Friday, November 15, 2013

Bay area Sports media, unmasked as cowards and liars.

Thats the Damon Bruce effect.  Other then Lowell Cohn,Gwen Knapp and incredibly Radnich,who went off and took Bruce apart. Bruce Jenkens who found it disturbing Uribe signed with the Dodgers..wrote nothing on Bruce. Kawakami who did a horridly bad taste "tribute" to Al Davis,was mum in his column on had to seek out "tweets" for gods sake. I can go all the way down the list- Purdy,Ratto,Poole,Killion...nothing.
When Killion and Poole got a chance to at smashing the glass wall,ceiling and floor? They turned and ran. They pretended it wasn't there!  And,it doesn't matter if your liberal or conservative...its the silence that exposed the weak spined sports crowd.
The bay area sports media humiliated itself.