Tuesday, December 31, 2013

415 picks on easy target Tori..says nothing about SF Firefighters who ran over a little girl.

What's amazing to me is..the local media is still bashing Campbell while ignoring that SF  Firefighters who broke rules and protocol and themselves killed two passengers running them over. NOT ONE  was fired. NO, SF's fire chief praised them,fell back on the confusion as an excuse for manslaughter. If your trained to not drive a certain  way or ALONE..then you SHOULD be fired when you break rules. Nothing,no media pounding on those doors of those responsible. We PAY them NOT TO PANIC. And when they do and a death happens..the least that should be done is a firing.
Lucky they are only Chinese for the SF Firefighters. Damn lucky.

And unlucky for Tori she isn't with KRON..they paid the "dues" to local media.. uhuh.

Also,415 like all the media is in fear of offending firefighters who have reached demigod status after 9/11.  I still don't get why they are paid to accompany Ambulances and their paramedics. Just them feeding at the taxpayers expense. Paid plenty already aren't they?.