Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking forward to Raddy groping Cathy at midnight! What fun!

How many shots for every time Raddy gets his hands on Cathy?..around the waist,on the arm,or on the back where he can feel her up?
You know his wife must feel like he can fly his freak flag in public..as long as he gets another job to pay through the nose!
It should have been Raddy and his wife..ya know? uhuh.
I doubt Grant is doing the show with another broad...its Justine all the way bub..

I watched some of it. Dull,boring. And so was Rockin Eve. Dull,boring.

415 picks on easy target Tori..says nothing about SF Firefighters who ran over a little girl.

What's amazing to me is..the local media is still bashing Campbell while ignoring that SF  Firefighters who broke rules and protocol and themselves killed two passengers running them over. NOT ONE  was fired. NO, SF's fire chief praised them,fell back on the confusion as an excuse for manslaughter. If your trained to not drive a certain  way or ALONE..then you SHOULD be fired when you break rules. Nothing,no media pounding on those doors of those responsible. We PAY them NOT TO PANIC. And when they do and a death happens..the least that should be done is a firing.
Lucky they are only Chinese for the SF Firefighters. Damn lucky.

And unlucky for Tori she isn't with KRON..they paid the "dues" to local media.. uhuh.

Also,415 like all the media is in fear of offending firefighters who have reached demigod status after 9/11.  I still don't get why they are paid to accompany Ambulances and their paramedics. Just them feeding at the taxpayers expense. Paid plenty already aren't they?.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Clarence the Cat still talking..

I'm telling you I thought he said my name. That's a smart cat. Chances are,he didn't, but you never know he could be a savant cat. He cracks me up...Funny cat...
This morning,I let him in..and he starts doing barrel rolls and talking at the same time on the carpet. So,I make a "roll" motion with my arm..and he does it. I did it again,he rolls again.Just talking away like a happy cat. He's getting big too. ..looks like a Sabertooth with thick white fur and much bigger then the females.Yeah,he's a good look'in cat.

415 Media "KRON the go to for breaking news"...huh?

KRON is where the woman show their wares and the men brag about their money. Your typical neo conservative news slant.
No coincidence that Latin news like Univision and Telemundo, and the American FOX news all have cleavage and thigh high skirted woman. Latins may vote Demo,but for the most part are very conservative otherwise. Guns,big trucks,etc. Mostly,the only difference with FOX is that FOX wants the Aryan woman look. The Latin channels don't discriminate. Big boobs can be owned by any color of hair and skin if you get my drift.
KRON seems to split the difference and adds some older babes. Something the Telemundo's and FOX almost never do.

KRON's other fill in weatherdude " Danville,my kind of town"

That means Republican,greasy slicked back hair,pretensions to, and real wealth mixing. And as few ethnic people as possible.  KRON,is loaded with FOX news type people. No wonder they all suckle to Radnich and his money love preaching.
KRON really is the local FOX news. Well,except they employ older woman that FOX  would never hire. Ugly old men? yes FOX  does that too. As long as they lock step.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

KRON's wealthy weatherman...

The other day Brian Van Aikan after the sports guy did a story on the retirement of Namby who he said " Has huge money and a beautiful wife". Van man then said "So do I".   I guess Radnich wasnt bs ing for a change.
KRON sure has a lot of wealthy anchor people. Radnich,Moore,Van Aikans and Stanley Roberts-wink. So,why are they all still working? Nothing better to do?

Friday, December 27, 2013

The ultimate pariah...Bob Fitzgerald?.

 I notice that Comcast or the Raiders or 49ers,A's...all use exciting calls of Robinson,Korach,Miller..Kuiper..and the Sharks PBP's man.  And I'm thinking..I've never heard any commercial,even on KNBR,that had a breathless Fitzgerald calling some great play. He's been at it for near 20 years now.  You don't hear him on any Warrior commercial. Whyz that?

If I ever find out that Bob is actually a good guy,I'm going to be pissed off that he's ignored.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The WARRIORS,once again the bay area team to watch..

About time. No more Nellie destroying good teams,no more Cohan lost in his head and hiding his body. No more giveaways..I hope. Seeing the Clippers and Lakers full of ex Warriors,shows..we had the team,it was the cream at the top running things that was spoiled and rancid.
Just ease off the MLK as a NBA coach imitation. He's a powerful influence sure, just cool it a bit Mark.

Marty on KNBR..

Damn Marty,dont you like ANYBODY in local media who isnt an old white man? Havent heard you name one yet.
Then again,I never heard Radnich once say " I was talking to my best friend, real estate developer Muhammad X, the other day on the phone.."

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Applebaum not quite up to speed yesteday on KRON..

I caught the fill in sports anchor doing a story on LeBron James ordering custom blazers for his teammates in a group photo. Fine so far. Then Applebaum says "Even though the color was green and thats not the Heats team colors,maybe some trim". Uhuh....A minute later Applebaum reads the rest of the story where LeBron says about the jackets and photo, "So,we can channel our inner Masters".
Applbaum, GREEN JACKETS,THE MASTERS..don't you geddit?
Why do I have to explain everything?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas man,from Stan and Clarence his slightly crossed eyed cat..

To all,even if the other blogs create a fear to agree with me- typical gestapo tactics. And best wishes,heathens,pagans,and assorted atheists. Good people all,I'm sure your family would say!

Stan,the only blog that doesn't track you,use spyware,malware,send you email, or sell you out to the local big or even small business'essss and media sports hosts. And I think you notice doesnt change views like the wind. Just honesty at work here.

Gee,what I nice day it was..I painted my porch steps. Like June on Christmas eve.

Bentley magazine.

At that party,I noticed on the home owners desk he had a copy of " Bentley Magazine"..at first I figured it was a dealer promo like with all new cars. Then I looked close,it was the Fall issue.   If you pay that much I guess you want to keep in touch and updated. I guess.

More on Rich,Me and Raddy..a must read...

For a few years my posts got quite a few shots on 415. You give,you have to take some. And I did. BUT, last summer I noticed that Rich was not only posting long streams of Stan haters...he was then re editing what I wrote..sometimes into gibberish. As blog administrator only he could do that.  And I posted to him asking whats going on??  NO answer.
THEN THE RADDY TRUCE was announced a few weeks later. AHA! They had been "In talks" as Leiberman let out later.  Fast forward a bit,after he himself posted comments that his blog was boring without me..I started again. Fine..And I posted that Raddy called him a lap dog tossed a bone,and all the other rips Radnich gave Rich like he was the idiot in Radnich Village.
Well he we are on C-eve..my posts don't go up..the Stan rips have started,and Rich in his Christmas "presents" curiously omitted Gary Radnich.
All it takes to be a friend with him is money..and Radnich gave more. Also,Radnich before he went to rehab (just kidding ha-ha) did on air again call Rich his buddy. To no answer from Krueger or Scott.  They can only take so much.
Its funny how social media tears open media types who think they are too smart,too good,to be even remotely trust-able you might say.
Radnich and Leiberman and Berman...come to my party,so I can exploit you! I need to make a buck!

Larry Krueger without Radnich..is human after all.

WHAT the hell happens to him when Raddy is there? His voice today is different,his tone. He sounds..normal. If I didn't know 2005 or the Radnich show years,I would listen to this guys show. Only,its ephemeral, lasting until the return of the 900 pound canary. If you don't think I'm right on how much Raddy drags all around him to the curb where a Bentley is parked..just listen to those same co hosts without him. Their IQ skies upwards,their ego's don't run amok. Pam Moore isn't second tier,Kate Scott isn't just for lonely, desperate, hearts.

 But, I guess ratings go down huh?

I know the Radnich mind would claim I'm playing one off another. But no,listen to them yourself. They are not the same as with Raddy. Not dumbed down to please him.

Stan's quick look at the news...

Sarah Sidner who was at ch2 for some coffee a few years ago? Now at CNN as a mid east expert..has really gained weight.  Must be near 30 pounds at least.
Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick?  gained old age. 67 . Did you ever think the day would come when Cheap Trickers were pushing 70? btw,I saw Barry Gibb on SNL..most of the lion's hair is gone. I think the last few years he was wearing a piece or weave.
Lemmy of Motorhead is 68. Most overrated band in modern rock. Dave Grohl idolizes them. Dave Grohl loves everybody. He can afford too.
Kalishnikov..the Russian AK47 Gun designer died. Good riddance you bastard,I hope they threw you in the dumpster where you belong.
Utah allows same sex marriages. Good,now Lieberman,Radnich and Steve Berman can move there and be the first triple same sex marriage. They all are the same bedmates..
Speaking of Radnich,lets hope his time at Malibu getting over his happy pills is working. Isn't that why he's gone? Oh,pardon me..I was so sure.. hee -hee --hee.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Zerling and Leiberman..sharing data..

One thing I notice is..my browers says every time I  go to 415  ( and same for you I'm sure) it sends that to KSCO also. For a couple of days Malwarebytes warned of suspicious website. I posted that,then that went away a day later. Uhuh.
Not very ethical seems to me..
Your Ok here. And I'm sure you notice no hangups caused by scripts or malware or spyware. That's bad guys stuff. Like KNBR or KRON people.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stan goes to partys....Why do the wealthy hate smooth roads?

I've been to Castlewood in the Pleasanton hills,and another big nice home in the eastbay hills. Both had narrow,no sidewalk,old cracked asphalt with potholes steep winding roads.  So,why do the well off like newly paved smooth roads in the flat areas..and in the hills want all that hassle to get home every day or worse,night?
And Its nice the wealthy guys have thin,younger (some MUCH) wives. Eye candy galore. From shopping at my local Food Max or Food Sources or Grocery Mart discount to seeing that is quite a change. Just jeans and tight tops on rolls of fat...but they are good woman too. Comfort food gets the better of them.

Rich Leiberman not to be trusted.. I know I dont.

Something wrong in the head with that guy. He's loyal to nobody.  "I think your hilarious Stan"..then publishes shit replies. Do I answer the idiots? Yes. And with point by point you might say facts. Rich does not publish those. And for years,I defended him,drove that blog when his boredom and " " I need to rest my bi  polar body" posts would drag it down.
Its good that he and Randich are secretly in love. They truly deserve each other..same characters. And why a Mike Savage or BASG also are part of the crowd.
The more KNBR,Radnich donates,the more Rich see's the errors of his ways..and yours too.

And as Rich pleads for donations ..he doesn't see the irony of the KSCO advert saying "I can make media people money" YEAH- Rich is one satisfied customer..hee.

And watch me views just leap on ripping him. He likes it.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Some other Stan calls... eh funny.

On 415  I was the one who posted about Christina Loren and her blue dress with uh, chestly decorations that were nipple like. She never wore that again. Too bad. lol.. Other blue dress wearing on YouTube isn't the real one.
And I caught Justine in a funny blooper..reading the prompter she said the congressman had sent photos "Of his package".. She was more delicate later doing that same story. The KRON intern who almost pulled a pre Tori on Justine.
The local media needs me. As they run commercials -all of them- boasting of being the best,first, and more trustworthy, I can provide the reality facts. They get paid and treated like mini gods,its the least I can do.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Who in the media should be fired on Christmas day? Hmmm..

Just for fun. First should be Radnich the neo conservative who stayed too long. Too much influence at KRON and KNBR. I actually feel embarrassed for the people who work with him that they have to smile and laugh at R Kelley Praise,Michael Jackson was innocent talk. His head game of trying to get young African American men to bash Obama. That tells you something of Radnich who insists he loves the brothers who drive fancy cars and sing and dance and do the hip and hopping...but then only praises the light skinned brothers with blue eyes that just happen to be the ones he wants to marry his daughter. His Hypocrisy is astounding. I wonder what he wants his son to marry? A white woman,or black? Probably white. Or black with a white mother. And that's almost straight out of his head.
And then Nancy Gay comes to me. The total sell out of not even mentioning the Damon Bruce national story. She's a traitor to woman and...sensitive men!
Lee Hammer...the worst GM in America. He's scary evil. ALL the stories I hear about that man are Gestapo like thinking and minister of propaganda like. Eric Byrnes is his hire. Eric Byrnes winning some contest on Yahoo was frightening and disturbing. I shivered. Hammer wears a monocle I hear...
Laura Anthony. She's the special ed teacher burnt out at the Juvenile delinquents she has to teach.  Every one of the Oakland protesters was her 18 year old student with 2 grade reading levels,in a black leather jacket.  She wanted the cameras to pan over to "Those Goddamn fucking loser agitators"...
The GAMES gm. Jason Barret..The man in a Q&A tweet said that more integration of sports talk media and radio is needed....then creates an all white lineup. Most have nothing to say. One is the creative guy- Townsend,Papa,Steinmetz...and the other guy is the puppet seems to be his formula. Bucher will even say " I wont go there"..Nah,why would you? Its only radio. Why talk? Do sign language too.
Frank Somersville...only because he has some kind of evil eye that shows up on all HDTV's as black orbs with that weird white dot. When I was looking to buy a TV,Frank's eyes could be near Vampire like on cheap brands..not much better on the best. Creepy.
Gary Radnich..fire his ass again!..He is the representation of all that's wrong in local sports media. And take Vern and Larry with you..
On the fence is Dibley,Kate Scott, and anybody else who uses Radnich catchphrases. And most of those Radnich stole from somebody else.

American trucks stink. Motorcycles too.

The biggest selling vehicle is the pickup truck. And every American brand is a living hell to be behind at a stop light. New trucks stink ,old trucks stink much more. That's American auto industry using political favors to put those smog makers on the road while the rest of us have standards that are higher.  What a criminal act..and for California to allow those loose restrictions in out state doesn't make any sense. Interestingly enough,the Toyota trucks are as clean as a car.
Buy American cars for patriotism if you want. But your buying a smog making,poor car wreck survivor history and unreliable for all that money, vehicle Your a real patriot! I got a bridge to sell ya....

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not a blog to be popular....just be correct.

You all read the fake "anonypussys" on 415 pretending not to be middle aged white guys who vote Republican or have no affiliation with KNBR or KRON.
Sure,fake as Tiger Woods crowning Miss Black America with lust in his eyes.

I can tell you if ANY local sportswriter could crow about his insightful writings like me,he would be in the HOF's level 2. A higher HOF.  I was the first one in the country to catch ESPN with Jeremy Lin slurs. I WAS THE ONLY one to say Tim Lincecum was losing dangerous amounts of weight. I WAS THE ONLY one to say Huff's alcohol problems were a factor. It was just me to write that JaMarcus Russell seemed depressed and troubled,and open for self medication type of life. Did I get that right.
I advocated Harbaugh for the 49ers pre Singeltary. The list is getting longer and longer,I'm sure I forgot many calls that nobody else was making but me. And they were proven accurate.
HOw do I do it? Genius and plenty of real life. Not one of these namby pamby types who live on candy cane lane and "love everybody"..while driving a Bentley. I've gotten my hands dirty and had calluses. I've dug holes,cleaned sewers of shit. Hell,that's not past tense.I do it all now too if I have to.
A PHd from the School of Hard Knocks and Socks to the nose.

Chocolate Buffet,my new mill $ idea...

For a few bucks, all the chocolate cookies,cupcakes,ice cream,Milkshakes, truffles and all the rest you can eat. I would love that. I can dream.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

415 Now restricted to " team members".?

What is that? I guess I'm not part of the team no longer?  Or did Raddy and KNBR/KRON blow a gasket at my last post and order Rich to block me?. Time will tell. Oh, and that post was 100% true. Pam Moore and Jaquelyn Bennet were all smiles as "child molester" left Radnich lips. They never said anything to defend the young woman he preyed on. You know R.Kelly- the same guy who was hounded off the net last week by people who asked why the child molester wasn't in jail?

Back to normal today (19th). You figure.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slowing down a bit on posts...

I'm not feeling especially angry. Actually feeling better then in years. And my guest hosts duties on other blogs sort of fills my urge to speak to many.
Now,I could change on that in a heatbeat...but for lately that explains my short posts and spacing out of them.
Keep looking,I could get hot,or cool some. Its is the holidays.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ca-razy 415 media...

If you want to know the reason why Leiberman posts my thoughts and ideas ,its because they are true and original,and cut through the BS of most of the KRON and KNBR posters.  He- like BASG,saw a drop in views when I stopped for awhile.My posts draw interest. Now,Leiberman is sort of in a quandry..my LIBERAL posts fire up the gun lovers,and Rich who censors the number of hate mail he prints about himself to the one or two,posts all he can at me,no matter if its one guy traced back to KRON.
And,I wouldn't doubt he and Radnich are getting back together. Trying to slander me is one way Rich can please Radnich..and at the same time Rich loves it when I give it to the groper R Kelley lover. I know the alliances and rules that go on with media. I break them all the time.
And I have had people say they wrote in support of me...but they never made it to 415 online. Funny huh?

The passing of Billy Jack.

The last kick ass liberal to star in a movie died. Tom Laughlin at 82.  I was musing about him on my little blog a couple of months ago. The guy gave it a good run,running ahead of his time all the way. Read his story or his obit. That's the way a good liberal should be.
Salute! to Billy Jack.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dennis Allan "Our red dope defense"...lol! true- he really said that!

Freudian!..I played it over and over.."Our red dope defense"  after 56 points- That's true!

Bolton's Honda songs very catchy..and originals..

I could have sworn two were some past hits of Michael Bolton's,but no,I read they are all original's. Not a big fan of his...but besides the metal one,the 'Hey Baby" one is good too. He must have more talent then I ever gave him credit for to make car commercial jingles sound like familiar hits.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rich,Radnich,and Stan...

Its late,but some new developments are formulating,and they need somebody to tell the truth,not just what they want the public to know. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 13, 2013

SF schoolboard's radio station get the same ratings as D Bruce!

I had to laugh looking at Radio Onlines PRE, D.Bruce's attack on woman and sensitive men ratings for Nov.. His 0.4 compared to the SF schoolboards 0.3 is just hilarious. Gosh,I wonder what its fallen to by now?
I always said he sounded like an outsider..and it came out-- WAY out. lol.

Stan Blog passes 25,000 views.

I'm a little late. SO on I trudge in a media that mostly gets reactions from the right. My fellow liberals try to just get along better then I do with them!

Kate Scott!!!! (as in great scott) has LEGS!

I saw her legs first on Comcast Halloween's show..she was a pirate girl in a black mini and fishnets. Long shapely legs. Then on Thurdays night those thighs confirmed my memory of the Holloween show.
All woman!

For some weird reason,this didn't make it to 415. I cant account for all the local media's neurosisssss'ssss.

Thursday Night Radnich Show? dull,dull,boring.

Fawning interviews,guests he asks nothing controversial - unless it fits Radnich's own opinions already. I started to watch,faded to back and forth..and then saw enough to make me sleepy.
And the cheesy cheap looking set was cable access worthy.

KRON must think of Radnich as their lord and savior.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ahmed Fareed,the best Yahoo Sports Host yet.

Comcast is playing it cool. But they know I have it pegged. Ahmed WILL be host of Yahoo sports one day,and maybe soon. Enough of Jim Korzimor and his "good friends" and wrong opinions on sports and life.
Faheed is so obviously superior and quick,its a shame Kozimor has to live out his contract. Until the change is made,Yahoo is lost.
And Fareed's good nature on his pompadour makes me laugh.

Oh, btw It was I Stan, who first said Yahoo should have Fahreed fill in. Yes,all the sports institutions read this blog like it or not.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pam and Jacky laughing extra hard at everything Radnich says..

Radnich must be feeling the heat on his career. And since his co anchors also need the fat old guy to do well in order for them to do well,they are now laughing at EVERYTHING he says. Pam just gushes like he's the funniest man she ever heard. Jackie tells him he should be on Talk Soup, "Everynight!". Bleahh. Thats why Radnich likes woman to work with. They will enable him and tell him how great he is. Just part of the job at KRON and KNBR. Like they empty the trash while telling him he's hilarious.

Radnich- Leiberman truce is smashed. Stan reports..

No surprise to me. Radnich is just too coniving and egotistical to be a real friend. He couldnt stop making Leiberman sound like an idiot to be pityed because he didnt get that Radnich just worked him over,put one over him. He bragged about it on 50,000 watts almost from the day the truce was declared.
I have had Radnich pegged for years now. No truce,no making up with that guy,no trusting him. Ever.

Just to see him put is wife down with the groping of other woman,the R Kelly talk with " My wife doesnt like when I mention him"..then he does it on KRON to put her in her place. And,his code of "Im in a good mood today" is code for his vike-'O- happy pills. What they do it seems me is act like truth serum pills on him. "Pam Moore has always been a second tier anchor" he said "Rob Black,if he was any good,why is he working?" " Kate Scott fans are lonely men".
What a weasel.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cryptolocker virus/malware..

Just an evil invention of the Russian mafia. And that's just about the whole country it seems. You don't have to download anything,open email...just go to the wrong website is all it takes. Forget all that online "I got around it" testimonials- that was for last years version. Its like the famous "Blue Screen of Death" from the 90's...you get it,you start over with System recovery.
Even as millions are being extorted..wheres Scotland yard? the FBI?.  I didnt lose anything of real value. I haven't trusted PC's for awhile now.  And even though the start over makes my old PC run fast..what a hassle to reinstall SP2 and Browsers,etc.
Just a big time warning from a heavy internet user. And, download some of those programs that prevent any encrypting of, or from your files.  If your just a homebody user..what do you need to encrypt? So IF THEY WORK,and that's an IF, use them for now.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Colder then a Monkey's ass in Antarctica.

This is getting on my nerves. It's not like the rest of the country in extremes..but not my bay area like.  Clarence the slightly crossed cat, digs it. He lays in the driveway like a Sphinx,checks the world out. He's talkative as always. I guess the old asphalt warms up on a sunny clear winters day.
No change until Tuesday and the 60's are back. "Hot fun in the Summeeeer Time,Cloud nine if I want too!,ouuuut of schooool, yeah..."  1969.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What happened to music video's?

I would  have thought after MTV dropped them as their main programming,another cable network would take over that format. Nothing, not even MTV2 plays vids much.  After all those years of pushing for music video's..teens dont care at all?