Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Larry Krueger without Radnich..is human after all.

WHAT the hell happens to him when Raddy is there? His voice today is different,his tone. He sounds..normal. If I didn't know 2005 or the Radnich show years,I would listen to this guys show. Only,its ephemeral, lasting until the return of the 900 pound canary. If you don't think I'm right on how much Raddy drags all around him to the curb where a Bentley is parked..just listen to those same co hosts without him. Their IQ skies upwards,their ego's don't run amok. Pam Moore isn't second tier,Kate Scott isn't just for lonely, desperate, hearts.

 But, I guess ratings go down huh?

I know the Radnich mind would claim I'm playing one off another. But no,listen to them yourself. They are not the same as with Raddy. Not dumbed down to please him.