Monday, November 18, 2013

Another thought on R Kelley,and Damon Bruce..

The same local woman who said not a thing about Bruce? You can add Pam Moore and Jacky Bennet at KRON who say nothing about Radnich's true love, R Kelley, when he brings him up. They know he preys on underage girls, and yet this is what I saw: Radnich started off singing a Kelley song....the wife didnt like it,and for a second the camera caught the KRON woman BOTH giving Radnich the angry eye, UNTIL,they saw they too were on camera. Then they BOTH broke into HUGE smiles,and Radnich in his bully world got what he wanted. Even pretend smiles and laffs, in his head are for real. Now,did Pam Moore say anything about the pedo R Kelley being PRAISED?  Not a word. And she accepts awards for good newstalking? LOL..give me a break..