 3,000 pound cars. I had one pull that..and as I slowed,I looked in my rear-view mirror...not a car behind me. This fool just did what they teach at  "Being a walker with attitude" school. It must exist because its like a religion. Part of the training? Walk as slow as you can. Smile too for no reason other then you made cars stop.
The stupidity of whats obviously a cultural attitude gone amok is huge. I never thought I could bounce off cars. So,it must be me.

Raddy,I just cain't quit you!

I try to add more here every now and then that's not Raddy...but the man is just a runaway loco train. You people just don't know what more I wanted to add but just tired of Radnich writing. So...And then he called Stanley Roberts and his people "snitches" and said if Rob Black knew so much about investing...why is he still working?  He even told Pam Moore she's always been a second tier Anchor woman to people like Pete Wilson the dead anchor. He turns on his own co -workers. I have to wonder how many pray for the day he's gone?
And Pammy about being deferential to men. How extreme can you get?  Just the truth. All truth.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Another thought on R Kelley,and Damon Bruce..

The same local woman who said not a thing about Bruce? You can add Pam Moore and Jacky Bennet at KRON who say nothing about Radnich's true love, R Kelley, when he brings him up. They know he preys on underage girls, and yet this is what I saw: Radnich started off singing a Kelley song....the wife didnt like it,and for a second the camera caught the KRON woman BOTH giving Radnich the angry eye, UNTIL,they saw they too were on camera. Then they BOTH broke into HUGE smiles,and Radnich in his bully world got what he wanted. Even pretend smiles and laffs, in his head are for real. Now,did Pam Moore say anything about the pedo R Kelley being PRAISED?  Not a word. And she accepts awards for good newstalking? LOL..give me a break..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I dont have the best of anything,I dont have the worst of anything. I just have.

And thats ok with me. I have a home,a car and a microwave.  I'm not sure what the master plan is,but having enough seems to feel right. If more comes along? Welcome.

The Batkid..

That was fun. A nice dreamland day I bet for those involved. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Radnich rubs wifes face in his R.Kelly love...

Despite his wife doing her best,Randich just humiliated his wife on tv because he's Gary Randich and if he wants to play R.Kelley's pedo music around his 13 year old daughter. .he will. Gary even sings along. How freaky. Radnich proved he tells his wife off. I know,I saw it on TV.
His wife deserves better.

Another thought on this. If Radnich tells himself Kelly is a genius and that Gary must tell the world...he thinks that's normal. I wonder why he's so much into a guy who's singing about underage girls..and the old man who knows that and goes on KRON to praise that.  Weird.

Yahoo Sports...whores and prostitutes for ownerships and business

And they charge for that loyalty..just like hookers. Jim wears fishnets, Nancy sits by a red light.

Bay area Sports media, unmasked as cowards and liars.

Thats the Damon Bruce effect.  Other then Lowell Cohn,Gwen Knapp and incredibly Radnich,who went off and took Bruce apart. Bruce Jenkens who found it disturbing Uribe signed with the Dodgers..wrote nothing on Bruce. Kawakami who did a horridly bad taste "tribute" to Al Davis,was mum in his column on had to seek out "tweets" for gods sake. I can go all the way down the list- Purdy,Ratto,Poole,Killion...nothing.
When Killion and Poole got a chance to at smashing the glass wall,ceiling and floor? They turned and ran. They pretended it wasn't there!  And,it doesn't matter if your liberal or conservative...its the silence that exposed the weak spined sports crowd.
The bay area sports media humiliated itself.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Man,I love Google and Presto can openers..

My parents had a can opener that was a great little thing. Opened up all cans,bottles and it was electric. It finally stopped working,so I took it down. I decided that I would google the name and model number . Sure enough, it came up. And people wrote how great that thing was over the new junk made. Heavy duty for a small home kitchen opener. Google even gave me the year it was made- 1983.
It makes sense,junk never lasts. If it wasn't well made,it would be forgotten. I might take it apart,take a look inside...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Damon Bruce: Idol of the Stupid.

I have to wonder how Ann Killion can ever speak to young woman knowing she sold them out?
As far as Yahoo Sports Show ..the gathering spots for idiots. Let them debate who bats second,since that's the highest level of discussion they ever have.
Take your stipends Yahoo Sports people and go tell the dark alleyways you "Tell it like it is". Garbage TV.

Did Jacky say Radnich is "Just shit?"

When Radnich asked her what she tells people about him, the KRON weather woman said- I thought- "He's just shit". Even Radnich stopped and thought about what she said. I replayed that twice to make sure of what I heard. And I guess she meant "He's just his schtick". But, I tell ya..shit is what came out. I thought you would want to know for sure....

Radnich puts move on retiring KRON woman..

He tries to humiliate his wife every time. This time he brought on his hairdresser who I guess is retiring. Same arm around her waist..and just like the young woman a few days ago, she gave Raddy that look,and leaned away.
And..she let out- get this- Radnich frosts his hair!!!..LOL.  He is just too easy...but,if he's the Yin, I got to report..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lee Hammer,an asshole of a man.

Over the years the story's of that jerk are legendary. From fucking up Barry Bonds HR record by cutting off Dave Flemings call to Tom Tolbert's China and Nigger man shows to Radnich and his usual hate sport show disguised by giggling..   The Ralph Barbieri firing is more blood on Lee Hammers hands. Hammers glom on to anything free including meeting a President he hates. I believe Ray Ratto when he called Hammer a card carrying conservative live on KNBR last year. Hammer then of course brought in pro gamblers to add to society's sickness. It  makes Lee Hammer and Gary Radnich a few dollars..all that matters. And now the Damon Bruce anti woman and anti gay and anti liberal rants.
You motherfucker Lee Hammer.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Kimmel Show : Kill all the Chinese.

Again,no surprise to me. None. That's how most of America jokes in private. Just as Leno loves his "Mexicans in L.A." and its variation, " How many Mexicans can you fit in a van?". I was thinking too- Damon Bruce had a friend of the show in Jay Mohr...who like Dennis Miller turned right when he left SNL. Jay Mohr's jokes are also angry at liberals slanted.
We made this country by hating the rest of the world. Now,the rest of the world is living here. And they want respect.

Bloomberg Business news drops KNBR.

Coincidence? Or is it the whole shock jockey mentality at KNBR ended that relationship with no warning or explanation?
You were good Chuck. The Stan salute to ya!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Damon Bruce gives silent majoritys view of the sports world.

I believe him. Everything he said was true. Even  tame. Athletes hate fags. So do most fans. Damon and I disagree in only that its not right. If he says woman are taking over,and sensitive men are changing sports,I agree. Only,with me..I think that's progress.

And then Christina says to want to come over and model some Victoria's Secret lingerie for me? "Ohhh its sooo warm here...

Radnich on pigs and blow jobs...Stan explains.

I notice old man Raddy seems to not know his gutter language like the rest of us. He calls Incognito a "pig" and as you might remember said that Larry Kreuger gave Felipe Alou a "blow". And yes,I believe Larry when he says that he did not.
As far as "pig"?  We open minded people know that's a term for a human sexuality that's mostly taboo by the culturally oppressed. Whatever people like that doesn't hurt me or kids or animals...what do I care? So,Icognito isn't a pig...not in the way Radnich uses it. But then again he's the guy who never knew what "STD's" were or are until last year. I wonder if he still knows the way he comes on to woman...

Raddy puts the squeeze on young female..

I caught the end of KRON's newscast and Raddy under some pretense of " Its been ten years" wrapped his arm around the waist of a young attractive woman he invited on the set. And yes,she looked  VERY uncomfortable as he pulled her to him.  "Come to daddy or else" written all over it.

Raddy the other day on radio said " I love my wife". Most married men who fool around do love their wives. They just want nooky on the side for excitement. They don't want divorce,another family and baggage...just what their fame and money gets them. Like Will Smith.   And Raddy's hands on all woman, that you see live on TV, sure seems like that.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movie: The Master...

To get to it,its a very good movie. An obvious take off on the Scientology cult's of the world.  Its not often a movie sounds like it knows what its talking about,and some things were so real,it wasn't Hollywooded as usual. I mean, Filipino workers in the California fields post WW2?  How did that reality make it to film?.
Some of this movie is so much of what its like to be around the cultists. If you ever met a group trying to get you to join anything from timeshares to Tupperware or Sell from home products...then you know people like this.
The main character as acted by Joaquin Phoenix?..same there.Met them. No so bright,but no so dumb either. A guy who's been through it all and one day at age 60 wakes up to take a piss in the morn as the wife is a sleep and his grown daughter is in the other room still living at home,who then falls down dead of a heart attack  He was born,he lived,he died.
So,see a movie that lost it's ass at the theaters..but is a neo great film.

And one scene that was small but stood out. How many young men- as good looking as they will ever get- had older mature woman,married or not, come on to them.? In this movie, the wife of the leader under the guise of "teaching" starts talking dirty to Freddy  who like all young men normally thinks and talks like all woman are for the taking..Except,now he doesn't get it,and rebuffs her and the beautiful daughter in another scene.
Imagine doing that.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama care-- do you care?

What the hell..lets go political for a change. My feeling is,if EVERYBODY used Obama care,the better it would work. The problem is that it gets extremely complicated when Insurance carriers drag their feet,not knowing if they will see a drop in profits. That also will be temporary as they always find a way to make obscene profits on health care. You will pay all you have to be treated for cancer.
I think Obama has people in his heart. But the corporations have the peoples wallets in their hearts and souls to take!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christina Loren seduces Marla Tellez at office party...

Eh,when the views slow down- go to sex fantasies I say. I can see those two a bit tipsy and getting hot and close at the office party.  Cant you?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Radnich and his personal life/marriage making it to TV.

I might not like the guy,but seeing his marriage getting rocky and posting is even making me uncomfortable. I blame Raddy's bloated ego a whole lot. Even on Friday's 6:45 KRON cast he insisted on placing his hand on Cathy's arm- while she kept her arms and hands to herself. Now, when that camera panned over to Alicia-Raddy's wife- looking angry,It wasn't hard for me to figure out why. And no,it wasn't my interpretation. As Radnich live on air told her " You look mad".
I don't know why he is now saying things and acting out when he knows damn well people- like me- are watching all that unfold live on TV. Hardly private.
Just his ego caused. Too much ego.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Gas at $ 9.50 a gallon in Europe..

After a friends conversion for me..that's the price of gas they pay. How  OPEC gets away with it ,is amazing. Electric has to end that for them after near a century.

Ann Killion as Ray...Chuck as Gare.

As per my post...Ann Killion had the Ray Ratto costume,complete with pillow,'stache and sweater. Ann- congrats on a fine choice and keep reading.
For some reason Papa didn't seem to see the humor he should have in it . He reads too.

Btw- Charlie Pellet said he wore a Gary Radnich mask on Holloween. "And people threw tomatoes and rotten eggs at me". Sounds right.