Saturday, November 30, 2013

What they never tell you on how to repair Genie Garage Door openers...

I went through Google and YouTube,watched all the vids about slipping worm gears.  As they showed how to disassemble and replace,lots of work and cost,yet NOT ONE said that one simple answer can work What you do is ..unplug the Genie. For about a minute. Plug back in...and it works. You might need to adjust those catches settings a bit. Thats it.  Like a cable box cure,unplug and rest for a while..plug and it resets itself.
Funny thing is...the motor ran,the screw was turning...just not the movement to yank open the door. You can adjust to infinity..but if you never unplug it for a minute or so,its never going to lift that door. THAT I cant explain.
I many of those guys who thought they "repaired" the garage door on YouTube?  It was that they unplugged the Genie to work on it that was the cure. All the rest,just a waste of time and money.

Now that I think more about it? I think what happens is that the clutch forgets to engage. Only unplugging resets the memory for the motor. Yeah,that sounds right!